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Cystitis in men: causes, symptoms and methods of treatment

Cystitis in men - an inflammatory disease, which is accompanied by damage to the mucous membrane of the bladder. The disease passes with strong pains in the lower abdomen and a cut during urination. So what are the causes of the inflammatory process?

Cystitis in men and their causes

Immediately it is worth noting that inflammation of the bladder - an atypical disease for the stronger sex. Therefore, some people are interested in the question of whether there is cystitis in men?

Of course, such an inflammatory process is possible. On the other hand, cystitis is much more common in women, which is associated with some anatomical features. The fact is that the urethra in men is longer and more tortuous, that's why the spread of infection is most often delayed.

The cause of cystitis is most often an infection - it can be both pathogens of venereal diseases, and nonspecific, opportunistic microorganisms. Risk factors include inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system, as well as stagnation of urine, which can be caused, for example, by stones or by the presence of a foreign body. In some cases, inflammation develops as a result of taking some medicines, severe hypothermia of the perineal region, ingestion of certain poisons and toxins. Sometimes the cause is an intense allergic reaction.

Cystitis in men and their symptoms

The main sign of cystitis is a strong, cutting pain during urination. In addition, inflammation is accompanied by increased urge to empty the bladder, although the portion of urine itself often decreases.

But even in a state of rest, patients suffer from constant pain in the pubic area, which is often given to the penis, scrotum, or extends to the entire groin area. Occasionally, cystitis develops enuresis.

It is worth noting that the urine becomes turbid. In the most severe cases, it can be noticed impurities of blood. On the other hand, the inflammatory process is accompanied by a sharp deterioration of health, fever, weakness, chills and disability.

It is worth noting that cystitis in a man in the absence of treatment can lead to dangerous consequences. In particular, sclerosis of the walls of the bladder is often observed, as a result of which they lose their elasticity and the ability to stretch - thus, the volume decreases significantly. In addition, the inflammatory process can spread to the cellulose located around the bladder (paracystitis) or lead to the development of pyelonephritis.

How to treat cystitis?

In no case should one do self-medication. Only the doctor knows about the appearance of cystitis, treatment in men. Antibiotics in this case are used if there is evidence of the presence of pathogens. Most often, antibiotic therapy includes the administration of nitrofurans and cephalosporins. It is also important to take certain medicines of plant origin, in particular, the drug "Kanefron", which acts as a uroseptic.

For the period of treatment the patient needs a bed rest, plenty of drink and a diet. From the diet it is necessary to exclude alcohol, spices, acidic foods, spicy and salty dishes, since they only increase the stress on the excretory system. It is quite effective to wash the bladder with antiseptic solutions.

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