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Battery replacement for "iPhone 5". How can I change the battery?

Modern smartphones perform quite a lot of functions. They have become irreplaceable helpers for us. With the usual device you can easily navigate the terrain with a GPS module, use high-speed Internet, take high-quality photos, play productive games and much more. Of course, this all badly affects the battery: it starts to discharge faster, the battery charge is less and less.

So it turns out that in a few years you have to change the battery. Now we will look at how the battery is exchanged for "iPhone 5" and how to understand when it is necessary to conduct it.

Reduces the working time of your smartphone

If you notice that your phone "iPhone 5" has become faster to discharge, then this is the first signal that the battery will soon need to be changed. Remember that your smartphone should not lose more than 1% of the charge at one time. Of course, if you do not play "heavy" games. You can follow this in the settings, going to the statistics of the battery charge.

Also, your device should not be switched off spontaneously when the battery is 20-30% charged. This behavior of the phone clearly indicates a battery failure. In this case, the battery must be replaced with "iPhone 5".

Viewing the battery status by software

Phone "iPhone 5" is quite a high-tech smartphone equipped with special programs that can count battery cycles. This function allows you to monitor the battery capacity. In the settings, unfortunately, these data can not be looked at - they are only available to Apple employees.

The average user can control the battery using iBackupBot. You only need to connect iPhone to your computer, run the program and request all data about the battery status. The utility will establish a connection between the computer and the device and show the number of charge cycles, the current state of the battery, its original capacity. If the initial capacity of the battery is significantly different from the current one, the battery should be replaced. In general, the phone can work well until it exceeds 500 battery cycles.

Battery replacement for "iPhone 5"

If you decide to replace the battery yourself, you will need a TS1 screwdriver, a suction cup, a plastic removal tool and a PH000 screwdriver. Before you start, you must turn off your smartphone.

It should be noted that the Chinese "iPhone 5" does not look different from the original. Therefore, the battery replacement will be almost identical.

  1. Near the Lightning module, you can see 2 screws that need to be unscrewed. After that, take the sucker and put it on the screen, it is desirable to place it closer to the button "Home". Place the suction cup tightly so that it sticks well to the glass.
  2. The display is attached to the housing on the latches. Our task is to gently pry it with a plastic tool and raise it slightly. Remember that the screen is connected to the motherboard with several loops. In order not to damage them, you need to slightly raise the display and disconnect the cables. On the "iPhone 5" one is located under the "Home" button, and the rest are at the top of the phone. This procedure can take quite some time, since the display of the smartphone is tightly connected to the case. Do not strongly pull the screen in the hope that you will be able to open it faster. So you just hurt the plume, and the phone will have to be carried to the service center.
  3. When the display is held on the trains, you can remove the suction cup. After that, we proceed to the complete removal of the screen. First, pick it up from the side of the button "Home" and gently remove the cable. It is advisable to do this with tweezers. Remember, the cable should not be pulled when removed. When disassembling a smartphone, you need to remember the sequence of actions to avoid errors during assembly. To properly install the cable, you need to point the side with several slots to the battery, and the side with small denticles down the device. The phone "iPhone 5" is quite well assembled. In order not to damage any element of the device, you must very carefully perform all the actions. You should use tweezers to disconnect the cable from the motherboard. The display can be lifted only when you make sure that everyone has turned off.
  4. In the following steps, the display should be raised by 90 ° so that it is convenient to disconnect the other components. On the motherboard there are 4 screws that need to be unscrewed. When assembling, you need to screw the screws very carefully so as not to damage the phone. If the screw does not twist well, then do not screw it with force, perhaps you are mistaken with its location.
  5. Remove the protective screen. With the help of a plastic "blade" we disconnect the loops of the camera-camera and the sensor. Then disconnect the display. When assembling, it is necessary to ensure that the loops are fully latched, otherwise you may encounter some problems in use. In this case, you need to reconnect the cables and reboot the device.
  6. It's time to disconnect the display. Now you can get it neatly and put it aside. Use additional tools to disconnect the battery cable. Also, you should hold a "shovel" near the headphone jack.
  7. To get the battery, it must be carefully pushed with a plastic card. Try not to bend the battery so as not to harm the "iPhone". We insert the card deeper, so that the adhesive tape starts to tear.
  8. Now it's enough just to get the battery. Replacement of the battery for "iPhone 5" is over. When installing a new battery, you must use a new adhesive tape.

Battery for iPhone 5

If you plan to replace the battery yourself, you must first buy a battery. The original battery can be purchased on the Internet for only 1000 rubles. Of course, you will need to first make sure that it will fit, but only after that make a purchase.

Service centers

If you are hesitant to replace the battery yourself, you can contact the service center. Everyone knows how much the "iPhone 5" is worth - it's quite an expensive phone. Therefore, battery replacement and repair as a whole will be quite expensive. On average, 1600 rubles are requested for the replacement of the battery. This price includes the battery itself and the services of the master.


In the replacement of the battery there is nothing complicated. You only need to gently and consistently perform all the actions. Beginners can spend quite a lot of time to replace, but it is necessary to qualitatively eliminate the problem. If you do not want to risk, you should contact the service center. How much is? "IPhone 5" masters can repair quickly enough, but this will require about 1600 rubles.

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