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Green Peter (actor): biography and filmography

In the world of cinema, it often happens that having played successfully several similar characters, the performer becomes a hostage to the same image, so for the rest of his career he has to play the same type of characters. So it happened with an artist named Green Peter. The actor, having begun his career with the role of scoundrels back in the middle of the nineties, and to this day continues to play very convincingly criminals, drug dealers and maniacs. Consider his creative path.

Actor Peter Green: Biography

The artist was born in October 1965 in a small town in New Jersey, called Montecler. Here the future actor spent his childhood and teenage years. But pretty soon he realized that in his native town he had no prospects. For this reason, when Peter turned fifteen, he left school and took with him all his savings in a piggy bank, fled the house and settled in New York.

At first, the young adventurer was not easy to find a job in this metropolis. To earn his living, he undertook any job: he carried pizza, was a freight forwarder and carried out other small assignments. True, Green Peter - an actor soon understood, here is his true vocation. So he started going to auditions in the hope that he would be invited to act in films.

However, after visiting several castings, the guy quickly realized that in addition to a pleasant appearance and talent to make a career in this field, he needed knowledge. In this regard Peter Green went to study at the famous Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute.

The beginning of acting career

After several years of studying, I first tried my hand at the Green Peter Theater. The actor (pictured in the article) participated in small plays, but later switched to film and television, as these spheres he liked more.

Peter's TV show was held in the television series "Grated Cradle". Here he played the role of an unnamed guy who flashes in several episodes of one of the series.

On the screen for the first time the actor appeared only two years later in the debut tape of Nick Gomes' Law of inevitability. " For the role of Jimmy in it Peter Green was nominated for the prestigious American film award Independent Spirit, but never got it.

First successes in cinema

1994 was truly fabulous for a beginner artist named Green Peter. The actor first received a major role in the Detective drama of Lodge Kerrigan "Clean, Shaved." His character is a young man suffering from schizophrenia. He struggles to fight his illness and regain his little daughter, who was taken away by the guardianship service. On the way to the baby the man turns out to be one of the suspects in the murder of an unknown girl. Because of the ridiculous chance that soon the hero of Green dies at the hands of a policeman who diligently sweeps away the traces of the crime he committed.

For this role, the actor received the award of the Taormina International Film Festival.

In the same year, Green was lucky to get an episodic role in the "Pulp Fiction" Quentin Tarantino. And although he played a perverted policeman, for a novice actor it was a real breakthrough in a big movie. After flashing in the "Pulp Fiction", Peter soon received a major role in the film "The Mask", where his partners were Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz.

In the "Mask" played the main villain Dorian Tyrella Green Peter. The actor was able to perfectly get used to this image and to show himself well, although against the background of the genius Jim Carrey it was not easy to do it.

After Dorian, Green began to offer many roles in criminal dramas or action films. However, most of his characters after the "Masks" are drug addicts, criminals or semi-criminal elements.

Problems with drugs

Over five years, starred in more than ten films Green Peter (actor). Films of this period with his participation were no longer such hits as "Mask" or "Pulp Fiction", however these were worthy of the spectator's attention projects. Among them are the action film "Capture-2", the drama about addiction "Eternal Midnight", the criminal story "Control shot" and others.

Becoming a recognizable actor with a good fee, Green could not stand the test of glory and set off on all the heavy. In particular, the young artist began serious problems with drugs, which soon became public, thanks to a revealing article in the magazine Premiere Magazine. At the insistence of friends and colleagues Peter Green went to the clinic for drug addicts. The treatment helped him overcome the addiction, and he was able to return to work. Unfortunately, it was not possible to tie Peter completely with heroin, he often had failures.

Green Peter (actor): filmography

The last known work of the artist in the nineties became the role of the criminal of Deacon, who is hunting for a precious stone worth $ 17 million, in the film "The Diamond Policeman".

In the two thousand years, when the fashion for criminal militants slightly passed, Peter Green became less in demand in high-budget projects. Most of his work in the first decade of the two thousandth is a small role in the films of category B. The most famous works of Green in these years: the tape "Dead Dogs Lie" (for which the actor was awarded the Copper Wing Award), "Influenced" (Feature Film Award) , "The War of the Worlds", "The Bounty Hunter" and "The once-fallen".

Also during this period, Peter Green played in the television series "Law and Order", "Life on Mars", "The Donnelly Brothers" and "Justice".

In recent years, the popularity of the artist has significantly decreased, but he continues to be invited to appear, recalling past achievements. He recently played as a guest actor in the police television series "Hawaii 5.0" and "Police Chicago". Among the most recent works of Green can be mentioned the films "Child", "Dear Lorraine", "New York, New York", "Godmother" and "Carousel".

Other achievements

In addition to participating in films and television series, Peter Green starred in several clips. It can be seen in the video clips of such famous bands as House of Pain, Prodigy, Danny Diablo and Saints.

Personal life

About his family and private life does not like to spread Green Peter. The actor, whose personal life is not public property, has John's younger brother and sister Mary Ann.

And as for his second half, the constant girl, as well as the children, the actor does not. Maybe he very successfully hides their availability from the ubiquitous Hollywood journalists.

Interesting facts

  • It is interesting that, having moved to live in New York, one of the artist's first works was the drug trade on the street. This experience was very useful in the future.
  • The role in the "Diamond policeman" actor was due to the fact that he was guaranteed by producer Tobe Jaffe. The fact is that after the scandal with the drug addiction of Peter, many studios were afraid to work with him, expecting that he might break.
  • In 2003, Green left New York and moved to live in Hollywood, where he lives to this day.
  • It is rumored that at one time was on the verge of suicide Peter Green, but the actor himself did not confirm or deny this fact.
  • The last most famous scandal involving the actor and drugs, in recent years, was the arrest of Green in 2007 for the possession of cocaine.
  • This artist is the namesake of the famous British guitarist. For this reason, at the mention of the name Peter Greene always specifies who exactly they mean: Peter Green (musician) or Green Peter (actor).

The biography of this man is an example of how being an ordinary guy, without relatives and connections, you can achieve fame, thanks to his talent, perseverance and work. At the same time, the history of Peter Green is also a sad example of how one pernicious habit can stand on the path to success and simple happiness. It is to be hoped that this talented actor will not have more failures and he will please the audience with new interesting roles.

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