Fascinating Polynesian Tattoos

People always tried to decorate their body and in the antiquity put on it multiple drawings. This desire has been preserved by mankind today, which is why a tattoo is so popular. Particularly noteworthy are the Polynesian tattoos, which look very brutal and spectacular. That is why we would like to give them special attention in this article.

Polynesian tattoos - one of the most ancient types of decoration of the human body, their history is perhaps the oldest. The birthplace of this species, you can say, of art are the numerous islands in the Pacific, united by a common name - Polynesia. Then the tattoo could be applied only by priests, each sign and symbol had its own meaning. This feature of tattoos from the Polynesian islands has survived until now.

Features of Polynesian tattoos

Polynesian tattoos are very recognizable, as they have their own special style. Most often they are like carved wood patterns. The main features and elements that can be depicted are the following:

  • Rather strict and rough ornament;
  • A set of geometric lines, spirals and various waves, including broken lines;
  • Various elements of flora and fauna: turtles, sharks, birds, ferns;
  • Sun and moon;
  • Another important feature is the symmetry of the image.

Polynesian tattoos, whose sketches are extremely numerous, are becoming increasingly popular today. They like to decorate their bodies both men and women, both ordinary people and politicians.

Polynesian tattoos. Value

Drawing tattoos is a real art, and when it comes to some of the most ancient forms of tattoo, it is especially important, because each line or element is of particular importance. Polynesian tattoos are, first of all, a way of self-expression, an opportunity to open a part of your soul to the surrounding world.

So, if we talk about meaning, then we will tell about the most popular ornaments and symbols and their meaning:

  • The sun is a symbol of eternity and life;
  • The moon, in turn, symbolizes femininity and abundance, which is why it is very popular with the female;
  • Water, depicted in the form of waves - the personification of the fact that life is cyclical and changeable;
  • Turtle - family defender, a kind of guard against misfortunes in the family
  • The image of a shark speaks of the tenacity and stamina of a person who wears a similar tattoo.

Special attention should be paid to the so-called "moko" - a symbol applied to the body of a man or a woman, meaning that this person has already entered adulthood. However, it was so in ancient times, when Polynesian tattoos had a special meaning and were the distinguishing feature of every person who wore them.

"Moko" is a pattern of straight lines parallel to each other, or spirals and waves. These images are very popular today.

If you decide to make yourself such a tattoo, then do not be lazy to study the history and meaning of each symbol, picture or sign you want to decorate your body. Otherwise, you risk looking stupid and attracting unwanted attention from knowledgeable people.

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