Ceiling Armstrong - easy and convenient material for interior decoration

During the decoration of various rooms, there is often a question of how quickly and inexpensively to make a ceiling?

It is necessary to select the necessary (quality) materials, taking into account the cost of delivery. Also, take into account the cost of the repair work itself.
Let's consider some variants:
1. Prepare the ceiling by the painting method - you need to bring out a flat plane, and this is partially or completely plastered, primed, leveled with a layer of filler mixes ( Knauf, Satyn, Satengips ), if necessary, glue plaster ( 90-110 density), then grouting the dried base and Painting with water-dispersion paints in three layers. It is a very laborious and dusty process, it takes a lot of time, as it is necessary to wait for the drying of the putty, and the paint. The cost of works excluding building materials from $ 10 / m².
2. Sew the ceiling with such material as drywall whose price is quite acceptable, on average $ 4 / m² - material, plus installation works from $ 8 - $ 15 / m². First, it is necessary to assemble a framework of metal profiles ( CD, UD ), then to hang with plasterboard sheets. Again, you need to seal up the seams, glue the plastering sect, then shpatlevat finish ready mixes. The next stage - grouting and finishing painting in three layers.
3. To make a ceiling with the help of tension systems, for example: Lackfolie, Malpensa, Renolit, Alkor Draka . A good choice of colors and materials. A quick and clean installation process can be assembled in rooms with ready-made repairs, but not cheap. It is worth paying attention to the manufacturer, there are France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, China - correspondingly different price and quality. An average of 30 $ / m².
4. Sew the ceiling with a wooden or plastic lining. Mounted on a wooden or metal base - shroud. Wooden material is well suited for country houses, for example, kitchens, guest rooms, etc. Plastics are mainly used in rooms with high humidity - bathrooms, garage complexes, basements. The material is of different quality and different cost. Work from 5 $ / m².
5. Mount the Armstrong ceiling which is suitable for almost all premises: schools, higher educational institutions, polyclinics, administrative buildings, catering establishments, office and residential buildings, rooms with high humidity, etc. A variety of models and colors allows you to choose ceiling panels for almost any Interior and premises with increased fire safety requirements. Panels with chamfer (mostly variants of "premium" class), look beautiful in the office premises. The chamfer allows you to drown a little the ceiling profile and creates a visually beautiful effect. In the ceiling panels it is easy to build spotlights, and if necessary, the plates themselves can be painted in any color. Today, the market also features the "Chinese version" of the ceiling, but it is slightly "different" in quality, the panels themselves are 7.5 mm thick, Armstrong goes from 12 mm.
Installation of the Armstrong suspension ceiling provides for lowering to different heights (from 250 to 1500 mm), which makes it possible to hide engineering communications, power cables, ventilation ducts. A team of experienced specialists can collect it in one working day. The time of installation depends on the area of the room, its shape, the number of indirect angles. Today, budget options are very popular - Bajkal, Oasis, Ckala, Retail . The average price is from 10 $ / m² work + material.

In the end, Armstrong's suspended ceiling is one of the most inexpensive and easy-to-assemble options for quick ceiling finishing. To date, the concern Armstrong not only ceiling systems from polycarbonate, metal and mineral fiber . The company offers various floor coverings: natural linoleum, homogeneous vinyl coatings, DLW punching and other good quality building materials.

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