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I know the dream: what does the grave dream about?

In general, the grave is a symbol of something eternal, imperishable, calm and lonely. At the same time, it is associated with a dark, bad, dark ... But this is in reality, and what does the grave dream about? The answer to this question will be found in the interpretations of well-known psychologists, astrologers, physicists and mediums.

What does the dream of Miller dream about ?

According to the scientist, the tomb symbolizes a transition stage from this world to the otherworldly. In this case, the grave is a "ship" on which Charon carries people from one bank of the River Dead to another. Most often she dreams of troubles and illnesses.

  1. If you read epitaphs on steles or crosses - prepare yourself for various unpleasant troubles in life.
  2. Do you know what a grave is dreaming about in which there is no one? Miller claims that those who are soon to be forever to say goodbye to a loved one, with a friend or associate, see the empty burial.
  3. Walking between the graves? Wait for an unsuccessful marriage, which sooner or later will crack.
  4. Are you digging the grave? In reality you will seek your enemies ready to crush you! If you do not finish the job to the end - wait for trouble, if you finish digging to the end - cope with life's difficulties.
  5. The grave had a neat and dirty look? In your life there will be an unusual event that can turn it upside down in the worst sense of the word.
  6. Do you see yourself in the grave? Wait for profit, wealth and material prosperity!
  7. The grave in which you decide to spend the night promises you the loss of friends and the cooling of feelings on the part of your second half.

What does the grave dream about: the interpretation of Hossa

The famous medium, like the psychologist Miller, does not bode well for us, no matter what grave we dream. In a dream, the grave is already dug up and waiting for you? If so, then there are several variations!

  1. If you yourself jump into an already dug out grave - there is a risk of getting behind bars! In this case, if you lie in the grave, realizing that you are already dead and have moved to the next world, then you will most likely not be able to get out again. You rot in prison.
  2. If you see yourself from the side lying in the grave - beware! Weigh every word, watch what you do and say.
  3. A very terrible dream is the marriage in the cemetery among the burials! This is a sign of the sudden death of one of the spouses. The fault is an accident.
  4. Bring flowers to the grave? This is a good dream! In your family will reign tranquility and coziness.
  5. If in your dream graves are overwhelmed with snow - you will find endless poverty. Fighting it will not lead to anything good.
  6. In a dream, see a fresh grave - to suffering, cruelty and litigation, which you are very wounded. In this case, the pain will be a long time to remind of yourself.
  7. See an empty tombstone? Expect solitude and separation from close people.
  8. If you are standing at your own grave - wait for the danger from enemies who are not asleep, who just want to kill you!
  9. Well-groomed and decorated with flowers, burials foreshadow you with new pleasant friends and useful acquaintances!

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