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Is it possible to run pregnant? Exercise for pregnant women

Finding themselves in an "interesting" position, women, accustomed to active life, wonder: Can I run to pregnant women? After all, as we know, sport is the key to our health. But everything can change when a woman has a new life in herself.

Pleasant situation

Before you know whether it is possible to run pregnant, it is necessary to find out what physiological processes occur at this time in the body.

First, the hormonal system changes radically. As you know, this affects all the functions of the body. A woman is tired more quickly. Especially in the first and last trimesters, many people note increased drowsiness, which is difficult to overcome. Endurance also becomes noticeably lower. If earlier a woman could spend the whole day at work, and then go to your favorite workout, then with the onset of pregnancy, not everyone can boast such an active lifestyle.

In addition, the stomach begins to increase in size, which causes rapid urination. This gives discomfort for long trips, where there is no way to go to the toilet at any time. The increase in body weight and displacement of the center of gravity affect the emotional state of the mother. Now it's increasingly difficult to walk longer distances, and public transportation trips become torture, especially during rush hour.

Thus, we conclude that, while in a position, a woman should carefully monitor her health and herself.

What is not allowed in pregnancy?

It is difficult to answer this question unambiguously. Each girl has her own peculiarities of the body, in which contraindications are individual. But from what exactly is it worth to give up, so this is from bad habits. Smoking and alcohol abuse adversely affect the development of the fetus in the womb, deprive him of oxygen.

Some girls, on the contrary, are actively starting to play sports so as not to gain excess weight. Whether it is possible to run to pregnant women or to be engaged in any other active affair, the doctor will prompt. Undoubtedly, sports are useful, but only in those volumes that will not harm either the mother or the child.

But lying for days on the couch is not worth it. For the birth to be successful, the woman needs to move. Also, do not drink various medicines without the appointment of a doctor. Even if it seems to you that you have used them many times, and nothing will happen. You may not feel bad, but the baby in your stomach may not like it very much.

Dangerous moments

The most difficult are the first months of pregnancy. At this time, do not take yourself to burden yourself with physical exertion. If you have never done active sports before, now is not the best time to start. Running is a substitute for walking. It is not necessary to walk around the city, you can go to the green park and get some fresh air.

As you know, many women continue to work up to seven months. Here that it is impossible at pregnancy, so it is a lot of to sit on one place. It is better to walk from time to time to stretch the muscles and prevent stagnation of blood. If your work is connected with a long sitting at the computer, then in the evenings a special exercise for pregnant women will help. More on this in the article.

If you have to stand on your feet all day, then surely wear compression stockings and take a break, when you can sit or even lie down. Otherwise, varicosity is inevitable.


Difficult months, accompanied by toxicosis and drowsiness, will flow smoothly into the second trimester. It is considered the easiest, because the stomach does not interfere at all, and the hormonal system is adjusted to a new condition. The woman will finally feel how pleasant this condition is. Whether it is possible to run to pregnant women in the second trimester, only the attending physician knows. Although the general advice of doctors is that if a girl has never done sports before, then she should not start. It is quite enough to walk a lot , without straining.

If the future mother does not represent her life without sports, then only up to the middle of this trimester she can afford a light, non-exhaustive run. By the time it should not take more than 15-20 minutes. During this period, Mom will have time to enjoy the movement, and the body will be saturated with oxygen. After jogging, drink non-carbonated water to restore the lost liquid.

What happens during a run?

When the fetus in the mother's stomach is still small and swims in the amniotic fluid, the woman practically does not feel the movements of the baby. But over time, its activity becomes more tangible. Especially in the last months. It is during this period that any doctor will say why one should not run to pregnant women. In the third trimester, you need to protect yourself and the baby, because with large physical exertion, a partial placental abruption can occur. And, as you know, it is she who transfers the food from the mother to the baby and sates it with oxygen.

Also in these months, women can feel how the stomach tenses a little, and then relaxes. This is the so-called training (or trial) contractions. So the body is gradually preparing for a complex process of birth. It is the run that can provoke not only trial, but real battles. Premature births caused by severe stress are not so rare.

Exercise for pregnant women

Different exercises are suitable for each period.

In the first trimester:

  • Walking on the site or easy running (three approaches no more than 5 minutes each).
  • Squats 5 times.
  • Makhi kicked in different directions 6 times each.
  • Alternate slopes three times, then to the left, then to the right leg.

In the second trimester:

  • The swimming or water aerobics is the best.
  • At home, lying on one side, lift the legs alternately for 30 seconds.
  • During this period, many are interested in whether pregnancy and fitness are compatible. If you find a special program designed for girls in the situation, then there will be nothing to be afraid of. The trainer will load you only with those exercises that will not bring harm.

In the third trimester:

  • Stand on all fours, alternately take your legs back. This exercise will help relieve the burden on the kidneys.
  • Slow walking on the spot
  • Jumps and tiresome stretching exercises are better to be excluded.


Now it became clear to us whether it is possible to run pregnant. It is worth taking into account the way of life up to its position. If the future mother did not neglect sports, then a small run will not hurt her. In no case should not shake the press and tire yourself with loads for weight loss. Excess weight will still appear, because this is a feature of pregnancy. The main thing - to eat in moderation, so that he quickly left after childbirth.

And, of course, it is not only recommended, but even necessary, to perform easy exercises to maintain a good physical shape.

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