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Flag of Barcelona. Attractions and local cuisine

Barcelona is a city on the coast of Catalonia, an autonomous region in the southeast of Spain. Architectural attractions, the hand to which, in the main, was applied by the famous architect Gaudi, can not be described in words. They need to be seen. The Sagrada Familia, the Gothic Quarter, the Gaudí house in the Park of Guell, the Picasso and Miró museums, Tibidabo, Montjuic - the list goes on forever. In Barcelona, it is very difficult to find a quarter that does not have a park or a fountain. Even if you are not a fan of football, be sure to visit the stadium "Camp Nou", which trains the famous team - FC Barcelona.

The flag of Barcelona: interesting facts

The symbol of the city is a rhombus, which consists of 4 parts, which have 2 versions of the ornament. The first is the cross of Saint Jorge (the guardian of Barcelona). The second is the stripes of Aragon (the color of the banner of Catalonia). The cross of Saint Jorge is depicted on a silvery background from 1288 onwards. Officially, its red analog was approved in 1395-m.

The stripes of red on a golden background are a real flag of Catalonia and Barcelona. These are the so-called Aragon Ribbons. They are the arms of the counts of Barcelona. 1035-1707 years - the period of the Kingdom of Aragon. Its territory was occupied by the regions of modern France and Spain. The latter included Aragon with its capital in Zaragoza in 1707.


A very interesting fact is the legend of the origin of the coloring that the flag of Barcelona has. In 897 Count Wifred Hairy, who is the founder of the Catalan dynasty, played an important role in the life of Catalonia. He was badly wounded in the battle. When the Count was brought into the tent after the battle, the king came to him. The monarch asked what he wanted for his courage. Count Wifred asked the king to give him a gift - the coat of arms of Barcelona. The monarch dirty his fingers with the blood of a brave subject and led them along a golden shield. So there were red stripes on a gold background. This coat of arms became the symbol of Barcelona and Aragon. People really liked him. The modern flag of Barcelona uses the ancient coat of arms. It is also an image of Aragon, Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands.

At the end of the 16th century, Barcelona was made the capital of Catalonia. She became equal in power with the monarch. This served as an impetus for the addition of the crown to the coat of arms. The number of bands often changed. The flag of Barcelona also consists of 4 rectangles that repeat the rhombus ornament with the city's coat of arms, but the crown is missing.

Cuisine of Barcelona

The city's cuisine deserves special attention. The most common dish is paella - rice with various additives, such as greens, seafood, snails, cuttlefish, etc. As a rule, it is served in a frying pan for several people. Also, the inhabitants of the city adore pork, fried in coals.

When is it worth to visit the city?

It depends on you. The swimming season opens in May and lasts until mid-September. In late summer, as a rule, the greatest influx of tourists. And on the streets, foreign speech is heard more often than Spanish. If you do not plan to swim in the sea, choose for the end of September. You will have the opportunity to explore all the sights without long lines. And the weather will still be available for walks. To travel around the city, it is very convenient to use the metro. With the help of underground transport, without changing, you can also reach neighboring towns.

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