Do you know how to update the flash player?

Any Internet user, using the worldwide network, faces the need to view interactive content, various applications, such as video clips or SWF / FLV files. To do this, Adobe provides special software: Flash Player, which must be updated regularly for correct and safe use. The question arises: "And how to update the flash player?" Nothing complicated in this.

How and where can I download

It should be noted that this software is installed on almost all computer devices around the world. In figures this is more than 98%. You can download it (and preferably) on the official website of Adobe, and absolutely free. There you can get acquainted with all its possibilities, of which there are many. Why is it recommended that the official site, because the player is offered on many others? Because this program is very complex, and only its manufacturer guarantees its uninterrupted operation and safe use for your device.

How the player is updated

Adobe regularly checks the relevance of versions of all of its products, including the software under consideration, and periodically updates it. Answers to the question of how to update the flash player, there are several. First, if you set it up for automatic updating when installing the program , then you usually will not have to do anything. Here everything depends on the security settings Computer. He may demand your participation, or maybe not. Secondly, you could note the option of agreeing all the actions with you. In this case, when you need to update the flash player, a window will appear in front of the device user, warning that there is a new version of the program. Next, you need to follow all system prompts, and the operation will be performed. Thirdly, you can initially prohibit the update of the product and then the question "how to update the flash player" before you will not be. But in this case, the security of the computer can not be guaranteed, as well as its stable operation. It should be noted that all operations for improving the product are also completely free. The administrator or the primary user can execute them on the computer.

Errors in the update, and how to fix them

It's not always possible to successfully update the flash player. Sometimes, for various reasons, various errors occur in the process, and it is interrupted or does not even begin. What should I do in this case? The simplest and most common way to solve such problems is to completely remove the old version of the player and install a new one. You can use both the software of the operating system itself, as well as the third-party, the wiping registry and other elements of the program to be deleted for deletion.


Many people, knowing well how to update a flash player, are afraid to do this, because they are worried about their personal data on the computer. We need to assure users that Adobe will guarantee the full confidentiality of all data on their devices. In addition, only the minimum information required to determine your version of the program is requested. And even this does not go away to a third party. When using Adobe Flash Player, the user himself manages all parameters, including confidentiality. So it is possible and necessary to carry out all updates smoothly.

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