"Home region" ("Beeline"): connect and disconnect the service? Easily!

Roaming is a huge headache for most travelers. Especially when it comes to communication within the country. To somehow ease the suffering of subscribers, operators offer different options for roaming. For example, "Home Region" ("Beeline"). We will connect and disconnect this service today and try. True, subscribers expect a slight disappointment in the course of the case. About him a little later.

Now we need to find out what we are going to deal with at all. Maybe this option is not really necessary?

Description of service

"Home Region" (Beeline), which we will try to connect today, is a kind of roaming service in Russia. It is very popular among travelers around the country. What gives this roaming?

You will be able to communicate during your travels with subscribers according to the tariff of your own region. That is, on the terms that you usually use in your city. Quite an interesting and tempting offer. Roaming "Beeline" "Home Region", which we will try to connect further, has never been so profitable before. After all, you do not need to overpay for communication now. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to.


Like any proposal of the mobile operator, "Home Region" (Beeline), which is quite simple to connect, has some conditions. Fortunately, there are not so many of them. First, the connection of roaming is paid. It is 10 rubles. The service is completely disconnected.

Secondly, "Home Region" has some monthly fee - about 90 rubles a month. It is quite an advantageous offer. You will not need to pay too much. In any case, this is less than most cellular operators. So, it is worth paying attention to this proposal.


Well, we were interested in the proposal called "Home Region" (Beeline, Moscow). You can connect this service easily. But only not how you think. The thing is that the "Home Region" is already an archival opportunity. And it can not be connected in any way to modern rooms.

If you plan to connect to this roaming from "Beeline", you can forget about this idea. But not completely. After all, as soon as a proposal goes to the "Archive" section, a newer and more universal one takes its place. And this is just our case. By the way, if you have previously connected the "Home Region", and you did not refuse it, you can use all the possibilities of roaming. Not so bad!

Interesting replacement

The company "Beeline" connect "Home Region" (Smolensk, Moscow or any other region) is no longer possible. But you can always find some kind of analog. Fortunately, there are such proposals. After all, the "Home Region" habitual for us is now called "My country".

What it is? This is roaming in Russia, which is somewhat similar to the previous proposal. Only it does not require a monthly fee. But you have to pay for calls and messages according to the proposed tariff. This will be approximately 3 rubles for incoming and outgoing calls. In principle, quite an interesting and profitable proposal. Yes, in some sense, to replace the "Home Region" (Beeline), which can not already be connected in the form in which it was proposed, it will not work, but it's better than nothing at all. Therefore roaming "My country" should also be paid attention. Please note, the connection here is paid - from 25 rubles. It all depends on your region of residence.

My country connection

There are many options for solving the problem. Roaming in any cellular operator can be connected in different ways. For example, you can always call Beeline at 0611 and inform about your intentions. Not the most popular, but quite effective way.

The second method is the use of a special USSD-request. This option is very popular among subscribers. It does not require anyone's help or any special knowledge. It is enough to dial on the mobile phone 0683. After you "call" for this combination, "My country" will be successfully connected. Everything is easy and simple. The main thing is that you have enough money to implement the idea. Otherwise, the result is zero.

The third approach is a personal visit to the office of the company Beeline. Take your passport with you (just in case), as well as your mobile phone. After that you can go to the nearest section of the "Beeline" and ask for help. Say that you want to activate the service "My country". If necessary, present a passport and transfer the mobile phone to the operator of communication. He quickly apply for the connection and will give you the device after processing the operation. This is not the most popular, but very effective method. It helps subscribers who do not want to think long over the connection of certain options.

Cancellation of the service

We have already found out that the company "Beeline" "Home Region" (Tver) can not connect anymore. But to abandon it is possible. And not only in Tver, but in any other region of Russia. To do this, call the operator and tell about your intentions or completely change the roaming option for the service "My country".

By the way, this proposal must also be disconnected when it becomes unnecessary. To do this, dial 0683 and press the "Call" button. It turns out that "My country" is connected and disconnected using the same command.

You can refuse this option in the "Personal Account" on the official page of "Beeline". Authorize, find "Services", "My country" (or "Home region"). Now press "Disconnect", enter the confirmation code of the operation and wait for the SMS with the result.

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