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Comedy about pregnancy: a list of the best films

In anticipation of a miracle, many women like to watch comedies about pregnancy. Usually this is a cute family viewing, which ends with a general laughter over the hilarious situations that occur with the protagonists. A ridiculous and ridiculous movie where a pregnant woman learns that she is expecting a baby, or drags her husband along in different places, frantically trying to prepare for childbirth, rarely leaves anyone indifferent. If you want to watch comedies about pregnancy, see the list below!

"9 months of strict regime"

This comedy about pregnancy and childbirth is one of the most popular.

The main heroine Ariana - a beautiful and clever girl with high moral principles. In her forty years she has one addiction - work. Ariana, working as a judge, never thought that she could start a family, children. This is a completely different world for the heroine, who clearly does not intersect with her. Or wait, it crosses. Once Ariana finds out that she is pregnant. Such news shock the woman and makes many decisions "here and now." But most importantly, she does not remember when such an event could happen to her and who the father of the child is.

Not all films about pregnancy immerse us in a specific investigation. But 9 months of strict regime is what you need if you want to break your head a little, but at the same time laugh with all your heart.

Ariana suffers from the fact that now her life is drastically changing. And do you need it? Will she be able to step over herself and change her way of life?

"What to expect when waiting for a child"

If you are looking for an unusual comedy about pregnancy, then this movie is what you need. The comedy "What to Expect When You're Expecting a Child" is based on the book of the same name. It should be noted that this book is a real benefit for pregnant women, in which the joys and sorrows of motherhood are told without concealment.

So, the film introduces us to five completely different pairs, which unites only that they will all be parents in the near future. The first couple prepared very carefully for pregnancy, but for a long time nothing happened. The second pair, on the contrary, did not try to become happy mummy and daddy, and for them two strips were a complete shock. The third couple decides to avoid 9 months of waiting and adopts a child. In addition, there are couples who already have children, while they are happy in their large family.

All these people share a whole range of emotions in order to support future parents. That is why the list of "Best Comedy for Pregnancy" is proud to present the film "What to Expect When You're Expecting a Child". In this film you can find your own thoughts or thoughts of your friends and acquaintances. Just imagine that someone can support you or answer a question directly from your TV screen!

"Accidentally pregnant"

A new French comedy about pregnancy, although it is the continuation of the saga of a funny girl, Josephine, but this is a truly brilliant film. Imagine a couple (Gilles and Josephine), which comes off and rejoices every day. Do not really think about future plans, what will happen next. They have each other, they have a lot of money, a good house, what else is needed?

While the guys enjoy life, not intending to get married, Josephine learns that she is expecting a baby. Of course, for young people it was a shock. Problems started, quarrels almost every day. The option to wait with the child and make abortion fellas guys immediately. That's why they gave each other the word that the child will be happy all his life.

By the way, films about pregnancy often talk about secret things that many do not want to ask doctors. "Accidentally pregnant" is no exception.

"On my way"

If you want to watch romantic comedies about pregnancy with elements of drama, then the film "On the Road" may appeal to you.

Bert and Verona, a beautiful young couple who love each other, learn that soon a new member of the family will appear in their life. They want their kid to grow in harmony with nature, with the world, with the universe, and therefore they go in search of a better place. As long as they go, you can enjoy fun and philosophical dialogues, the beauty of the landscape and the magnificent acting.

Many people say that this film falls in love with the viewer and forces him to review it again. So it or not, you have to check. In the meantime, we go in search of a house together with Bert and Verona.


Want an alternative to the usual comedy about pregnancy? "Junior" will brighten up your evening and will be remembered for many years.

The old comedy about the two scientists Alex and Larry, who, deciding to make a breakthrough in medicine, devise a medicine that helps women avoid miscarriage. But the trouble came, and research funding was stopped. Scientists do not give up and take an unusual decision - they fertilize Alex's body and inject the necessary serum. When the experiment succeeds, Alex does not hurry to have an abortion, he decides to endure the baby.

The best comedians have gathered in this film, so if you plan to laugh all evening, constantly pressing "Stop" to regain your breath, this movie is just for you.


In Russian cinematography, too, there are good comedies about pregnancy. An example of this is the film "Pregnant." We bring to your attention Sergey Dobrolyubov, an inveterate conservative who avoids fashion and novelties. But at the same time he successfully works as a leading television channel, which unites fashionable and modern people.

Sergei and his beloved wife have been trying to get a baby for many years. But unsuccessful attempts are suppressing their hope more and more. It remains to believe only in a miracle. And the funniest thing is, a miracle happens. Only the mother does not become pregnant, but the protagonist. Sergei in shock, and friends offer to lead his own show and get for it millions.

"Temporarily pregnant"

The main heroine, Thea, contains her little sister after the death of her parents. Her work as an ordinary secretary in the publishing house she absolutely does not like. She tries to perform a minimum, and then to divert her eyes. But her vile boss is trying to fill her up to fire her. Learning about his plan, Thea takes a spontaneous decision - to pretend pregnant. And what's more, her friend helps her in this scam. And although the boss changed, Thea still pretends that she is expecting a baby. Everyone became friendly, caring, and the new boss tries to reveal the potential of the girl. Of course, this attitude is pleasant to the main heroine, and she simply runs the risk of playing. She gets the promotion, the location of the new boss and the dependence on the false belly.

In such a comedy about pregnancy, the heroine will not envy. Who knows if she will be able to stop in time until it's too late? After all, her boss is already ready to go with her to the courses for pregnant women.

"Music in anticipation"

This abstract comedy is closely related to the pregnant girl, but so easily describes this topic, that it is worth watching for everyone.

Yezikil is an amazingly talented musician. Now he is looking for a muse in order to compose a melody for a new film. In addition, his task is to pay for a bank loan. He calls the bank and, while waiting for him to be connected, he hears the music he has been looking for. However, it was not so easy to find it. But what is to be done?

Ezikil turns to Paula with a request to look for music. But she already has a lot of problems. Soon her mother will come to help Paula with childbirth and get acquainted with the groom. The problem is that the heroine does not have a fiancé. At some point, Paula has a plan. She will help Ezikil find music, and he will get acquainted with her mother.

There are a lot of films about pregnancy, and most of them are just comedies. Funny, funny, romantic or with elements of drama. Choosing what to look before going to bed or aboard the plane, use this list. The films included in it can raise your mood.

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