Eye drops "Okapin": instructions, reviews, analogs, description and composition

With the use of eye drops, ophthalmic doctors managed to cure many diseases in patients. The drugs can have different actions: vasoconstrictive, antibacterial, antiviral and so on. Today's article will introduce you eye drops "Okapin". You will learn about the peculiarities of the use of this medication and can get acquainted with the reviews about it.


Okapin eye drops are produced in plastic bottles of 10 milliliters. The tool has a cardboard package, which also includes instructions for use. The medicine is sold without a prescription. Its cost is about 700 rubles per packing. The manufacturer reports that the drug is not a drug. Nevertheless, drops help with many diseases.

What does the producer say about eye drops? "Okapin", according to the instructions, has anti-inflammatory, angioprotective, antioxidant and soothing effects. During the application of the drug, tissues and eye cells are rejuvenated, visual acuity is increased. Also, the agent favorably affects the delicate and thin skin of the eyelids.

Composition and action

What composition has the drug "Okapin" (eye drops)? The instruction says that all components included in the medication are exclusively natural. Their action in the aggregate caused the work of the drug. The composition of the drops includes the following substances:

  • Natural honey . Has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal effects. Honey is rich in various vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. The substance improves eyesight and strengthens the capillaries of the eyes.
  • Aloe extract . This component is widely used to treat various pathologies. Aloe has a pronounced bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. The substance protects the mucous membrane of the eyes, has an antioxidant effect. Also, the protective function of the eyes is increased before external negative factors.
  • Lycopene . This substance slows down the aging of the organs of vision, is an excellent preventive against cataracts. Lycopene protects the mucous membranes of the eyes from ionizing radiation, with which a person encounters daily.
  • Vitamins of group B have a positive effect on the visual organ as a whole. Substances normalize biochemical and metabolic processes. They strengthen the vessels and protect the retina from the harmful effects of various factors. Vitamins fill the lack of necessary substances, which is often manifested by this or that disease.
  • Benzalkonium chloride is the final substance in the formulation. It refers to preservatives. Has antiseptic, antiviral and bactericidal action. In established doses, the substance can not cause negative consequences of the application.


The manufacturer calls the drug "Okapin" a miracle cure. The eye drops recommends the use in the following cases:

  • Age-related changes in the retina of the eye and cornea;
  • Radiation injuries and injuries (in complex therapy);
  • Inflammatory disease (keratitis, blepharitis, conjunctivitis, barley);
  • Atrophy of the optic nerve, the onset of glaucoma development;
  • Dry eye syndrome ;
  • myopia;
  • Harmful effects of computer, TV;
  • Professional exposure of the organs of vision;
  • Diseases of the lens or vitreous;
  • Diabetic retinopathy;
  • Visual impairment of a different nature.

The annotation also contains information on contraindications to the use of the drug. It is not recommended to use eye drops "Okapin" with intolerance of individual components, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The product is not prescribed for young children. Despite the natural composition and proven safety, before starting the use of the drug should always consult a doctor.

Method of use

The drug is applied to the eye area only with a clean pipette. The maximum daily dose of the drug is 9 drops. It should be divided into three applications. The duration of therapy is at least two weeks. The manufacturer reports that the medicine can be used for a long time without interruption.

If you wear contact lenses, pay attention to additional information. The solution is applied to the eyes only after removing the lenses. To put on the means, improving sight, it is possible only after 15 minutes.

Okapin (eye drops): reviews of doctors, patients

The price, according to many consumers, the drug is quite high. Patients talk about the unproven effectiveness of the drug. After all, it does not contain any chemical medicinal compounds. All components are exclusively natural. People are suspicious. The method of application remains questionable. Some sources indicate that the drug is designed to care for the skin around the eyes.

Also, about the solution of "Okapin" (eye drops), customers' reviews report that the agent after burning on the mucous membranes of the eyes causes burning. Most likely, it is due to the content of honey and aloe. This reaction is of concern to the consumer. After all, the drug is positioned as a means of improving eyesight and moisturizing the eyes. In other words, the drug should deliver comfort.

Doctors are skeptical about this drug. According to the instructions, the remedy can save almost all diseases. Doctors believe that this drug can be used more for prevention than for serious treatment. Therefore, for real diseases it is worthwhile to use the analog of eye drops "Okapin", but only with the appropriate active substance. If the disease is caused by viruses, then the preparations "Okofen", "Ophthalmoferon" are recommended. With bacterial lesions, drugs "Tobrex", "Albucid", "Maxitrol" and so on are prescribed.


From the article you learned about the safe preparation "Okapin" (eye drops). Reviews of doctors, patients, the price of the medication and the way it is used are given in our review. Do not rely on the natural composition and availability of the drug. If you have visual problems, then consult a doctor. Only a doctor can prescribe you the right treatment and recommend any natural remedies, including drops of "Okapin". Be healthy!

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