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Biography, personal life and filmography Tendi Newton

Although Tendi Newton is a second-rate actor, the rays of glory touched her as well. Stylish Tendi can be seen in the action movie, in the drama, in the comedy, and in the television series.

The actress received her portion of awards for her impeccable performance in the films "Collision", "The Chronicles of Riddick", "The Chase for Happiness", "Mission Impossible" and others.

Tandy Newton: biography and life

Tandive Nashite Newton (real name of the actress) was born in 1972, on November 6. Her parents are a dark-skinned Nyasha from Zimbabwe and an Englishman named Nick Newton - both tied their lives with medicine.

Where exactly began the biography of Tandy Newton - in England or Zimbabwe - is for certain unknown: different sources contain contradictory information. Tandy herself considers her homeland to be Great Britain. In this country, in London, she was born, here she spent her childhood and youth.

It is also known that the actress's father was keen on dramatic art. Having inherited his genes, Tandy, having been educated at Cambridge Downing College, began to film at age 18.

Tandy Newton is the mother of three children. She has two daughters and a son. The eldest daughter is Ripley Parker. She was born on September 17, 2000.

The average daughter, Nico Parker, was born four years later - on December 2, 2004. The younger son of the actress is called Booker Jomba Parker, he was born in 2014, March 3.

The actress is married to the director and scriptwriter Olom Parker (born in 1969). Their family was born in 1998, on July 11th.

Filmography Tandy Newton: 20th Century

March 21, 1991 premiere of the feature film "Flirt", directed by director John Daigan.

Young Tendi Newton and Nicole Kidman played two girlfriends - students of a boarding school for girls. The orders established at this school are reminiscent of prison schools, but this does not stop the main character (Nicole Kidman) from falling in love with the boy from the neighboring school of "strict regime" and finding the strength to fight for her love.

In 1993, the actress starred in the film "Young Americans" directed by Danny Cannon. Mysterious strangers mercilessly kill the London drug lords. To catch them, Scotland Yard creates a special investigative team. John Harris, an American fighter with drug dealers, volunteered to help his English colleagues.

The budget of the film "Young Americans" was $ 3,000,000.

In 1995, John Deigan's "The Journey of August King" was released in the film distribution.

In the spring of 1815 the farmer August King returned home to North Carolina. Meeting a runaway black slave Anna-Liz, the young man decided to help a girl who wants to ask the king to grant her freedom ...

"The Journey of August King" - a screen version of the same novel by John El.

In the same, 1995, the light was seen by the joint work of American and French filmmakers "Jefferson in Paris".

Ambassador of the United States to France Thomas Jefferson arrives in Paris shortly before the Great French Revolution. In his eyes, the luxury of the upper world fades, friends become enemies, and a powerful empire turns into dust.

In 1996, on September 6, the world premiere of the feature film "Leader" was held. Here Tandy Newton was invited by director John Daigan.

In this melodram is told about the machinations reigning in the "kingdom of Melpomene." The protagonist of the picture - the actor Robin Grange, the icon of the style of the London aristocracy and hopeless loutwass. For the sake of the role, Robin offers the young playwright Felix Webb a bargain. The awkward Webb hardly imagines the end of an innocent scam.

In 1998, two films came to the cinema distribution: "Beloved" and "Besieged".

The budget of the Oscar-winning film "Beloved", directed by the director Jonathan Demme, was $ 53,000,000.

The creators of the movie "Beloved" take viewers to America in 1873. In the house where Setsch and her daughter Denver live, a noisy spirit from the past settled. No matter how the fugitive slave Setsch forgot about the past troubles and hated plantations of Kentucky, the past does not leave her ...

The film project "Beloved" was awarded the Pulitzer Prize.

"Besieged" - a film project directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, dedicated to the fate of a young African woman. She moves to Rome and, working as a servant, studies as a doctor. Her employer-musician, despite the devotion to the profession, could not help paying attention to the young woman.

The world premiere of the film "The Besievers" was held on September 14, 1998.

"Mission Impossible 2"

At the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, on May 24, 2000, the world premiere of the film, staged by John Woo, took place. The budget of the film "Mission Impossible 2" was 125,000,000 dollars. The main actor and producer of the film was Tom Cruise.

Researchers studying the effect of an anti-influenza drug, create a virus that turns out to be a fatal bacteriological weapon ...

Films featuring Tandy Newton. 21st century

The budget of the movie "Chronicles of Riddick", directed by the director David Tui, was $ 110,000,000. The world premiere of the film took place on September 30, 2004.

The film "Collision" (the budget of the film - 6500000 dollars) was released in the film distribution in early September 2004. The film was nominated for an Oscar three times.

The film project of director Gabriela Muccino "In pursuit of happiness" (the budget of the film was 55 million dollars) was first presented to the audience at the end of 2006.

The film was directed by Oliver Stone "Bush" was released in film distribution in 2008, on October 16. The budget of this picture is 25100000 dollars.

The last time the filmography of Tandy Newton, a photo with frames from the films were updated in 2016.

"World of the Wild West"

The series, released in the beginning of October 2016, is an adapted version of the feature film "Western World". In 1973, this story was written and put by Michael Crichton.

Jonathan Nolan (who also became the director of the pilot series), Lisa Joy, JJ Abram and Brian Burke worked on the picture in question.

The film takes place in an unusual, androids-populated amusement park called "Western World".

The invention of a new kind of entertainment brought its creators unprecedented popularity and very big money. Everything would be excellent if once the attendants did not notice that the biorobots began to behave somehow wrong.

Strange behavior robots pushed the owners of the "Western World" to the idea of violating the program code of androids. Now guests of the park are not happy ...

Tandy Newton, filming in the series, shared the set with Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson, Jimmy Simpson, Rodrigo Santoro, Shannon Marie Woodward.


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