Rabbits flounder - giant pets

Rabbits Flanders are one of the oldest European breeds that have successfully taken root both in America and in Russia. It is believed that they were withdrawn four centuries ago in the region of Flanders, from which the animals received their name. At present, purebred animals are rare, since the line has undergone some changes in order to improve the performance of rabbits.

Rabbits are large in size, have a body of up to sixty centimeters, strong bones, powerful paws, a rounded back part and standing ears longer than twelve centimeters. According to their type, they belong to the meat variant, they grow up to 6-7 kilograms and very quickly gain weight. There are cases when the crawler reached a mass of ten or more kilograms. In the original specimens the wool of a hare's color: glandular gray, dark gray or black. And the derived rocks have white, blue, squirrel and brown coat colors. The fur of the animal is dense, glossy, often short, which allows you to successfully create imitations for the beaver, seal and even kangaroo.

Rabbit flank, the breeding of which is not so popular as other breeds of these animals, have a number of characteristics. Firstly, this is a late opportunity for reproduction in females. Breeds of the Flandra breed can bear offspring only in the eighth or ninth month of life, which is twice as long as in other lines. The number of rabbits in the litter is normal for this breed - from 3-4 to 12 specimens.

Rabbits are very fancy animals. Due to their large size, they need large cells (1.8 x 1.1 x 0.6 meters for the female with rabbit) and a greater amount of feed. They have specific diseases of the respiratory system and require specific care for a sufficiently large skin.

In the United States, rabbits are widely distributed as pets along with dwarf species. Thanks to a developed for their kind of intelligence, calm character and peaceful disposition, they found many admirers among the inhabitants of this country. Breeders believe that at home, the animal is more like a dog than a long-eared rodent.

In addition, rabbit houses do not require special care for a fur coat, they are often accustomed to "walk into the tray". The only restriction for the establishment of an animal in an apartment is the presence of very young children and the small size of the actual living space - the breed is large and requires a certain place.

Rabbits of the Flandra breed , the photos of which are presented above, may have as ancestors the giant rabbits that once inhabited the territory of Patagonia. It is believed that from there in the time of the collonization of Argentina they could have been started by Dutch navigators in the 16th century and crossed with local animal species. A variety of branches have been created on the basis of the breed, which are more adapted to the characteristics of survival in a given region. In particular, it is necessary to note the lines of rabbit-giants, including: German, gray, white, Spanish and English.

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