History of the Mercedes Vito model, technical specification, price

The history of the appearance of the popular "Mercedes Vito" minivan begins in 1995 year. It was then that the German concern Daimler-Benz developed and produced this car in mass production. The first generation of minivans has gained immense popularity in almost the whole of Europe, and Russia, too, is not behind, because even now it is not difficult to see such a car on the street. After the Mercedes Vito began to be in high demand, the company developed three modifications of the bodywork and two modifications of the wheelbase. So the new minibus has become more versatile in application. In 2003, the concern developed a new, second generation Mercedes Vito. The technical characteristics of the novelty and its design have changed significantly, but one thing remains unchanged: the car is still of high quality and reliable. Considering the fact that the first generation of cars was used in the last century, today we will consider the second series of these legendary cars, which, incidentally, have not yet been discontinued.


The main difference between the new generation of the van and its predecessor is a completely new body. And the differences are not only in the design, but also in its new design. Now the car has got more smooth and dynamic forms, and the harmonious line, conducted from the bumper to the windshield, gives the minivan greater swiftness. Also completely changed and a block of headlights of head light, and the rear light dimensions now have a vertical arrangement. All this and much more allowed to make the car aerodynamic, which in turn positively affects the technical characteristics. "Mercedes Vito 109" (as well as the 108 model) externally began to resemble a light car, but at the same time, it does not lag behind its competitors in terms of carrying capacity. With the design of the Germans definitely did not lose.

New Mercedes Vito 108: specifications

Essentially renewed and a line of engines - now the buyer can choose one of five diesel and gasoline engines. Diesel four-cylinder units have a capacity of 88, 110 and 150 horsepower, and their torque is at least 220 Nm. Also worth noting two petrol engines with the same working volume - in 2.8 liters - and with different power characteristics. The first develops a power of 190 horsepower, and the second has already 218 "horses". It should be noted that all engines without exception operate much quieter and have become more environmentally friendly and economical than those supplied by the first generation of Mercedes Vito. The technical characteristics of all units fully comply with the Euro-4 pollution standard. And the engines are equipped with an intelligent six-speed transmission. Why is it "smart" to understand is simple - such a transmission instead of a long lever is equipped with a special joystick, which has protection against sudden movement of the car backwards (in order for the car to reverse, the driver first needs to raise the ring on the handle of the gearshift knob). Here is a Mercedes Vito technical specification.


As for the cost, it directly depends on the length and height of the minivan, as well as on its type (passenger or freight). So, the new Mercedes Vito 2013 issue in Russia will cost at least 1 million 210 thousand rubles. The most expensive modification will cost the buyers almost 2 million rubles - that's how much the Mercedes Vito will cost.

Technical characteristics and magnificent design - this is the guarantee of popularity of this car!

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