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Stretch marks during pregnancy: how to cope with them

One of the fears of women during pregnancy is the appearance of stretch marks. Each mother has a different degree of manifestation: in some cases, throughout the body, and in others in certain places. The future mother is always afraid that such pregnancy prints will never pass. But you can not be afraid of this in any way, but you need to take precautions very much.

Speaking in scientific terms, stretch marks during pregnancy are called stria. This concept accurately characterizes the processes that occur in the body of a woman. The fact is that as the fetus develops, the skin needs to stretch, which leads to the rupture of soft non-elastic tissues. Outwardly this is expressed in such unpleasant bands on the body. After pregnancy, breaks, of course, heal and turn into scars. Fresh stretch marks can be recognized by a reddish or lilac shade, and already healed have a white tint.

Why do stretch marks appear during pregnancy? It is clear that stretch marks appear due to rupture of soft tissues. But the skin is elastic and has the ability to stretch for a long time. As you know, after conception in the woman's body there is a hormonal failure or changes. Accumulating hormones interfere with the production of a substance such as collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, respectively.

In addition, a woman may have a predisposition to the appearance of stretch marks, that is, the heredity factor plays a huge role. Even if the future mother was lucky enough to become the owner of a very small tummy, but there is a genetic predisposition, then the appearance of striae can not be avoided. Lucky only to that lady in the family in which all women during pregnancy had beautiful even skin. In this case, no matter what the size of the tummy, stretch marks, most likely, will not appear.

Remember that you can defeat any stretch marks during pregnancy. Prevention is the main way to keep your skin beautiful. It is best to observe elementary rules from the very beginning, which will prevent negative consequences. The future mother tries to eat only healthy dishes, but we should not exclude products containing protein in large quantities. The fact that the protein contributes to the production of collagen and elastin, which makes our skin supple. Also stretch marks during pregnancy arise from the weakening of skin tissues due to a lack of vitamin E. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly care about maintaining the level of this vitamin in sufficient quantity. You can simply ask the attending physician to advise a good complex of vitamins, including the component E.

You should carefully monitor your own weight. A constant increase in body weight is a natural process throughout pregnancy. The main task for a woman in this case is not to allow too sharp a set. The weight of a woman at the last pregnancy should not exceed 15 kilograms from this indicator before conception. For natural weight control, you should try to walk more, hiking will replace sports. Exceptions are only cases where there are any problems and the doctor is advised to move less. Often stretch marks during pregnancy arise because a woman neglects special underwear. It is not necessary to save on this subject, since it performs very important functions. Special bra and bandage can be worn already after the first trimester. Proper underwear contributes not only to reducing the load on the spine, but also to keeping the skin from sagging under pressure.

Winning stretch marks after pregnancy will be a little more difficult, but the problem is solved. You can use special gymnastics and cosmetics. If the skin does not respond to good cosmetics and exercises, there are radical ways to get rid of striae, for example, laser therapy. And you can just change the attitude to the traces on the skin, because the most important thing is that in your life there was a small miracle.

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