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Amway fraud

Company Amway appeared on the financial scene of Russia not so long ago, but already managed to get hold of the thinking and consciousness of many gullible citizens of all ages. In translation from English "American way", the company has declared itself as the savior of people who are on the verge of economic instability.

Representatives of Amway hold various meetings, seminars, trainings, on which they talk with fervor and foam at the mouth about wonderful products "made from high-quality, environmentally friendly products, based on natural raw materials", etc.

I also managed to personally experience this amway deception, so I'll tell you about how this happens with every new member of the "Amway family".

Amway fraud begins with what you initially do not tell where you want to recruit, just talk about how it will be great, that you will become financially independent and secure yourself for life, your children, your grandchildren, etc .

At the same time, you are given a card, on which only the name and surname of the "businessman" are written, and what, how and why is unknown, well, and the phone, of course. And on the reverse side, there must be a postscript: "Be happy and free!" Or something like that. Surely you often had to read ads in newspapers or on poles with incomprehensible invitations to work, which is unknown. This is also one of the ways to amway deception. On these kinds of ads you can read, as a rule, "high income without costs and investments" or "an assistant is required to a successful businessman", all this is intended to interest those segments of the population who do not have a regular average income, amway deception. Often, these ads come across students and unemployed.

At that time I was exactly such a representative - a third-year student of a medical university, we received a scholarship at that time $ 30, a lot of enthusiasm and the desire to "become free."

The first meeting was held on a high major note, we (the beginners) were told that financial independence is something that we can come to after three to five years of work, spending only 2-4 hours a day, etc. .

There were some dedications to the system of the financial pyramid, although the representatives of Amway prefer to use other terms. We were immediately told about the goal setting, that we should visualize what we are striving for (cars, villas, islands, whatever!), And most importantly, it was necessary to post posters with your dream at home, and everywhere Mirrors, walls, in the toilet!) Write "I'm successful!", "I will be rich!". Even then I was struck by their unconcealed desire for money, for profit. However, I had a solid goal to make money, and I agreed.

How to become a distributor in the Amway company I was told right away, my mentor, "a successful businessman" who at that time "already reached the level of 7%." In all, it was necessary to buy a starter package, which cost half of my scholarship and be sure to make the first Amway order.

It was easy to enter, soon I was already an ABA (independent entrepreneur Amway), and I had to ring all friends and acquaintances to bring to their unconscious brain how coolly "work for themselves" and "develop their business."

Of course, friends immediately stopped me and began to communicate less with me, then came the time when I myself stopped communicating with them, because they were "losers." (According to Amway businessmen, all people are divided into two categories: NPA and "losers", and therefore all those who are not "building an Amway business", that loser!).

After suffering more than a year trying to shove Amway's expensive goods to his insolvent acquaintances (students) or to recruit at least one ABA in his pyramid, I lost confidence that it is generally possible, and soon all left the system.

For a year I managed to abandon my studies, break off relations with close friends, quarrel with my parents and lose interest in life.

After many years I came across an article about amway cheating, read and understood that we were such and there are millions on which the top of the pyramid makes a fortune.

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