Cheap hotels in Volgograd: review, description, rooms and guest reviews

The beautiful city of Volgograd. There are enough inexpensive hotels here. Which one to choose? It is necessary to select carefully, so that the option exactly matches the needs of future guests. Many establishments are clean and have a wide range of services, and the minimum cost of a room is only 800 rubles. In order not to miss such profitable hotels, you need to read this article.


Hotel "Frant" is located in the center of Volgograd. There is a sauna on its territory. Internet is provided free of charge.

Each room has air conditioning, refrigerator, electric kettle, TV, which is connected to cable TV. The bathroom includes a hairdryer, slippers for guests and toiletries. In the room you can order food and drinks of any kind. Rooms are cleaned daily. You can go to the laundry or order dry cleaning clothes. The minimum cost of the room is 1 thousand rubles. Like other inexpensive hotels in the center of Volgograd, this one is in high demand.

Judging by the guests' opinions, it is quite comfortable here. Service - at the highest level. The staff is smiling and always happy to help the guest.

There is a billiard room on site, where you can play at any time. In the local restaurant you will be offered a delicious breakfast. Smoking is prohibited on the territory.

At 13 km from the "Franta" Mamayev Kurgan is located. To the local airport - only 27 km, while to the railway station - 10 km.


Considering mini-hotels in Volgograd (inexpensive you will manage all the presented options), it is worth paying attention to the option called "Lambert". Here, the excellent value for money. In 2.4 km from the institution is Mamayev Kurgan. The windows overlook the local garden. If you want, you can rent a barbecue. Free Wi-Fi is available on site. If the guest is on his own car, he can use the parking free of charge. After all, many people come by private transport to Volgograd. Mini-hotels are inexpensive - an excellent option for living.

Some rooms have a balcony or a terrace. The more expensive rooms have a hydromassage bath. Living rooms are equipped with TV. You can register your arrival or departure at any time of the day. The minimum cost of the room is 1 thousand rubles.

If we talk about the reviews, the guests celebrate a good cuisine, as well as a high level of cleanliness. Many guests recommend this institution to their friends. This fact indicates that the guests about the hotel are only positive impressions.


Cheap hotels in Volgograd, in particular "Parallel", are located mainly in the city center. 200 meters from the complex there is the Rodomsky Garden. There is an internet connection for the guests and parking is available.

Rooms are equipped with modern appliances, including a TV, refrigerator. The bathroom is both shared and built-in. There is a snack bar. The reception is open 24 hours a day. The minimum cost of the room is 1100 rubles. Cleaning is done every day, if you wish, you can order it additionally. Smoking is not allowed here. In the room fund there are options for families, as well as soundproof.

With regards to the guest reviews, they are positive. Most of all people praise cleanliness and comfort. Each room embodies the homely atmosphere, which was so difficult to create by designers.

The railway station is 10 minutes from the hotel.

Mini-hotel "Norki"

Speaking about inexpensive hotels in Volgograd, you should definitely mention "Mink". The minimum cost of the room is 1100 rubles. 10 km from this building is Mamayev Kurgan. Guests have free internet and a parking space.

Each room has a kettle, TV. The kitchen is shared. It has a stove and all the necessary appliances for cooking. Pets are not allowed to be restrained. In the bedroom you can find a wardrobe or a dressing room (in more expensive options).

With the help of reviews that are written on the Web, on special sites, you can understand that this place of residence is perfect for those who do not need luxurious rooms. Cleanliness here - at the highest level, service - too.

Reception is open 24 hours a day, so there will never be any problems with the check-in. At 14 km from here is the airport.


The hotel is very close to the local metro. "Friends" are great for those who love outdoor recreation. This is due to the fact that only 30 minutes walk is a picturesque park.

The hotel rooms are decorated in a simple style. In each of them there is a TV. Bathroom own, in it you can find a hairdryer, cosmetics, a shower cabin is installed. The minimum cost per day is 1,000 rubles.

You can eat at a nearby cafe. Before him go no more than 10 minutes. If necessary, you can use the shared kitchen.

Reviews about the hotel are positive. There are no negative at all. Guests note that the institution is located in a successful area, where it is not noisy and comfortable to rest.

You can have fun in the museum or in the square, to which - only 15 minutes at a slow pace. Sitting on the subway and passing 7 stations, the guest will get to the Mamayev Kurgan.

All inexpensive hotels in Volgograd (prices are of interest to future guests) are located near the station. "Friends" - only 3 km. The airport is 21 km away.


This mini-hotel is located five minutes walk from the famous memorial. Guests can use the internet and parking free of charge.

The rooms have a TV, which is connected to the cable TV. Guests can cook in the common kitchen, where there is a microwave, refrigerator and electric stove. To register the newcomers the administrator will be happy to leave at any time of the day, since the official counter works without interruptions. So many cheap hotels in Volgograd function. Shops and cafes, which are the closest to the complex, are 100 meters away.

Among the reviews you can see a few negative, but they are more related to the fact that the hotel has no dining rooms and other places to cater.

The train station is just 8 km away. While to the airport - 14 km.


Many come to rest in Volgograd. Hotels inexpensive will be an excellent solution, if you need to stay for a while. "Castle" is both a comfortable and cheap institution. The minimum cost of the room is 1200 rubles. According to people, it's best not to stay here for a long time, however, for a little money the option is quite tolerable.


Hotels in Volgograd cheap (prices indicated in the article) will always be happy to provide their services. However, which option to choose? In the "Honey" the minimum price per day is 600 rubles. It is unlikely that someone will not accept such a price. The complex has parking and internet.

The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, etc. In some cases, you can find various accessories for tea.

Meals are served either in the room or in the dining room. If desired, you can order breakfast in bed. There is a billiard room.

Reviews of the hotel are good. Sometimes there are troubles such as poor cleaning in the room, but the administration quickly eliminates them.

Nearby is the Mamayev Kurgan (6 km), as well as the metro (only 30 minutes). The airport is 20 km away, and the train station is 8 km away.


When considering cheap hotels in Volgograd, you must always mention "Nairi". Free internet and parking are provided.

The rooms have air conditioning, refrigerator, TV and other furniture that will ensure a comfortable stay. If desired, you can go to a restaurant and have lunch. However, if you do not want to, you can always order food directly in your room. Such a service was initially provided (with the opening). There is also a concierge, and the administration is ready to populate the guest at any time of the day.

Reviews about "Nairi" are extremely positive. Tourists praise the institution for its cleanliness, quality of service, positive mood of the staff.

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