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Expander shoulder - advice on choice

Expander shoulder - a manual training device for maintaining muscle tone, performing exercises with a load on the dorsal, pectoral muscles. Practical adaptation allows you to make charging more efficient and increase the load when doing a workout.

Regular exercises with shoulder enhancer for men and women make it possible to completely abandon visiting the gym. Classes with the adaptation contribute to the careful development of the muscles, even if the growth of the latter is not as progressive as it is in the workouts on functional simulators in fitness centers.


Among the main advantages of shoulder expanders is the following:

  1. Inventory is ideal for training at home.
  2. Most models are compact, light weight.
  3. Exercise with the device makes it possible to exert isolated loads on small, previously unused muscle groups.
  4. The device can be used by both men and women.
  5. With the help of a shoulder expander, you can increase the load when doing any familiar exercise.
  6. Intensive training with the use of projectiles contribute to the rapid burning of fats, the obtaining of a beautiful body relief.

Spring Shoulder Expander

Structurally, the device consists of two handles connected by springs. Loads here are regulated by replacing and installing stretch elements with increased or decreased stiffness. There are such shoulder expanders not only according to the number of springs, but also the materials from which they are made.

The use of inventory of this category contributes to the development of the entire shoulder girdle, the provision of increased loads on the pectoral muscles, the qualitative examination of the biceps and triceps area.

Rubber shoulder elastic expander

Such models are universal. They find the widest application in performing exercises for training the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, the entire lower and upper body. Rubber shoulder enhancer can contain handles or cuffs that are fixed on the legs with Velcro.

The level of rigidity of such inventory is determined according to the color of the rubber:

  1. Yellow-colored products have minimal resistance and therefore are the ideal solution for beginning athletes, people who prefer light workouts at home.
  2. Green rubber expander shoulder - fit more prepared athletes. With its help, you can exercise medium loads on the muscles.
  3. To stretch the devices of red color, you have to apply extraordinary forces. Therefore, their exploitation is to the liking of trained athletes, real fitness fans and lovers of strength training in the conditions of gyms.
  4. Black and blue expanders have the greatest possible resistance. Used by professional athletes who need to provide increased, accentuated loads on individual muscle groups.

How to choose a shoulder expander?

How to choose a good shoulder expander for effective training? Users, for whom in the first place is the quality of production and long life, it is worth to focus on the products of eminent manufacturers. Cheap models of Chinese production are often ruptured during operation, which is fraught with painful blows. Whatever it was, respectable firms always guarantee that the real qualities of the products correspond to the declared properties.

The main criterion for choosing a shoulder expander is the level of resistance. During the operation of the weakest products, it is necessary to overcome loads of up to 5 kg. Expanders with maximum resistance force to apply force up to 100 kg. Often the level of rigidity is indicated on the inventory and is denoted in numbers:

  • "1" - low resistance;
  • "2" - medium hardness;
  • "3" - strong resistance.

Before buying it is advisable to test the shoulder expander. It is enough to stretch the device in separate directions, applying a different force. If preference is given to the rubber expander, it is necessary to inspect the product for microcracks and stretchings in the form of white strips on the surface of the material.

It is desirable to dwell on models with rough grips, the shape of which is most convenient for retention. In this case, you can avoid accidentally slipping the simulator from the wet palms and getting injured.

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