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Forest Park, Zadonsk: description and reviews

For a long time in the whole world rope towns have become a popular sporting entertainment. Passage at high altitude along ropes and logs leaves an unforgettable impression. This kind of extreme entertainment fell in love with many. And recently such rope towns began to open in Russia. One of the largest and most popular was Forest Park. Zadonsk, near which this town is located, is better known as a place of religious pilgrimage. Several large monasteries and springs with holy water have long attracted tourists. But in the last few years, this city has become a favorite holiday destination for young people and families with children.

Where is Forest (park): Zadonsk

The address of this place can be easily found. This is the "Utkinsky cut" tract near Zadonsk. But you still need to understand how to get there, because it is located not in the city itself, but on the other side of the road, in the forest. On the signs it is easy to find the park "Forest". Zadonsk and its environs are going to turn the authorities into a unique economic tourist area. And its creation has already begun. Not far from the village of Kamenka, the safari park "Kudykina Gora", known all over Russia, was created. And in 12 kilometers to the south of it there is also "Forest" (park). Zadonsk is a small town, but it becomes a favorite vacation spot, as it is located in an ecologically clean place. They go there from all corners of Russia, but most often from the nearest regions.

To get to the "Forest" park in Zadonsk from Moscow is easy - the road is only 420 km. In addition, you need to go all the way along the central highway M4. Only after the bridge over the river Don need to move out of it. The park is located to the right of the road, but you can get to it only through Zadonsk. If you have to ask for directions, it is located near the village of Upper Cossack.

What is the "Forest" park (Zadonsk)

The photo of this place shows what scenic landscapes can be seen there. There is a park in the forest on the banks of the Don river. But not only a beautiful pine forest and Don beaches attract tourists. In the park you can have a good rest in summer and in winter. Guests will find a comfortable hotel complex with 1-, 2- and 3-bed rooms. Guests are invited to visit the swimming pool, which also has a water slide, a sauna, a gym. There is a cozy cafe with a delicious home menu.

In addition to the hotel you can stay in the tent camp. If you do not have your own tent, you can take it right here. On the territory of the park there is a rental of tourist equipment. You can put a tent in any place you like. With its equipment, the cost of living in the park is only 100 rubles per person per day. For this money you can use the services, bathroom and shower in the complex.

What kind of entertainment does the park offer

Very often residents of neighboring areas on the weekend are going to rest in Zadonsk. The rope town "Forest" (park) is the place that attracts not only young people, but also families with children. In fact, apart from extreme rest there are other entertainments:

  • Climbing wall;
  • mini golf;
  • Paintball shooting gallery;
  • Fields for volleyball and football;
  • billiards;
  • table tennis;
  • bicycles for rent;
  • In winter you can go skiing, snowboarding, tubing or snowcat.

How can I relax in the park

Those who want to stay in the hotel, it is desirable to book rooms in advance. After all, even on weekdays most often all is occupied. People come one by one, families and organized groups. The park often hosts corporate or entertainment events, you can celebrate a birthday or a wedding, hold a banquet. The rooms in the hotel complex are small but cozy. There is a refrigerator, a TV and a shower. But most tourists come here for one day.

Rope Town

About thirty thousand such places are functioning all over the world. The best of them are located in the trees. After all, these are natural supports for ropes and various adaptations. They are stable, moderately rigid and create protection from the sun. It is such a small town in a forest with powerful trees, between which stretches rope tracks, and offers to visit the "Forest" (park). Zadonsk and its surroundings are located in a picturesque place on the banks of the Don. Therefore, you can come there just to enjoy the beautiful nature.

But the rope town is also a place worth visiting. In this place there are about 50 stages of varying complexity, laid from tree to tree. All of them are located at an altitude of 10 meters from the ground. The park offers three routes of varying difficulty, intended for adults and children over 10 years of age. For beginners, they offer to pass the easiest - "Smotrovoy." For experienced athletes the route "Adrenaline" is abounding, full of complex extreme tasks. But the route "Merry" is more popular. Both adults and children love it.

What kind of tasks does Forest Park (Zadonsk) offer in its rope town:

  • "Tarzanki";
  • The passage over the abyss along a thin rope;
  • Bridges from swaying vertical and horizontal logs;
  • "a bike";
  • Various stairs;
  • Rope nets.

The most popular route in the rope town

Despite the popularity, it is still an extreme sport. Not everyone dares to walk the rope over a 10-meter chasm. And those who decide, most often choose the route "Merry". It is not as simple as Smotrovoy, but it does not have very extreme tasks, as in Adrenaline. How does the route go?

  1. Special equipment is provided at the rental office.
  2. Qualified instructors help him to put on, conduct detailed instruction and escort to the beginning of the route.
  3. In the park, two types of visitor insurance are used. Firstly, it is a continuous line to which the tourist is strapped by an instructor, and there is no way to unfasten to the end of the route. And additional insurance, which the visitor himself fastens before each new stage.
  4. The most difficult, but interesting task is the "bicycle". Many people find it difficult to tear off their arms from the cables and sit behind the wheel of a mechanism hanging over an abyss. And the pedals must be twisted very quickly, otherwise the bicycle will get stuck in the middle.

Reviews about the rest in the "Forest" -park

The majority of visitors with enthusiasm speak about this place and note that they will come here again. With its beautiful nature and an abundance of different entertainments, the "Forest" park attracts people. Zadonsk gave this place, formerly a sports center, good hosts, which turned it into an amazing complex. Most people who visited the park note that they liked the treatment of employees. Instructors in the rope town are cheerful and talkative, always come to the rescue. In the park and in the hotel complex is very clean and cozy. I like visitors also the convenient location of the park, reasonable prices and an abundance of impressions. Almost everyone notes that when they visited this place they received a lot of positive emotions.

For a long time in the whole world rope towns have become a popular sporting entertainment. Passage at high altitude along ropes and logs leaves an unforgettable impression. This kind of extreme entertainment fell in love with many. And recently such rope towns began to open in Russia.

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