"Propeller" is a peeling-roll. Product Reviews

In the reviews of popular beauty bloggers testing cosmetics for skin care, one of the top three lines of ratings regularly takes the "Propeller" - a peeling-roll. Reviews of this inexpensive, but sufficiently effective cleansing mask, blog authors express only in a positive way. Remains not indifferent to it and the majority of usual users of cosmetics on care of a derma.

So, for what domestic peeling-roll called "magical-budgetary means", "successful purchase" people with a problem or combination skin?


The rapid cleansing effect of the Russian peeling skittle is due to the presence of two hyperactive components in it, which have a pronounced effect. They help to significantly improve the condition of even very oily and problematic skin. One of them is bio-salicylate, which is produced from an extract of willow bark and salicylic acid, which is capable of gently dissolving the gentle cover of the epidermis due to keratolytic action. This ingredient also has a beneficial antibacterial effect that protects the renewed skin from pathogens. Salicylate penetrates deeply into the skin pores, cleans them, normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands, reducing the secretion. Thanks to his action "Propeller" (peeling-roll), the reviews of which fully confirm this information, gives the face a fresh and rested look, returns the skin a healthy hue, eliminating any redness. Another manufacturer of active ingredient means lactulose. This unique protective component, with the addition of which enhances the barrier qualities of the epidermis, is a proprietary element in the formulation of many cosmetic products of the brand "Propeller".

Lactulose reliably blocks the multiplication of bacteria that cause the appearance of acne and various inflammations on the face. The active exfoliating and healing effect of the two components of this mask for peeling helps delicately cleanse the skin without injuring the epidermis and without disturbing the natural processes in it.


For whom is the popular tool of the cosmetic factory "Narodnye promysly" produced under the brand "Propeller" today? Peeling-skit reviews get grateful for the deep cleansing of the face from excess fat on the surface of the epidermis; Comedones (black dots); Small pimples; Inflammations; For the prevention of acne and the elimination of traces in the post-acne period; To cleanse the face of salt plugs and debris of decorative cosmetics, deeply penetrating into the pores; From an unhealthy shade of the skin and a pronounced pigmentation.

The line "Immuno"

A real "multi-machine", exterminating pimples and enhancing the natural immunity of the skin, is called the buyers of the "Immuno" series of the well-known trademark "Propeller". Peeling-roll Immuno reviews deserve gratitude for the active suppression of the reproduction of bacteria, the elimination of inflammatory processes in the sebaceous glands that result from the appearance of stoppers. In the blocked ducts, a harmful microflora often develops, which is blocked by the strong antibacterial and healing effect of the mask described. Optimizing the work of the sebaceous glands, having a keratolytic effect on the skin cells, the cosmetic products of the Immuno line stimulate the development of natural immunity of the cover, preserve and maintain the outer lipid layer protecting the skin. In the compositions of natural care products brand «Propeller» (peeling-roll Immuno salicylic 2in1, lotions and gel, and suspension from acne Boltushka) contains a unique component - lactulose, which increases the activity of a bactericidal enzyme of non-specific immunity of skin tissues (lysozyme), through which the natural Protection of the dermis.

Salicylic chattle "Propeller" is described by users in positive comments on getting rid of acne, redness, inflammation. It is called an ideally working product which, after several applications, dries and eliminates skin defects. According to the girls who regularly use the salicylic suspension, within 20 minutes after the treatment of the pimple, a drop of the chattle with a pleasant smell of tea tree turns into a white crust that can be washed off after an hour, dried out and reapply. Judging by the grateful reviews, most of the acne, treated in several receptions salicylic suspension, disappear the next day.

