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Strawberry Face Mask. How to cook?

Masks from ripe strawberry berries moisturize and nourish the skin well, and with the right combination of ingredients, the strawberry base is suitable for all types of skin, making it more elastic and elastic. Why look for new products and buy expensive cosmetics, when from the pulp of strawberry berries you can make magnificent face masks?

Strong> So, if you have oily or combination skin:
1. A mask of strawberry berries cleansing. Ripe berries (for convenience, it is better to choose several large berries), wash, dry, mash with a fork until the consistency of gruel. Apply it to your face, and then rinse with cold or cool water for about 10-15 minutes. This simple mask delicately cleanses the skin, relieves it of fatty ugly shine in problem areas.
2. The mask of strawberry berries is refreshing. Half a cup of milk or kefir mixed with a half-glass of freshly squeezed strawberries juice, stir. Take a few layers of gauze and soak in the resulting mass. Apply to pre-cleaned skin. After ten to 15 minutes, carefully remove, and rinse with cold or cool water (you can replace it with herbal decoction). This mask not only refreshes and tones, but also whitens the skin.
3. Strawberry mask for skin with enlarged pores. First, stir the strawberry berries with a fork, then moisten the cotton swab in the selected juice and wipe their faces. Then apply a layer of strawberry pulp to your face and let it dry. After the first layer has dried, apply a second layer of mask, and then the third. And after 13-18 minutes after applying the last layer, wash off the mask with slightly warm or cool water, and apply a gently moisturizer to your face.

Strong> If you have dry or normal skin:
1. A mask of strawberry berries cleansing. In a strawberry slurry add one spoon of kefir and half a spoon of wheat flour. Stir and apply the mask on the skin of the face for about fifteen to 20 minutes. Then rinse it off with warm water. For the cleaning of very dry skins, it is recommended to use any vegetable oil (sunflower, peach, olive, sesame).
2. Strawberry Toning Mask. Mix the mashed strawberry with fresh cottage cheese and olive oil. Apply mass to the face for ten to 15 minutes. Then, wash with cold or slightly warm water (or a decoction).
3. Strawberry nutritious mask. Add the softened berries part of the cottage cheese and a spoonful of olive oil. Stir the mass and apply it on the face for ten to 15 minutes. Rinse with cold or cool water.

After applying the mask, apply a suitable face cream. You can wash off the strawberry mass not only with water, but with herbal infusion. Strawberry face mask is rich in vitamins of group I and vitamin C, and it also has nutritious, antiseptic and bleaching properties. Your beauty and health are in your hands.

Once a week, the use of strawberry scrub is allowed. You can buy it in the store or cook it yourself. Add the granulated sugar (a soft sugar scrub) or ground coffee (toning scrub). Then mix. The resulting scrub gently massage the face, and then rinse. Remember that scrubs are recommended after 25 years.

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