Epizootic is a rapidly developing epidemic among animals. How to prevent trouble?

In nature, there are many bacteria and viruses that can cause serious illness in animals. Some infectious manifestations of the disease are contagious and can cause massive death of domestic and wild livestock. This phenomenon is called epizootic. This is the spread of the disease among one or more species of animals. This phenomenon spreads very quickly and can cover very large areas.

How does the infection occur?

Unfortunately, all living creatures on earth are subjected to diseases, and the problem is that it is practically impossible to stop the growth of the disease. Animals become infected both from a sick individual and from bacteria that are in the environment. Epizootic is the same epidemic, only it does not happen among people. Infection can occur in the following ways:

  • Infections that may be in the soil fall into water or feed.
  • Bacteria can be transmitted through the air and affect the mucous membrane.
  • Infection enters the body through the bites of bloodsucking insects.
  • Diseases that can be transmitted through the outer cover of the animal.
  • Uncertain viruses and pathogens.

The danger of such an "epidemic" is its very rapid spread. If the disease is not determined in time and measures are not taken, the losses can be enormous. Sometimes the death of livestock covers whole regions and even countries.

What diseases are dangerous

There are cases when the infection affects only a weakened animal, it may not spread. Most often a rapid transfer from the individual to the individual. There are also unrelated outbreaks of such a phenomenon as epizootics. These are diseases that can occur simultaneously in different areas and even on different continents. The most dangerous diseases among domestic animals are:

  • Foot and mouth disease.
  • Pox of sheep.
  • Plague of pigs.
  • Pseudochum in birds.
  • Brucellosis in cattle.

When there are such cases, veterinarians establish the exact cause of the disease. In such situations, cases of the onset of an epizootic are recognized. Determination of the disease occurs by taking samples from the patients.

How to fight

Each state very carefully controls the incidence of domestic animals. This is very important, because if there is a spread of an infectious disease, there is a risk of infection.

Veterinary supervision conducts annual health checks for pets. This helps in time to detect and destroy the sick individual. There are diseases that develop only in certain seasons of the year. This may be due to both the environment and the massive development of pathogenic bacteria.

The most effective method is the fight against epizootics by destroying livestock. Also, if possible, it is necessary to establish a focus of excitation of the disease. It is subject to mandatory destruction. As a rule, animals need not just be buried in the ground, but must be burned. Such a method will help to destroy pathogens and viruses. If such measures are not carried out - there is a high probability that other individuals will also fall ill. Also come with poultry.

To prevent the disease, it is necessary to vaccinate animals. Veterinary supervision is engaged in this.


Epizootic disease is a rapidly spreading disease among wild or domestic animals and birds. It is able to cover vast areas and destroy large numbers of individuals of different species. You need to be very careful about the health of your pets, otherwise you risk losing them. Do not forget about preventive measures among pets.

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