Dresses in the style of Chicago - the world standard of style

Perfectly elegant and feminine dresses in the style of Chicago find their degeneration in the collections of modern fashion designers. In this style, various parties and weddings are organized, and fashionistas actively use its individual elements to impart elegance and charm to the image.

Fashion for the style of Chicago was formed in the 20-30 years of the last century, at this time, women, seeking to break out of the shackles of conservatism, gave their preference to outspoken styles and bright colors. The length of the women's dress rose to the knee, the sleeves were replaced by light straps. To this was added a frank neckline on the back and a seductive neckline that undoubtedly made the owner of a dress in the style of Chicago an irresistible lady, from which the men of the eyes could not tear. By the way, men's fashion does not have any significant features during this period. Costumes in the style of Chicago - a troika of fabrics of the best quality, which emphasized the welfare of men and his special status in society. Men who could not get expensive fabrics, limited to a white shirt and pants with suspenders.

Features of the dress in Chicago

Most often the length of this outfit varies from the knee to the ankle. But today the styles have a more frank structure. Also characteristic feature is a low waistline, however, now its return to natural position is observed. Silk, chiffon, satin and natural corduroy are common fabrics for sewing. Elements of the decor are various rhinestones, feathers, sequins and beads. The standard silhouette for the dress is the broad shoulders (to create this effect use different scarves, builds on the sleeves) and a refined figure with pretty graceful lines.

Accessories for dresses in the style of the 30's

It was in the 30's that the tendency was to buy a hat, gloves, shoes and a handbag of the same color. Various hats with small or wide margins were popular among fashionistas. The hats were decorated with silk ribbons, beads and flowers. There were also very popular head bands in tone to the dress, on which were sewn feathers and beads. Chicago's style of the '30s made popular small bags in the form of envelopes that were worn under a mouse or in hands. As necklaces fit boas made of natural fur, pearl thread, which is tied knot under the breast.

Dresses in the style of Chicago were complemented by long gloves made of velvet and silk. With the onset of the Great Depression, the demand for inexpensive jewelry increased; Real jewelry is simply too expensive for many. Therefore, various artificial crystals, pearls and gilded links are ideally suited to this image. Black stockings in a fine grid will also be relevant as an attribute of Chicago style. When choosing shoes, pay attention to the rounded sock and the heel of medium height.

And, of course, you can not imagine a complete image without make-up and hairstyles. Hair, zavityeye in large structural waves in combination with a short haircut - so looks like a hairstyle of the 30's. Make-up assumes dark colors: clear expressive lips and shadows of brown and black shades. However, putting a face on the paint, it is worth keeping to certain standards, since dresses in the style of Chicago are often sewn from the tissues of saturated tones. Your image should be contrast, but not vulgar.

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