Bags from polyethylene bags - manufacturing technology

To date, very many organizations are taking care of the environment and are trying to pollute the atmosphere, water and land as little as possible. Nevertheless, countless large and small retail stores sell plastic bags every day to hundreds or even thousands (depending on the volume of trade) to buyers. And as we know, this material, unlike wood, iron or organic waste, is not processed by nature either in ten years, or in ten centuries.

More than 40 countries have already introduced bans, restrictions and taxes on the production of plastic bags. But nevertheless, Russia has not yet established effective methods for regulating the use of polyethylene. And forgetful buyers, leaving packages purchased at home earlier, raise the average check of stores, buying a new container. In fact, it is necessary to bring home the products in some way.

But there is one good way to solve this problem - they are bags made of plastic bags, made by oneself. After all, most people buy products of this kind for lack of a more suitable container. A stylish and comfortable bags made of polyethylene bags will be an excellent alternative to such containers, while contributing to the effective processing of the old material. But how to make such an unusual thing?

The most common way to create a bag from packages is by crocheting. In order to do the work, you need to have the material and some knitting skills. Both are not particularly complicated. Bags of polyethylene bags can be made even with the help of basic posts without a crochet, and they will not lose in appearance at all. The main thing is a good imagination of the needlewoman, capable of designing a cute model.

As for the material for the bags from the bags - next, you will be presented with a step-by-step lesson on how to make a kind of "yarn".

So, we need a number of old bags, preferably monochrome. With this, there will be no problems if you regularly purchased packages in the same store, for example, in the nearest grocery store. Straighten the container, fold it neatly, giving it an original appearance. Then fold 4 or 8 times (depending on the size and width).

Now cut off the "bottom" of the bag and handle. Then cut the remaining strip into pieces about 3.5 cm wide.

Now we unfold what we got.

It's time to combine our workpieces. To do this, we take two rings. Then we put one on the other.

We pass the right tail of the upper ring to the left, passing it under the bottom workpiece. It will be a sliding loop. We tighten it. Further we work on the same scheme. As the chain is lengthened, coil the "yarn" in a tangle.

When it turns out to be large enough, you can start tying. Do not worry that the yarn will end at the most inopportune moment, because if necessary, you can always lengthen the thread.

Thus, after you have made yourself enough yarn, knitting bags of polyethylene bags will be just a matter of technique. A hook is taken, and the process begins.

Here such bag turned out at us. We hope that you will surpass our work and make for yourself an even more convenient and beautiful thing.

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