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Constipation during pregnancy. What if there is such a nuisance?

Problems associated with the emptying of the intestine occur in half of pregnant women. After childbirth, not everyone restores completely, and there are cases of relapse. It is necessary to notice the lack of feces in time to take appropriate measures. The frequency of visiting the toilet room is strictly individual, so do not be equal to a girlfriend. An alarm sign should be the absence of a chair for three days. Constipation during pregnancy brings discomfort and may serve as an excuse for toxicosis. Therefore, being in a position, a daily visit to the toilet will become a guarantee of a satisfactory state of health.

The causes that lead to constipation during pregnancy are very diverse. These include hormonal changes, progesterone stops the digestive processes in the body. Also, the protective reaction of the uterus, because the active peristalsis of the intestine can cause a threat to the baby. The unstable state of mind of a pregnant woman turns into a feeling of constant stress. As a result, constipation during pregnancy.

It is worth paying special attention and prejudice, because girls try to drink less water, fearing edema. This is fundamentally wrong, since the amount of fluid consumed is not at all related to the puffiness. The problem is more likely to come from the kidneys or the heart system. Preparations of calcium and iron are prescribed to pregnant women in large quantities, which contributes to problems with stool.

The most unpleasant thing is that constipation during pregnancy entails a hidden threat. The products of the body's vital activity did not come out at the right time, and can get into the blood. The accumulation of gases and constant attempts are capable of provoking the tone of the uterus. It is worth remembering that an unhealthy microflora of the intestine can pass to the child. After all during the pregnancy the entire body of the baby is formed. And of course, bloating, discomfort and pain in bowel movements also will not add optimism.

Quite often, women's forums discuss constipation in pregnant women. What to do if such a fate befalls you? To begin with, stop being nervous and calm down the already weakened nervous system. Valerian, St. John's wort, mint or motherwort will help in this. From the first months of the term should be taught the intestine to regular work, do not let your body shirk from it. Useful will be plant dues that contribute to the digestive system.

In your diet, it is better to revise some of the lines and add to the menu products that contain coarse fiber. It promotes regular stool and helps to avoid dysbacteriosis. About rice, smoked products, semolina, strong coffee and chocolate will have to be forgotten. But the pearl barley, oatmeal, buckwheat, vegetable and butter can be greeted standing up. Juice of pumpkin, potato, turnip, cabbage or red currant will bring great benefit to the intestines. Morning vinaigrette, a glass of water before breakfast, a handful of useful dried fruits and, of course, infusion of dried prunes should be constantly in the menu of the pregnant woman.

Let's sum up, which is a little disappointing - it's constipation during pregnancy. Treatment is carried out mainly by folk methods, since drugs can promote active work of the uterus. Enema is also contraindicated, because they stimulate the uterus and lead to contractions.

Constipation during pregnancy is successfully treated with a special diet. Sour-milk products will go first in the list, followed by dishes that stimulate peristalsis. With a strong swelling it is recommended to drink activated carbon, an infusion of mint leaves, cumin seeds or dill. All recommendations should be used under the strict guidance of a doctor, in this position, self-treatment is automatically excluded. Prunes, figs, nuts, dried apricots, as well as beets with honey and decoction of flaxseed lead to regular emptying.

To fix the result, it's good to do physical exercises and gymnastics. About exercises you need to ask your doctor, it is possible that the doctor himself will make a program of classes.

And of course, be healthy and loved! After all, inside of each of you a new life hovers!

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