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What to do in case of an accident to ensure the receipt of insurance?

What to do in case of an accident to ensure compliance with their rights? First of all, the driver should understand the main goal of the insurer companies, which is to minimize the amount of payments. Therefore independent actions of the person far from jurisprudence, most likely, will be ineffective. Consultation with a lawyer will require certain monetary costs, but it will help to choose the optimal strategy of behavior, correctly draw up the necessary documents and receive the insurance payment due in the shortest possible time. Legal support should be handled as soon as possible after the accident in all cases when it comes to significant amounts.

There was an accident. What to do next?

To provide an evidence base, it is important for the driver to clearly understand what to do in the event of an accident immediately after it is committed. When concluding an insurance contract, the insurer company issues special notification forms to the customer, which must always be kept in the car. If for any reason they were not provided, you need to request them from the insurer in order to be able to make an objective description of the situation in the event of an accident.

Filling out an accident notification is not an acknowledgment of the fault or innocence of the driver of another vehicle. This document is necessary to reflect the picture of the incident and should be used for any harm to transportation, property, life and health of people. The notice is a double form, upon completion of which the information is copied to the second sheet, and each participant receives one copy of it. Records on the front side are made at the scene by both drivers and are certified by their signatures, which of them will provide the form, does not matter.

What to do in case of an accident if the second participant refuses to fill out the notice and sign it? In this case, you need to do it yourself and send a copy of the document along with a claim for a refund to the insurer with the data of both cars. If the driver refuses to provide a second copy of the notice, you need to fill it in one by making a note in the "Remarks".

What to do in case of an accident to properly fill out a notice? To do this, you must carefully read the attached instructions and make the information in accordance with the recommendations given in it, after the sheets are disconnected, no corrections or additions are allowed. Particular attention should be paid to the following points:

  1. Try to find witnesses of road accidents and indicate information about them in point number 7, in this capacity passengers of the affected vehicles will approach.
  2. Detail the recorded damage and make sure that other participants do not write anything superfluous. Damages that are absent in the inventory can be recognized as not related to this accident and are not included in the compensation amount.
  3. Draw up a detailed scheme of the accident and carefully fill in point 16, offering drivers a choice of 20 emergency situations. It is necessary to note one or more of them in accordance with the maneuvers of vehicles. The scheme of the accident and the information specified in this paragraph should not contradict each other. It should be noted that in the process of consideration of the case the data of paragraph 16 have priority.

What to do in case of an accident so that the documentary description is as objective and justified as possible? Despite the desire to save time, it is necessary to call the traffic police for the registration of the incident. Drivers need to ensure that the damage indicated in the inventory is recorded by the inspector. It is also worth asking someone from the traffic police to certify the notice with their signature with the decipherment of the position and last name.

The notice has the reverse side, which is filled by the insured, claiming for reimbursement, independently. After entering all the necessary information, it is submitted to the insurer together with the application for compensation within five working days from the moment of the accident.

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