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Baby carriages for boys: choice of color and firm, prices

So, it's time to go choose a stroller for your baby. In this regard, a lot of questions arise. What should it be? Carriages for newborns, strollers, transformers, sleds ... How much are they, and what color should I choose? Is it possible for a baby to pick up a stroller of a cheerful and bright shade? Or do red girls buy only for girls?

Color is important, but no less important is the functionality of the stroller. Quality, comfortable and comfortable, it will last a long time and turn every walk into an easy trip.

Stroller functions

So, to walk with the baby was not a burden, transportation should have the following qualities.

  • Comfort. Carriages for boys should be comfortable not only for small passengers, but also for parents. Soft seat and belts, backrest, footrest, adjustable handle - all this makes the walk pleasant for the "passenger" and "driver".
  • Security. This function is provided by five-point belts, removable bumpers, central brakes. Toddlers are mobile and even slip in the stroller to slip out of the seat.
  • Passage, quality. An unreliable model will entail additional costs associated with the repair. The frame of the stroller must have anti-corrosion protection. Wheels with a large diameter will make it more passable. In regions where the winter lasts for a long time, the sleds are popular, which have flat skids allowing them to ride through the snow. Such models are inexpensive and will cost from 5 thousand rubles.
  • Addition and carrying. The most popular kind is the stroller. It is convenient to carry in hands, to transport in the car. That's just it does not fit the smallest, because it is inconvenient to lie in it.
  • Maneuverability. It's good if the parents and the baby live in the city. Although the city needs this quality no less than in a village with bad roads. Present wheelchairs are quite maneuverable. Manufacturers tried to make it so that it can be deployed in one place around its axis. With her convenient to go into the elevator, she is well behaved on a narrow path in the park. Although reviews of wheelchairs show that models with front rotating wheels without a lock are inconvenient, especially on a straight road.

The main thing is the color?

Carriages for the boy to choose is not a problem, because their assortment is quite large. Color palette is also not in the last place, because it will affect the mood and character of the child.

Not so long ago, parents determined the color simply: for boys they bought a blue or blue stroller, for girls - red or pink. Yes, and the variety of color manufacturers are not very spoiled.

Now the wide range of colors has changed the principle of selection: for boys, they buy strollers of dark colors: brown, gray, dark red. Girls take bright, saturated: orange, light green.

Psychologists insist that when choosing a transport for a baby, it is necessary to take into account the connection between the child's psyche and the color of the stroller, especially on its inner part.

Reviews of wheelchairs indicate that, indeed, bright colors excite, a child in such a stroller can be restless. Especially when the weather is hot, saturated colors attract dangerous wasps or bees, and this is completely useless. But dark shades "soar", and the child can be hot.

It is better if the baby carriages for boys are light and monotonous.

Necessary accessories for a stroller

A standard set - a parent bag and a raincoat, already no one is surprised. To increase sales Manufacturers are developing all new accessories. Some are sold complete with a stroller, others need to be purchased separately.

  • An umbrella in sunny weather will protect the baby from the negative effects of rays.
  • Coupling is needed in winter and frosty weather.
  • More convenient option - gloves, on the handrails will make it easier to take the handrail.

Fabric, color and price

The huge drawing put on a hood of a carriage - a peak of a fashion in this season. In other respects, the shades and patterns are diverse: from bright to neutral. And even the most fastidious parent can easily make a choice.

In the market there was a fabric with impregnation, which repels dirt and water. Rain drops on such hoods and covers roll down, and inside remain dry strollers for boys.

The price of them is diverse, depends on the bundle and trade brand and ranges from 2.5 thousand rubles. Up to 30 thousand rubles.

Carriages for newborns

If your boy was born in the autumn, and in the winter he will not be more than six months, you can buy a stroller, which easily turns into a very necessary thing - in the cradle-rocking chair. To it comes a stand, on which a cradle is put, and performs the function of a swing.

In addition, some models have a removable cradle with handles, a headrest and a cover that replaces the winter version of the stroller. The promenade block is very convenient for trips to the children's polyclinic.

If the baby is small, the headrest will not perform its functions directly and support the boy in a sitting position. However, in winter, so much clothes are put on the child, that his head is lower in relation to the legs. That's when the headrest saves. It will balance the position of the child.

Choosing wheelchairs for boys, you need to pick up a quality mattress, if it does not go in the kit.


Universal wheelchair-transformer - this is saving the place and money of parents. Such strollers "grow" with the child, they can be adjusted and modified in accordance with the age and needs of the baby.

For example, stroller for boys Geoby C705 from winter can easily turn into a walking, summer. You just need to remove the cover for the legs, raise the backrest, lower the lower part, fasten the bumper guard. Of the amenities in this stroller there is a ventilation window in the visor and a mosquito net hidden in the hood. With a traditional raincoat, you can walk in the rain.

The promenade block will allow taking the child with them on a visit or a polyclinic.

The wheelchair-transformer is formed according to the "book" type. Children's car seat can be attached to the chassis of the stroller, turning it into a hiking. Wheels of reinforced cushioning on metal springs will evenly distribute the load.

Of course, the stroller-transformer will cost more. For example, the popular brand Zippy released a stroller brand Tutis (three in one), the cost of which is about 30 thousand rubles. Ionized silver fabric and light weight - it's not all the benefits of transport for the baby.

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