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Furnace on sawdust - an affordable way to heat small rooms

Many owners of dachas and greenhouses have to decide how to heat these small rooms. Furnaces that work from gas or wood, require a lot of fuel, and this, in turn, is worth a lot of money. To save on heating, people found this option: to operate the oven on sawdust.

Furnace on sawdust: benefits of use

Such heating systems have a lot of advantages:

  • Each summer resident will find fuel for their work, for this purpose chips and sawdust, including pressed ones, will do;
  • Do not have to dispose of waste, they can be burned in the oven;
  • Damp chips, firewood and sawdust do not need to be dried beforehand, you can put it in this form;
  • Maximum power is achieved in a short period of time;
  • Boilers give the maximum amount of heat;
  • Any person is able to assemble this system, and its maintenance does not require special skills;
  • A boiler of this design can also be used for heating water and cooking, if it is supplemented with appropriate equipment;
  • Ability to control their fuel costs;
  • The temperature of the heated water can be regulated;
  • Harmful substances are burned in the furnace, without harming the environment and the atmosphere.

How are furnaces made of sawdust?

With their own hands everyone can collect such an oven, it is only necessary to stock up on tools and necessary materials. It will take a black sheet or sheet steel, of which usually make burzhuyki. As a large form, an empty can from under the gas, a barrel of 200 liters or a section of a wide pipe with a sealed bottom. The thickness of these elements should be more than 5 mm. The stove on the sawdust is made with a double bottom: the first bottom is located at the top of the stove, it is made with a hole with rims. The second bottom is embedded in the central part of the wide pipe, it should have a hole of the same size as in the first day. In the center of the cylinder-stove, install a conical tube, which is fixed in the cut circles. When the inner tube is installed, it is possible to pour the sawdust to the level of the chimney or to the top of the cone pipe. They need to be rammed as they are laid, so that they do not crumble after the extraction of the cone. Further, this device is tightly closed with a lid. The lower hole is provided with a damper, firewood is placed in it and ignited.

Principle of the furnace operation on sawdust

The flame from the set firewood gradually passes through the hole made and ignites the sawdust. If the material is well packed, it will not burn, but will smolder. This process is very long, not less than 8 hours, so for a given period of time, the stove can be left without attention, even if the firewood is extinguished, it is not necessary to set them on fire again. The air above the sawdust warms up evenly and gradually. Such a stove on sawdust perfectly cope with the heating of the greenhouse, garage or workshop. To heat a dacha or a house, it is worth making small changes to the design.

Modification of the furnace for heating the house

Houses are larger in area than greenhouses, so it is necessary to ensure that a long burning furnace on sawdust gives more energy, could heat a large area. Furnaces made by the method described above have one significant drawback: when leaving the chimney, the heat energy is lost. Extend the chimney to the entire area of the heated room is not always appropriate, so we recommend the so-called pyrolysis ovens on sawdust. They are characterized by the fact that they have an additional air circuit for flue gases. There are two options to convert an existing stove: install a smoke circuit outside or inside. It is easier to install it from the outside, that is, surround the furnace with another layer of metal, leaving room for free movement of hot air. This design allows you to keep unchanged the amount of fuel being loaded and, accordingly, the frequency of its loading. Installing an additional circuit inside the structure is done about the same, but has a small drawback: you can load less sawdust. In both cases, the chimney must be located at the bottom of the structure. As can be seen from the description, making a stove on sawdust with your own hands will not cause difficulties if you are able to handle a welding machine.

Connecting the boiler to the water heating system

Some owners of houses that have already installed a water heating system may wonder whether it is possible to connect such an economical stove to the sawdust. The answer is positive, and this does not require special skills. It is necessary to establish a register by connecting to it the flow and return, which are connected to the central heating system. To improve the heat output, an option is to install an ash pit, a narrow pipe passing through the lid and the whole body instead of the cone.

So, for economical users, taking care of the environment, the furnace of prolonged decay on sawdust is an excellent option for heating a greenhouse, villa or small house. It is not difficult to manufacture and install it, it will bring warmth, calmness and coziness into the house.

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