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Butterfly knife: fluttering balisong

Cold weapons fascinate, hypnotize, paralyze the will of the enemy. But, perhaps, no knife can compare with this with a balisong, which is also called a butterfly knife. These knives were used by Filipino mafiosi, and American flippers, Polynesian sorcerers and Russian gopnik. And all because he is brought into combat position in a split second. In the design, there are no slits, no springs, no locks, which increases the practicality of the knife.

Methods of sharpening

The shape of the blade can be absolutely any. The most important thing is that it completely fits into the handle. Sharpening the blade can be of two types - one-sided and two-sided. If the sharpening is applied from two sides, then this blade is called a dagger. If the butterfly knife is sharpened only on one side, then it is called dangerous.

Why is it called "butterfly" and balisong?

What is the butterfly knife due to this name? After all, neither the blade, nor the hilt, nor the knife itself for the butterfly are quite alike. The answer to the question becomes obvious if we look at the trace that remains on the hand when the knife is opened. Here it is just like a fluttering butterfly. The second name is simpler. Balisong is one of the Philippine areas where these unique, nonexistent, elegant knives originated. You can also find the name Batangas instead of the butterfly knife, which comes from the name of the Philippine province.


For all you have to pay, including for the beauty of the knife. Butterfly-knife has a pair Significant shortcomings. First, a relatively short and narrow blade, which is always shorter than the handle. Secondly, joints on hinges fly away fairly quickly, if they are made of low-quality materials. Finally, the damaging force of this knife is small due to the same articulations. But the latter defect is successfully compensated for by the psychological impact that the blade looks at the opponent.

Where lie the origins of popularity

Butterfly knives became especially popular after the First World War, when numerous myths were invented to improve the selling of the new brand. But the first wave of popularity went pretty quickly. The second wave was provoked by Hollywood militants, where the butterfly knife is shown as a very dangerous weapon of the Mafiosi. In such films balisongs were almost the main actors in the frame. Therefore today, from the point of view of the inhabitants, the butterfly knife is an extremely dangerous weapon.

The most interesting

The whole uniqueness of the butterfly knife is in a lightning-fast opening and the ability to perform complicated tricks. In the hands of the master of the knife and the truth is like a fluttering butterfly.

Balisong is a magnificent souvenir. The size of the blade can vary from 10 to 29 centimeters. Knives with a blade length of more than 29 centimeters in the Philippines are prohibited by law.

As a weapon it is quite difficult to use, and units can use it. The handle slides in the palm of your hand, therefore, only sliding strokes are effective, and not piercing-cutting.

Care for such a knife is extremely simple. It is enough to rinse it with water and dry it with a hairdryer. Hinges can be lubricated with any water-repellent oily liquid.

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