Butter for eyelashes: which is better? Overview, description, application features and efficiency

A look is the first thing a man in love with a man gives. He is romantic, gentle, and if still comes from the thick long eyelashes, then a fascinating, languorous ...

Various factors, including ecological disadvantage of megacities, affect the growth of human hair. Including the eyelashes. For loss or thinning, and even for the function of renewal, cosmetic means, for example, with expired shelf life, can influence.


But just as well they respond to serious withdrawal. Become thicker, more attractive and longer. You can try to build up eyelashes, but still their own, well-groomed, long, shiny, much prettier. Among modern cosmetics - a huge variety of oils. And what kind of oil for eyelashes? Which is better? There is an opinion that you can take care of eyelashes by any oil that comes to hand (any of them is a storehouse of vitamins and mineral elements). The statement is true half. Indeed, the oils contain useful elements. And they usually act in two ways.

The first is the filling of the hair with macro- and microelements. They improve the structure of the individual cilia and make it supple, thick and dense.

The second direction of the work of oils is transportation of amino acids, vitamins and fatty polyunsaturated acids. They are nutrition for the skin around the eyes and eyelashes and improve blood flow, penetrate into the bulbs, bringing them back to life and feeding. Cilia start to be updated.

Only real natural remedies have this effect. Consequently, such oils, as, for example, vaseline, are completely useless. This oily composition is a by-product of oil refining. Therefore, there are no useful substances. Its only plus - the creation of a special film, which makes the eyelashes heavier and makes them obedient.

Nuances of using oil

Wrongly used, even the best oil can deliver a lot of problems. The most important rule is not to leave oil based on the whole night. Treatment should not be longer than an hour. Then, the residues are removed with a dry cloth. Further on the list:

  1. Apply the oil with a clean brush. The used jar of carcass is well washed, dried and poured into it (syringe with a thin needle) selected for care oil combination. So it is easy to store and use.
  2. The composition is applied from the middle to the edges, it will flow to the roots itself.
  3. The composition should be minutely collected - the excess from the brush should be removed. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting into the eyes, which is fraught with irritation.
  4. Therapeutic oily formulations should be used on a regular basis. It is desirable every day, but at least three times a week. The course lasts one and a half to two months.
  5. Which oil is best for eyelash growth? Better - warm. The temperature of the oil should be equal to the body temperature. But it should be applied only after a thorough cleansing of the skin of the face.

We use oil for eyelashes

Which is better? To understand this issue, you need to consider all kinds. Note that all are useful without exception. But there are leaders in composition, which are necessary for eyelashes. Use oil with caution, an allergic reaction is possible. Unfortunately, this can only be determined experimentally.

Famous castor oil

Viscous substance without color and odor. The taste is bitter. Very effective in strengthening the hairs. It is usually mixed with grape seed oil and apricot. This mixture should not fall on the eyelids (causes severe irritation).

Burdock and peach seed oil

The value of burdock oil is recognized by all cosmetologists of the world. It is used to improve the structure and growth of hair. It contains tanning components that "tie" the upper damaged layers of the hair column. It also stimulates the skin cells of the eyelids and bulbs to repair. But, again, whether it is suitable or not, it is necessary to solve experimentally.

A huge plus to other peach seed oil is hypoallergenicity. It accepts any skin. The main action - restores the growth of eyelashes. This oil contains whole deposits of vitamins E, A, C, P and group B, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus. Useful acids are also present in its composition: stearic, oleic, linoleic. This composition is practically the elixir of youth. Which oil is better for eyelash growth? Of course, the peach. It can be applied not only to the eyelashes, but also to the eyelids. It will perfectly relieve fatigue, smooth out shallow wrinkles and return a healthy color to the skin of the eyelids. Do you still wonder which oil is better for eyelash growth? Reviews about the peach are only positive. Women are thrilled with the effect.

Almond Oil

This oil is the best for active growth of hairs. Also makes them elastic and shiny.

In the composition of almond oil vitamins of group E, A, B, F. And also irreplaceable proteins, oleic and linoleic acids, glycerides. Practically a permanent component of professional eyelash care products.

Oils from wheat, olive and sea-buckthorn

Oil from wheat germ - dense and useful. It is advisable to use in the complex.

In olfactory cosmetology, olive oil is used only for cold pressing. In the composition of linoleic, oleic and palmitic acids. They are a well-known building material for hair. Vitamins E, A, D nourish the skin of the eyelashes, which improves blood flow in the eyelids, which promotes the growth of strong and elastic cilia.

Therefore, you can choose this oil for eyelashes. Which is better than olive? Most likely, the oil of sea-buckthorn berries. Eyelashes after several sessions become fluffy and dense. In its composition vitamins C, E, the whole group B, calcium, iron, magnesium, silicon, manganese, trace elements and amino acids. Prevents the loss of eyelashes, accelerates their growth. Best works in equal parts with almond and castor oils. Nourishes and restores the structure of hairs.

Camphor oil and argan oil

Masks from camphor oil are necessary for thin eyelashes. Has a good supply of micro- and microelements. Very concentrated. Works well in conjunction with castor or burdock.

Argan oil is needed for moisturizing eyelashes. Very rich in chemical composition, the presence of fatty acids stimulates the healing of the skin of the eyelids and hair follicles. Noticeable denseness of eyelashes is reached by long application.

Flax and Jojoba oil

Stopping the fall of the oil of flax seeds of cold pressing. In it, more than in other, useful substances. It contains a vitamin complex including A, F, B, E, K and others, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Well and at all on hearing, certainly, oil jojoba. At its core, it is a liquid wax. It strengthens the roots of the cilia. It is also rich in amino acids and vitamins, which are not included in the basic composition of vitamin complexes. Therefore, everywhere it is necessary as an addition to the vitamin composition.

Which oil is better for eyebrows and eyelashes? Perhaps a brand. There are years of proven products of famous manufacturers. They can be purchased both in pharmacies, and with network managers. They have a lot of pluses. The main thing is the convenience of application and storage.


What kind of oil is best to smear eyelashes, you can determine only by trying on yourself. A test smear should be applied to the skin of the wrist, near the fold and observe 2-3 hours. If the skin does not react, then the oil composition can be used.


The growth of eyelashes is very dependent on the condition of the skin of the face: from purity of pores, moistening and enrichment with nutritious vitamins and minerals. Therefore, before you start treatment, you need to deal with the skin of the face. There are several immutable rules, simple in execution, but effective in life.

  1. Wash daily with cool water: in the evening and in the morning. Best of all freshly prepared herbal decoction.
  2. It is imperative to remove cosmetics suitable for the skin tonic or milk. Sometimes arrange a person "unloading day" and do not apply makeup.
  3. The quality of cosmetics depends on the health of the skin, eyes, eyelashes and even eyesight. Let it not be very much, but it should be of high quality.

What do women advise?

Which oil is better for the eyelashes? User reviews are the most colorful about the Lor brand. It is nutritious (it is intended for fragile and thin eyelashes, strengthens the bulb), preventive (strengthens the cuticle, stimulates growth, even with daily makeup) and tonic (enhances the production of its own pigment).


Now you know what butter for eyelashes is suitable. Which is better? This question can be answered in different ways, depending on what your eyelashes need: density, length and other.

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