Franchise of children's clothes: what is it, what for, the range

Not everyone can open their business. There are a lot of obstacles that will always arise on the way. The most famous and serious of them at the same time are the lack of money for initial investments, as well as a lack of knowledge and experience in running their business. If the first problem can be dealt with by a loan from a bank, selling some property, borrowing from relatives, then the second sometimes causes a stupor in some beginning entrepreneurs. For this, there is such a tool as a franchise. More about this, as well as what can be beneficial franchise children's clothing, we'll talk about in this article.

General view

Surely you've already heard such a term. Probably, you even know that he came to our everyday life from the world of business; That this is a sign of the form of cooperation. To be more precise and correct in determining this word, the franchise means transferring the right to use the brand (brand, technology and other business management tools) to another person on a fee basis.

This form assumes that the owner of a working model can involve partners who will open representative offices of the same brand in another territory and, thus, develop a business network. The best example of this format of work (with the exception of fast food chains, of course) is the franchise of children's clothing. Many stores offering inexpensive consumer goods have their own proposals for transferring the right to use their name and concept. Thus, anyone who would like to purchase a franchise can do this and start a business.

Specific examples

The best way to understand the topic of this article would be to give an example of what we will do. So, the franchise of children's clothing - what is it?

Suppose you have a store "Antoshka", which sells products for children. In particular, you offer a certain range (shoes, clothes and toys for children) and work under your brand. Let's say your store is very profitable, while it is open somewhere in Yekaterinburg. The number of buyers is growing, the turnover is increasing, you understand that you have found excellent suppliers and have picked up such a concept in your trade, which pleased the buyer.

Your further steps, of course, will be aimed at expanding this business. Suppose you open another one or two stores for your money. But this is not enough to start a global trade. Therefore, your decision can be a franchise of children's clothing. It can take you to a completely new level of income, and your company to give qualitatively different sales volumes.

To each willing entrepreneur, you are proposing to open an Antoshka store under your brand and with your products according to the model that you worked at your first, most successful outlet. In return, this person will make regular payments for using the trademark with the income that will be received. Such payments can be established both in the form of a fee of a fixed amount, as a percentage of income.

This is the franchise of children's clothing. So thousands of entrepreneurs work (and, probably, in all spheres of business).

Benefits to the buyer

The person who makes payments (meaning both the initial "lump-sum fee" and the monthly ones - "royalties") is called the franchise buyer. For him, the benefit of such an acquisition is the help from the owner of the trademark. After all, the latter provides him with a ready working instruction on how to organize the work of his company in order to make it successful. These recommendations can go down to a set of colors that should be used when arranging advertising materials of your store. In addition, from the owner of the franchise you can get the contact of the suppliers of the goods, the scheme of placing the goods on the shelves, advice on the arrangement of the store and much more. As you understand, when you open it from scratch, you would have to do it all yourself, by trial and error. The reviews point out that this is a very long and expensive process.

Also, an important role in this category, such as the franchise of inexpensive children's clothing, is the popularity of the brand and its reputation. If you start working with a popular brand, the probability is that your point will find customers already in the first days of work.

Benefits to the seller

About why the franchise (children's clothing, Russia) for the store owner or the network of outlets is an excellent business decision, we have already partially mentioned. It allows you to expand the audience covered by your brand, make the latter more recognizable and popular among customers. Naturally, in addition, you create your own affiliate network, consisting of buyers of the right to work with your trademark. With each such participant you can collect royalties, which also gives certain material benefits.

Why - children's clothes?

Another interesting question that can be asked by a person who is in search of an interesting business model is the definition of the scope of his future activity. In particular, he will ask: why exactly the franchise of children's clothes? Why go into this niche, if there are many interesting interesting ideas that you can work on?

Of course, there is no single answer to this question. Just children's clothing (as shown by the reviews) is a category of goods that is constantly in demand: people always buy clothes for their children, and they often do not do it in large stores, but in small shops near the house, where prices can be lower . Due to this, your benefit as a possible owner of such a store is precisely in maintaining an adequate level of prices with a wide range.

And the complexity of working with clothes is less than, for example, with food or with other institutions. Feedback on this type of business confirms this position.

Find a franchise

So, there is one more interesting question: how to find out which store to cooperate with and under what brand do you need to conduct business? In this you will help some catalog franchise children's clothing. Such sites are organized according to the principle of the list, where different brands and clothing stores are represented. For each of them there are descriptions of activities (what the company is oriented on, with which suppliers it cooperates, what financial indicators can boast, and so on).

If you are interested in working with exclusive products, it's better to focus on imported products; Another thing - the budget class (then the franchise of the domestic manufacturer of children's clothes is useful). In general, with regard to Russian suppliers, there are positive developments. Now in the market, in view of the economic and political crisis, our companies are mainly represented. As a result, a franchise of children's clothing made in Russia can become a very profitable enterprise. In this case, the investments will be relatively small. Read more about them in the next chapter.


How do you know what you need to pay to start working with a franchise? Correct: this information is provided by the seller. The owner of the business in which you would like to enter shares information about the conditions of work (the size of the first payment and the size of the royalty). In addition, the description of the franchise gives detailed descriptions of the costs necessary to work in this niche. For example, this may be the amount of funds that you need to send for the purchase of goods; Money for repair in a rented room, the cost of working staff and so on. Even if you are a complete beginner in business, you will be able to learn all this information. The feedback confirms that this information can help to orientate in further plans on how to conduct its business.

Business plan

Do not forget about writing your business plan, which you would like to work in the future. This is important not only to get a loan from a bank or to buy a franchise. No, the business plan will also help you as a business owner to more accurately determine your next goals, draw up a timetable for achieving them, and plan the growth and development of your business. As practice shows, doing this is best, knowing exactly what steps you intend to take. To do this, they make up a business plan (including if you have a franchise of a children's clothing store).

Search for funds

As noted at the very beginning of this article, in addition to the lack of experience, often beginning entrepreneurs face the lack of money. As the reviews show, this is really an urgent issue. However, it can be solved.

Fight it can be loans, loans from friends, selling something unnecessary from their property. So, I would like to note on this occasion that the acquisition of a franchise and a clearly drawn up plan for the development of your enterprise can become excellent assistants in the solution of the monetary question. The main thing is to convince your potential investors or creditors (to whomsoever you apply) that you know what you are doing. It is necessary to clearly understand how the business in which you plan to go is working; Which pitfalls in it are hidden; Which may pose serious threats for you to incur financial losses and the like. Only if you learn to competently conduct all this work, as well as think about promoting your store, expanding the range and attracting customers - you not only get money, but also create your business, successful and prosperous!

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