New Jeep Bentley - the most luxurious SUV in the world

The new jeep Bentley was officially introduced recently - in Frankfurt, in September this year, 2015. True, in the serial sale, it will not arrive very soon - only in early 2016. Well, but on the official presentation it turned out to find out which car can be purchased by potential buyers. And we should talk about this.


To begin with - a few words about the exterior. The new "Bentley" is a jeep, which is positioned as a powerful, fast, exclusive and luxurious off-roader. Manufacturers are sure - this was not exactly the case in the world. And they are right. In any case, for now. Because in the near future production of off-road cars "Lamborghini" and "Rolls-Royce" is planned.

This SUV is really rich in appearance. It was built on a new modular platform from Volkswagen (after all, as is known, since 1998, the British company is part of the VE AG holding company). The design of the body was quite attractive and stylish. The front part is decorated with additional air intakes and a falshradiator grille, round LED headlamps and a large hood that rises above powerful wings. Sideways everything looks very fast - you can see the huge radius of the wheel arches, which were decorated with powerful vyshtampovkami, high window sills (side), a significant slope of the side window frame ... In general, the Jeep "Bentley" turned out to be worthy. In any case, outwardly. Well, then it's worth telling about other details.


The interior of the new car will satisfy the needs of any person, even one who has a very exquisite taste. Leather interior decoration is offered in 15 colors. In addition, a potential buyer can choose one of seven varieties of wood veneer. Pleasure separate seats - both in the first and second row, equipped with electronic drive adjustments, ventilation and heating. The seats are equipped with a massage function. The driver's seat and the front passenger seat can be adjusted in 11 directions.

As a supplement in the trunk can be found a set of suits designed for a picnic, several chairs and a pull-out table. Manufacturers are thinking about creating a seven-seat SUV.


Jeep "Bentley" is struck by what is inside him. The first thing to note is the multimedia sports complex, which perceives voice commands in thirty different languages. The screen located on the center console is touch, color, wide (8 inches). There are three versions of audio systems, and for people sitting behind, two removable tablets with a diagonal of 10.2 inches are intended. They also have 4 gigabytes of memory, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The driver's seat is also happy. Before your eyes is a virtual dashboard, which provides the motorist with any information. Even an image of the night vision image is projected. The steering wheel is very comfortable, to hold it in your hands is a complete pleasure. A system of round-the-camera cameras, parking assistant, cruise control, systems that follow the marking, 10 airbags, a two-section roof (panoramic), adaptive lights - this is just a small list of what this SUV is equipped with. And on the central console you can see the ventilation deflectors, analog clock, the multimedia system screen, the climate control control unit and other auxiliary functions. In general, the Jeep "Bentley Bentayga" inside looks even better than outside.


"Bentley" - a jeep, the price of which will start at $ 190,000. And this is only the minimum cost. No wonder, because only the development of new unique headlights cost the concern five million dollars. Simply amazing figure. Well, in the end, it's worth talking about the technical characteristics of this car.

Independent suspension, electric power steering, disc brakes and finally a 6-liter W12 engine. Up to a hundred kilometers the SUV accelerates slightly more than in four seconds, and its maximum is 301 km / h. The power unit operates under the control of an 8-speed automatic. Consumption, of course, solid - 9.1 liters on the highway and 19.2 on the city. The fuel tank contains 85 liters of gasoline. But I must say, it is unlikely that the amount of waste fuel will bother the person who bought "Bentley" for the above amount.

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