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Diseases of the liver. Can the liver ache from malnutrition

Doctors say that there are no pain receptors in the liver that are present in other organs. But can the liver be affected in this case? After all, many people complain about pain or discomfort in the liver. We will try to answer this question and consider it in more detail. The human liver is placed in a capsule, which just has receptors. The slightest changes in the work of the liver cause the tension of this capsule, the receptors react, sending pain impulses to our brain, which we perceive as pain in the liver.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand what kind of internal organ we are concerned about, as an unhealthy liver can be given pain in the area of the scapula, in the right hypochondrium and even in the neck. Sometimes the pain is not localized, and a person simply experiences a feeling of heaviness in the right side, and sometimes - nausea, unpleasant feelings of bitterness in the mouth, eructation, in rare cases, vomiting. Pain increases with physical exertion, with running and a fast pace. It can be sharp, stitching, aching. May disturb only in the morning, or after a meal, or it may be permanent.

Can the liver suffer from malnutrition? Yes maybe. Especially if the food was fatty, fried, spicy, very salty. But, it should be said that a healthy liver easily copes with its work, even if the food is not dietary. But the unhealthy liver begins to "skid" in the work, so many people experience colic after eating, especially abundant. In that case, you need to help your liver. Stick to diet number 5, designed specifically to support the liver. Eat 5 times a day in small portions. Give up fried, fatty and spicy, eat foods only in baked or boiled form. Do not exceed 12 grams of salt per day. Increase the amount of vegetables and dairy products in your diet, exclude chocolate, alcohol, pork, fatty fish, mushrooms, beans, spinach, soda, ice cream from it. With food, use only brown bread .

Can the liver hurt if you notice a yellowing of the mucous membranes? Often violations in the liver can cause a discoloration of the mucous membranes. Their yellow color, as well as light feces, indicate a blockage of the bile ducts with stone or sand. The yellowness of the eyes and skin proteins indicates the presence of one of the forms of hepatitis. Often violations in the liver can be accompanied by fever, nausea, eructation, vomiting. Hepatitis supersaturates the blood with bile, and this leads to the appearance of itching and yellowness of the skin.

Can the liver ache if there is abdominal swelling, stool disorder, acute pain in the right side of the abdomen? The liver belongs to the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, so the connection with the pancreas, stomach and intestine is straight. Diseases of the liver sometimes have all the symptoms of a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract - nausea, vomiting, bloating, belching, constipation. Therefore, if you notice these symptoms, do not self-medicate. It is very easy to confuse stitching pain in the liver with pain caused by inflammation of appendicitis or another, no less dangerous disease requiring immediate medical attention.

Laboratory diagnostics and ultrasound can determine what the liver is hurting. Treatment appoints a doctor, based on the correct diagnosis, because to each disease of the liver uses its own method of healing. If you feel a heaviness in the right side, aching pain, giving between the shoulder blades or in the neck, or if the pain intensifies at the slightest load or fast walking, and after taking fatty, spicy or fried foods, after even a small dose of alcohol or cigarette, if You often experience nausea or bitterness in the mouth, suffer from permanent constipation, women have a menstrual cycle, and men experience sexual impotence, if you are experiencing painful or severe pain in the liver in the morning , the hepatologist should prescribe the treatment , which, after a full Follow, may refer you to an oncologist or gastroenterologist.

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