Product Benefits

Gently and carefully cleansing the problem skin skin salicylic peeling-sculler "Propeller" (reviews of those who praise her for it) became popular due to: safe ingredients, among which unique BIO salicylate is an effective assistant in the fight against acne and acne; Antibacterial properties that help to eliminate inflammation; Delicate effects on the epidermis, not traumatizing it; A refreshing and toning effect for the skin, restoring its beauty and health; Smoothing the color and relief of the skin, giving it softness and tenderness; Normalization of the production of the sebaceous secretions of the skin glands, elimination of fatty gloss; Quality softening and removal of dead cells due to keratolytic action, release of space for young and healthy epithelium; Elimination of various cosmetic skin defects due to deep penetration into the pores, removal of comedones (black dots); A powerful peeling action not only on the surface of the epidermis, but also in the ducts of the sebaceous glands. Producers argue that the peeling-roll "Propeller", whose composition contains safe ingredients for the skin, has an amazing "smart" effect, thanks to which almost all users praise this product.

Mode of application

Feedback on the use of peeling scoops of domestic production indicate that before the delicate cleaning of the skin, it is necessary to carefully remove any contamination (dust, debris of decorative cosmetics) from the face. On dry, prepared skin, massaging movements need to be applied, avoiding the eye area and the tender area above the upper lip, paying special attention to problem areas.

Peeling-roll has a gel-like, rather liquid texture, which during the distribution begins to roll down, forming small lumps of white color, helping to remove dirt and softened dead cells of the epidermis. Flushed "skatyshi", or "skates", as they call users, warm or cool water. The opinions of women about what cosmetic devices to apply and wash it, were divided. One category of representatives of the fair sex prefers to use wadded disks for processing the skin with a cosmetic product and a napkin or towel - to remove the formed lumps. Another category of girls (after acquiring sufficient skill) believes that it is better to do these manipulations with your hands.

Advice from professionals

Many cosmetic preparations of the brand "Propeller" - salicylic peeling-roll, lotions, gels, suspension - have a pronounced purifying effect due to the content of a fairly aggressive acid. Therefore, it is necessary to exclude their use in areas with a delicate skin (around the eyes and above the upper lip). Before the first use it is desirable to test for an allergic reaction by applying a small amount of salicylic on the inner surface of the elbow. If there is no irritation or burning, then after 30-40 minutes you can start to work on the face.

During the procedure, you also need to pay close attention to your feelings - if you have any discomfort, peeling should be stopped. When treating the face with a salicylic roll "Propeller" special observation requires a combined skin, the problematic fatty areas of which can be cleaned once or twice a week, and normal or dry zones - no more often than once in 14 days. After the exfoliating procedure, cosmetologists do not recommend additional mechanical scrubbing or exposure to open sun, as the renewed layer of the epidermis is still very sensitive to injuries and burns. In addition to moisturizing cream, it must also be treated with sunscreen.

Pros marked by users

Means for deep cleansing of the skin "Propeller" 2in1 - salicylic peeling-roll - is very popular. Its mild action allows you to perform the procedure in the evening, as a result of which the acne and rash disappear the next day, the skin becomes dull. In this case, the agent does not tighten the skin and does not violate the processes occurring in it.

The price of a tube of 100 ml on average is 80-100 rubles, although in some online pharmacies the cost of domestic peeling can be even more democratic (67-70 rubles).

Neutral or negative opinions about the products of "Propeller"

Peeling-roll-riding reviews collects mostly positive. Complaints of customers often cause a too liquid texture of the Russian mask (more reminiscent of the consistency of the tonic than the gel) and packaging. Its lid can be loosely closed, it can be very tight, it can quickly break, contributing to the leakage of the product. Experienced users store the peeling mask in an upright position with the lid on upwards to prevent waste of cosmetic products. Another common disadvantage of the roll of the customer is the difficulty in removing it during rinsing. To facilitate this manipulation, many use a towel or tissue napkin.

In conclusion…

In general, the products of the "Handicrafts" cosmetic factory of the "Propeller" line in women with oily and combination skin cause optimistic responses. In rare cases of hormonal reorganization of the body, taking medications and other internal problems that cause an increase in skin reactions, the appearance of cosmetic deficiencies (rashes, inflammations, and others), girls can mistakenly blame the use of an external peeling-roll, leaving negative comments on the network. An appeal to a dermatologist who will adjust the skin treatment regimen for such patients will be the optimal solution.

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