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Heroes of the Storm: review, characters, reviews, system requirements

A novelty from Blizzard was the project Heroes of the Storm. The review of the game shows that there is a resemblance to the sensational DOTA, both first and second. However, it was not originally created what the gamer sees today. At first there was only one card. Only then the project grew, turned into an independent game in the genre of MOBA, which can attract thousands of users.

Goals of the game

What is the purpose of Heroes of the Storm? Overview of the beta indicates the standard tasks that players face in other MOBAs. It is necessary to destroy the main enemy building - the citadel. However, players often forget about this goal, they only deal with the fact that they are fighting with the heroes of their opponent.

In total, the game can have two teams of 5 (maximum) people in each. It is necessary to get on the allocated roads to the main building of the enemy and destroy it. Naturally, it is also necessary not to allow a similar situation with its citadel.

Assistants to the main characters are creeps, whose actions are fixed, programmed by the developers, that is, they can not be changed. They follow their paths to the enemy citadel. As for the attack, the creeps are ready to fight with the first goal, which they will meet on the way. Often considered opponents are the same characters of the enemy.


No less interesting in the game Heroes of the Storm review of the gameplay. In fact, it actually does not differ from the usual Doty gamers, so experienced players can easily navigate in the HOTS environment.

There is a map with dedicated roads, in the forest you can meet neutral creatures, killing which, get money and experience. Also, they can be knocked out of creeps, they appear with constant frequency on the tracks.

Guns and protective structures are also present, they are automatically controlled. That is, a gamer should only follow his character. Of course, it's better to pay attention to the whole team during the battles, and also to look at the heroes of the enemy, if possible, anticipating their actions.

After the character dies, the player will have to wait a while until he appears again. Usually during this time the enemy team has time to do a lot, so you need to follow the game every second. In fact, learning how to play is not so difficult. It is much harder to achieve mastery in this process.

Maps and their features

Another feature of the game Heroes of the Storm - maps. Each of them is unique. There are similar features, consisting in the main goal, teams and so on. But there are differences. They should be considered in more detail:

  1. A cursed hollow. On this map in a chaotic order there are small skulls that need to be collected. When one team collects three such gifts, it can inflict a curse on the enemy, reducing his health and combat characteristics.
  2. Blackridge Bay. Here you need to collect coins, and the faster the better. After the team gets the right amount, it will be able to fire the enemy guns.
  3. The Dragon's Edge. As a bonus after completing a map job, one of the team's heroes turns into a dragon. It is better to use it for scrapping guns and cleaning tracks, in individual battles you can win without it.
  4. A garden of horrors. On this map, after nightfall, monsters appear, which naturally disappear in the daytime. Players will receive grain for killing. When they accumulate the right amount, a strong monster will pass under their control. It can be used for cleaning tracks, demolishing protective structures.

Developers do not stop on the created maps, they design more. Probably, soon the players will be able to please themselves with new tasks.

Guides for beginners

Recently, games in the styles of MOBA have become quite popular, so advanced gamers will not have difficulties with Heroes of the Storm. Guides will still help to sort out some of the subtleties. If the player plans to enter the world of HOTS and at the same time show their skills, then it is worthwhile to get acquainted with them.

Receiving experience, the hero improves, and with it the whole team. As the level increases, basic characteristics increase, talents are acquired, which can later be used in the battles of the Heroes of the Storm game. The guides about the choice of heroic ability here are the most important. They appear at level 10, and much depends on the decision made. It is at this stage that the gamer decides which class his character will belong to and how he should be pumped.

In the course of interesting fights and battles, we should not forget about the main goal of the game. It is to destroy the stronghold of the enemy. However, unlike other similar projects, maps vary greatly from one another. Each of them is unique, everywhere there is a task, after which the chances of the team to win increase.


What is the uniqueness of the game Heroes of the Storm? Characters are chosen from various other universes, to which Blizzard is directly related. Here players will meet heroes from World of Warcraft, Warcraft, Lost Vikings, Starcraft and Diablo. Quite a strange selection, because these characters do not fit each other even in style. But the developers still managed to "populate" them into the game harmoniously.

In Heroes of the Storm heroes are divided into 4 types:

  1. A warrior or a tank. These characters must take the main damage on themselves, cover up other players.
  2. The murderer . The standard of living and protection of this character is minimal, but it can boast a high level of damage. Such a fighter can not be attacked on the forehead, he must always cover the tank.
  3. Specialist . Its main task is to destroy the enemy's buildings. In battles, the benefits of this character will be small, but for the team it is very useful.
  4. Assistant . The most common type, not only in MOBAs. Its purpose is to strengthen the capabilities of the Allies, to heal them when necessary, and also to suppress the characteristics of the enemy.

Usually one player chooses a specific type of heroes for himself. This allows him to achieve perfection and always benefit the allies.

Team game

It would be superfluous to point out the fact that the game Heroes of the Storm is an exclusively team project. On how well each hero will play together, the result depends. In contrast, for example, from "DotA", it is impossible to fixate on pumping one particular character, which will subsequently "pull" the whole team. Moreover, the pumping of an individual hero is reduced to a minimum. The fact is that everything in common here is money, resources, even experience. Therefore, all players of the same team will be on equal terms.

Individual pumping is not in Heroes of the Storm, heroes, for example, who decided to get some money and experience in the forests, killing neutral creatures, will benefit the whole team. What they will receive in such battles is shared equally. Therefore, neutral beings seem to have lost their significance, but they are still present on the maps.

Since the developers focused on the team, and stores and slots for different clothes and combat kits are not, the time spent on a separate game is minimized. If in other MOBAs one battle can last up to one hour, then everything ends here after 20-30 minutes.

Unique features of the game

Why did the players actually get involved in the game Heroes of the Storm? The review shows that it has absorbed similar features with other MOBA projects that are familiar and pleasant to gamers. But there are differences. They should be considered in more detail:

  1. A wide system of talents. Each player can choose what ability to pump it. For example, in "DotA" you only need to be satisfied with the talents that the developers have made.
  2. The maps are not only unique in their own right, they also have camps that can be captured. So the team will be able to strengthen its troops.
  3. A variety of strategies. Other MOBA games can not boast of this. Here you can immediately attack one line to quickly get to the enemy citadel, focus on pumping the team, complete a map task or collect troops from neutral creatures.

Thus, the game Heroes of the Storm, although similar to similar projects, but has many differences. Apparently, that's why they attracted many users at once.

System requirements

The most expected game of the outgoing year, of course, was Heroes of the Storm. Requirements, oddly enough, are not as high as expected. In order to enter this universe, you need:

  • Windows from XP and above (except 10).
  • Operative memory from 2 GB.
  • Video card (suitable and built-in).
  • Broadband connection to the Internet.
  • Auxiliary devices, such as a keyboard and mouse.

Therefore, you can run the game on a computer that is weak by modern standards, just minimize the effects in the settings.


In conclusion, I must say that Heroes of the Storm - a free game, you can download it on the official website. Of course, there are also paid products that increase the characteristics of each individual account. But you can buy them completely free of charge, if you give the game time every day.

Another advantage is that the victories of players who have modernized their characters for real money will give them less experience, because they are fighting with weaker opponents. Therefore, the gamer independently chooses whether he should buy something, or better to buy it during battles.

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