Crusher by hand: electric and manual

A small and compact grain crusher, made with own hands, is a good solution for cattle breeders and farmers. Qualitative and inexpensive units presented on the market do not always meet the requirements, and therefore it is not always possible to find what is needed.

Professional grain crushers made in factories are quite expensive, which makes them inaccessible, especially for beginning farmers. In addition, they assume more thorough care and maintenance. Spare parts will cost a tidy sum, and the call of the master to replace parts is also far from free.

But not everything is so bad, there is a way out of any situation. A person who has experience and skills in locksmithing, is able to manufacture this unit on his own. Grain crusher with its own hands is simple in design and does not involve complex knots. All the necessary spare parts can be found among scrap metal, but you still have to buy something.

Conditionally these aggregates can be divided into two types: automatic (or electric) and manual.

Electric household grain crusher includes an electric motor and the unit itself, where grain is crushed. The electric motor can be used in different capacities (depending on the volume of the grain being loaded and the type of electricity supply). You can buy it on the market, but you can take it from old household appliances, for example, from a washing machine. The main assembly can be made by yourself, if you have experience in welding work. The casing is made of sheet steel of round shape. Its size also depends on the volume of processed grain. The principle of operation is similar to a coffee grinder, and the cutting blades themselves can be made in any form or use old circular saw blades or cutters. The grain crusher own belt drive, which can be used from the same washing machine. As a bed, you can use an old workbench or make it yourself. When carrying out welding and plumbing work, it is necessary to observe safety precautions in order to prevent fire and accidents.

A manual grain crusher, made by hand, has a different operating principle, this determines its design. It is similar to a conventional meat grinder, but as a grinding mechanism, two grooved shafts are used, driven by a handle. The shafts are fixed in the frame, and in parallel with the adjustable gap between them. This site can be purchased at a specialized store for a relatively small price. It remains only to make a container, where the grain will be loaded. To do this, you need a small piece of sheet steel. Since the process of crushing will pass much slower than in the electrical, the capacity of the tank can be chosen arbitrary, if desired. Since this self-made grain crusher, designed by itself, has small dimensions, it can be fastened anywhere - on a table, chair or separately made frame.

Thus, without resorting to serious material costs, you can make a simple, but effective croup, which will always be at your fingertips.

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