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Heartburn during pregnancy late. Means for heartburn during pregnancy in early and late periods

Pregnancy is not at all a simple period in a woman's life. In addition to the joyful sensations, there are a number of difficulties that can darken the beautiful time of bearing a child. Heartburn during pregnancy at a later date is one of them. She suffers from about 85% of pregnant women.

Cause of occurrence

Heartburn during beremennosti can be provoked by several circumstances. It should be noted that the reasons for the occurrence in the early and late terms are quite different. At the very beginning of pregnancy, it can become one of the signs that will help determine the "interesting" state. Due to the fact that the body increases the level of progesterone, the muscles lose their former tone, relax. Between the esophagus and stomach is the sphincter, and if it does not perform its functions, the acid from the stomach enters the esophagus. Heartburn during pregnancy in later terms arises not only because of the relaxed muscles, but also because of the increase in the uterus. Changing its size, it presses on the internal organs, the diaphragm is pressed. This also provokes unpleasant sensations.


Recognize heartburn is easy enough. Usually there is a burning sensation behind the sternum, an acid sensation may be present in the mouth. The intensity of heartburn varies: from a fairly mild form to intense burning throughout the esophagus. The nature of food significantly affects this condition, usually the discomfort is worse after eating. The supine position aggravates the condition.

It is very important to apply measures to eliminate this problem. Although the condition of the baby does not affect it, but still heartburn during pregnancy in later periods, especially if the attacks are prolonged, can change the condition of the mucosa of the esophagus. Hydrochloric acid adversely affects tissues, corrodes them, and this will bring great health problems after the birth of the child. Therefore, it is necessary to use means for heartburn during pregnancy in early and late terms. Today it can be both folk remedies and medicinal preparations. They are appointed rarely, only if traditional medicine does not help, and the condition is rather difficult. You need to pay attention to bad habits. Smoking, which is so harmful, not only during pregnancy, only aggravates the symptoms of heartburn.

Heartburn during beremennosti: causes, treatment. What to do?

First of all, the existence of such a problem should be told to the doctor. Only he will recommend how to act. There are drugs that can be used by a pregnant woman without harm to the child. Most often the doctor recommends simple ways that help to avoid such a phenomenon as heartburn during pregnancy. In later terms, some of them will not be so effective. It is necessary to eat small portions 5-6 times. It is better to give up fried, smoked, spicy food. Irreplaceable help in the fight against heartburn will be porridge. Eggs and dishes from them are not only a source of protein, but also a means of preventing the occurrence of burning. Three hours before bedtime, stop eating. Neutralizes the action of hydrochloric acid milk. It can be consumed throughout the day. It is worth giving up coffee, alcoholic drinks, as they relax the sphincter.

Prevention of occurrence

Sleep best by placing a pillow under your shoulders and head. This will make acid access to the throat difficult. Tight clothes can also become a factor provoking heartburn, as it tightly surrounds the body. Important and correct posture. Do not make any sudden movements, strongly bend. Wood, almonds are also great helpers. Another good option is the use of jelly. Well, most importantly, it's important to avoid stress and not get upset over trifles. Nervous disorders will interfere with the effectiveness of heartburn treatment. Therefore, if stress can not be avoided, it is better to take special sedatives, which can be prescribed by a doctor for pregnant women. It is these 10 proven ways to combat heartburn during pregnancy (nutrition, behavior) will help to facilitate, and even avoid its occurrence.

Soda at burning

One of the quickest ways to stop a fire in the esophagus is to take a solution of soda. Reacting with the acid that is in the stomach, baking soda turns into carbonic acid, it also decomposes into water and carbon dioxide. It irritates the walls of the digestive organ. This method is a great danger. Although the symptoms quickly disappear, the next time the attack will only be stronger. There is a so-called recoil effect, and acid from the stomach will be produced stronger. And, if you often use such a remedy, acid-base balance can be violated. Increases pressure, often there is swelling. Therefore, such treatment is not particularly recommended for pregnant women. Only one-time admission is allowed, if other ways of facilitating the state are simply not available.

Folk therapy

Heartburn during pregnancy on late lines (and early too) is well treatable by folk remedies. Buckwheat porridge is a popular remedy, you can use it even every day. The grains of barley also help. They need to be chewed properly, the symptoms will be gone in a few minutes. To protect the walls of the stomach from the harmful effects of acid, you can take a tablespoon of olive oil. It will help to reduce the acidity of the stomach half a cup of warm water, drunk on an empty stomach. Many women gnaw seeds, almonds.

Potato juice for heartburn

Widely used and potato juice. It contains many useful microelements, proteins, fiber, pectin, iron. To make it, you need to grate fresh potatoes on a grater, then strain it. Use juice on an empty stomach and before bedtime, 200 ml per day. You can also add a little honey to it. This juice significantly reduces the acidity of the stomach. After the disappearance of the symptoms of heartburn, you can continue to take potato juice, but the dose should be reduced to 50 ml. Contraindications are varicose veins, diabetes mellitus.

Herbal infusions

It relieves the symptoms of heartburn heartburn . It must be crushed into powder, drink a small amount (literally at the tip of the knife) and drink with water. In small doses, this powder has no limitations. Infusion of flaxseed is also effective. Approximately 2 tablespoons are poured with boiling water and infused for several hours. It is advisable to use the product warm, slightly warmed. You can insist in a thermos.

Grass swine swine pretty well cures the burning problem in the esophagus. 20 grams of raw material is poured into a glass of boiling water. Take infusion 5 times a day for one tablespoon. There are practically no contraindications, the only one is hypotension.

The infusion of a hundred thousandths is also quite an effective tool. 1 teaspoon pour 2 cups of boiling water and insist half an hour. It is recommended to take this infusion for 2 months, 100 ml per hour and a half before eating.

Herbal teas are a pleasant and effective remedy in the fight against such a condition as heartburn during pregnancy. Natural remedies such as a mixture of anise, caraway and dill perfectly neutralize the acid. Mint tea with the addition of currant leaves or viburnum with regular use will relieve the unpleasant sensations. Use and fees for heartburn. One of them is St. John's wort, chamomile, leaves of plantain. Nevertheless, before taking any herbal mixtures it is recommended to consult a doctor. After all, even herbs can harm a pregnant woman and a future child.

Signs associated with heartburn and pregnancy

Above, it has already been considered how heartburn manifested during pregnancy, causes, treatment. The signs that exist in the people are also connected with this state. One of the most famous is this: if a woman suffers from heartburn, then the baby will be born with hair. However, she has no grounds. Of course, the time when heartburn occurs during pregnancy on late lines, coincides with the period of hair growth in a child. But somehow irritate the walls of the stomach and esophagus they just can not. After all, often the kid is already head down. In addition, the walls of the uterus and amniotic fluid reliably protect against any contact. The only thing that is possible is that with the increase in the size of the child, its pressure on the internal organs and the diaphragm also increases. This provokes the release of hydrochloric acid from the stomach into the esophagus. Hence the discomfort.

Another popular belief: a child whose mother suffered from heartburn will be quite complex. This state certainly has nothing to do with what the child will have. After all, often talk about it after pregnancy, when the child is large enough.

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