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Dry elbows: cause and treatment. Why on the elbows is very dry skin?

Alas, but care for the body is very uneven. To its individual zones, the maximum attention is attracted, but about some it is not remembered at all. Quite often forget that the elbows need proper care, moisturizing and nourishment. This happens for several reasons:

• they do not fall into the constant field of vision of their master;

• Most of the time they are hidden under clothing;

• Some consider this withdrawal superfluous and unjustified.

Most often they are remembered with the arrival of the spring-summer period, when it is time to wear shirts and blouses with short sleeves, dresses and sarafans. Then they start to wonder: why on the elbows dry skin, and most importantly, how to quickly get rid of this problem, giving them a presentable appearance? To begin with, the cause of dryness should be determined, since treatment may depend on this.

Dry elbows: cause and treatment

This problem can be a nuisance, as the dry skin splits, itches, clings to the clothes. If this trouble happens occasionally, you can do with moisturizing creams and lotions, but if the dryness of the elbows is chronic, then it is more serious to treat this, to see a doctor, to undergo the necessary examinations. Experts will more accurately say why dry elbows, because the cause can be as banal mechanical damages and the wrong routine of the day, and the problems associated with hormonal disorders.

Main reasons

1. Avitaminosis. If the body receives less vitamins A, E and D, then this primarily affects the condition of the skin: both elbows and the whole body.

2. Mechanical effect. This reason is more common among office employees, people sitting occupations, whose working day is at the table. Not everyone knows, but one of the rules of good taste - not to put elbows on the table - was originally invented for young noble persons. Girls were forbidden to rub their tender elbows on the wooden countertop, so that the skin did not go to ruin and did not darken.

3. Hot foam bath. Almost everyone likes to lie in a warm bath, relax after a hard day's work. It is proved that this method really helps to relieve tension, especially if you add sea salt, various aromatic additives and a special foam to the water. Frequent relaxation in such a bath is fraught with overdried skin, as the water contains chlorine. And soap bubbles contain cocaine, which also adversely affect the neutral pH of the skin.

4. Health problems - another reason why dry skin on the elbows. Dark and dry ulnar folds are the reason for immediate contact with a doctor, especially the endocrinologist. Because on the face hormonal failures in the body, caused by improper operation of the pancreas and adrenal glands. Also, nervous shocks and regular stress can lead to a malfunction of the hormonal background. 5. If you have very dry elbows, the cause is most likely caused by atopic dermatitis, which is one of the varieties of eczema. In this case, the affected skin should be protected from injury, since they can blush and become inflamed. If you find yourself having dry elbows, the cause and treatment should be determined and appointed not by yourself, but by a qualified specialist, in this case a dermatologist.

6. Seasonal problem. Dry skin on the elbows is more often observed in the autumn-winter period, because at this time there are sharp temperature changes, as well as dry air in the living and working areas caused by the operation of air conditioners and radiators.

Methods to combat dry elbows

Once the reason is established, why dry elbows, you need to immediately begin to eliminate it, so as not to start and aggravate the situation. There are a lot of ways, but the doctor will help you to choose the right one.

Power Change

Eliminate the problem of "dry elbows", the cause and treatment of which lies in the lack of vitamins and their replenishment, you can not only with the help of medications, but also by correcting your own menu. For example, you should increase the consumption of sunflower seeds, almonds, chicken eggs, because they have a high content of vitamin E.

To fill the lack of vitamin D, you need to eat sour-milk products, cheese, liver fish.

If you eat more spinach, carrots, sorrel and beef liver, then the problem of insufficient amount of vitamin A will be unfamiliar to you.

If the change in nutrition does not contribute to the improvement of skin condition, then it is necessary to run to the use of more concentrated multivitamin complexes.

Dry elbows in men and children

This problem is faced not only by women, but also by men, even sometimes there are dry elbows in a child. In children, this is usually due to the fact that the delicate skin rubs against the diaper, also because of hard water and unsuitable means for bathing, so the kids should be rubbed with oil after each bathing to properly moisturize and nourish sensitive skin.

If the dry elbows in men, the main cause of the problem is the lack of proper care for this part of the body. From strong friction they can even appear corns. To cope with this cause will help fat cream, which needs to be rubbed twice a day into the skin of the elbows for at least 10 days.

Recipes of traditional medicine

The main assistant in the fight against dry elbows, in the opinion of traditional healers, is a lemon.

Begin the procedure of recovery should be with steaming the skin. Softened covers can be slightly rubbed with a hair brush, and then attach freshly sliced lemon to the elbows and keep at least 30 minutes. There is a wonderful compress, which includes grated cheese, honey and boiled potatoes. It perfectly softens the skin. But despite this, after any mask, you need to grease your elbows with a fat cream.

Save the elbows with a mask

There is one old, years-proven way to improve the condition of the elbow joints. To make a miracle mask, you need to take a fine salt, fatty cream or sour cream, hydrogen peroxide and freshly squeezed lemon juice. On softened, exfoliated elbows this mixture is applied. All this is wrapped up with a food film and does not remove half an hour.

If you are faced with such a common problem as dry elbows, the cause and treatment should be determined as soon as possible, and the course of treatment should be continued for at least 10 days, and for the best result you need to extend it for a month. The next stage is prevention, which is to lubricate elbows with cream every two days, and do moisturizing and nutritious baths 2-3 times a week.

If you regularly take care of the skin on the elbows as well as on your hands, then they will not have serious problems, and they will always be healthy in appearance and soft to the touch.

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