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Air rifle "Diana Magnum": description, characteristics, reviews

Air rifles "Diana 350 Magnum" are considered a symbol of the German tradition of creating weapons of the highest level. They combine precision, reliability, quality and sophistication. Externally, air rifles "Diana" as close to the classics. And inside, in its pure form, German pedantry and accuracy are embodied. As a result, rifles "Diana Magnum" have no equal in the whole world. Today we will become more familiar with these wonderful products and find out what they deserve such popularity. Let's start with the external characteristics.

Applied and bed

The application has a very convenient symmetrical shape, with an ergonomic handle. It is made of hardwoods of natural wood. Oak or ash is mainly used. The rifle bed is also made of the same material. All the wooden elements are carefully polished, so they can clearly see the wonderful wood pattern. The bed and the butt are covered with several layers of varnish, for the safety and aesthetics of the product. In addition, a special coating does not let your hands sweat.

On the back of the butt is a rubber lining, which does not spoil the appearance of the rifle. It is necessary in order to extinguish the recoil and every kind of vibration that occurs when a shot is fired. Thanks to the convenient configuration of the butt cheeks, the aiming turns out to be comfortable and relaxed. On the forearm and handle are marked notches, allowing weapons to sit tightly in their hands.


Speaking about the external parameters of the gun, we can not say about its perfect balance. With a weight of 3.7 kg and a total length of 1230 mm, the air rifle "Diana Magnum" is very convenient to use. It does not outweigh the movement of the shooter. However, for children and adolescents, shooting from such weapons will be difficult. For them in the line "Diana" there are models with smaller dimensions.


Especially noteworthy is the trunk, which is almost the most important part of any weapon. German designers worked well on the barrel for this rifle, beginning with the choice of metal and ending with a chamfer. The air rifle "Diana 350 Magnum" boasts a barrel of the highest quality. It has eight well-defined inner grooves with a rectangular profile of traditional configuration. The muzzle constriction of the "chok" type allows cuts to tighten the bullet as tightly as possible and to give it a rotational movement at the outlet from the barrel. Cuttings allow to increase considerably the accuracy, as well as the range of aiming. The length of the barrel has traditionally been 495 mm for older models. The rifle is two calibers: 4.5 or 5.5 mm.


The trunk is made in the traditional version and has a flies of closed type. It is installed in a special groove, which in the people is called "swallowtail" or "Weaver's bar". To ensure that the fly was always near the muzzle and did not move along the trunk, it is intended to be attached to the cross screw. For a more accurate aiming, the "stump" of the fly is pointed. It can be removed from the namushnik if necessary.

The barrel is attached to the barrel clutch using two cross screws. He slightly protrudes beyond the coupling, but on the convenience of aiming and shooting it does not affect at all. Adjustment of the sight is carried out by means of two disks, in a vertical and horizontal planes. Their rotation is accompanied by characteristic "click-clicks".

All the details of the rifle "Diana Magnum" are fixed in their places by means of star washers. They do not allow spinning screws and backlashes to form. Bolts are embedded in special grooves, so absolutely do not interfere with operation.


Air rifles "Diana Magnum" can be equipped with a silencer, which minimizes the noise of the shot. It should be noted that it does not interfere with working with sighting devices of an open type. The muffler is especially useful for training in closed shooting galleries.

If desired, a rifle or a telescope sight can be mounted on the rifle. This is promoted by the same "Swallow's tail".


Now that we have found out what the Diana Magnum pneumatic rifle is like from the outside, you can go to the inspection of its technical parameters. Attractive and, it is possible even to say, exquisite appearance of the rifle is far from its main advantage. According to the German tradition, the main advantages of the gun are inside.

A German manufacturer can be proud of his creation, because there are very few air rifles with an initial speed of 350 m / s and a muzzle energy of about 30 Joules. However, the velocity of the projectile is a very conventional concept, and it depends not only on the power of the weapon, but also on the quality of the bullet itself. As the reviews show, the best shooting performance can be achieved with the bullets Diabolo, Exact, Heavy and Jumbo. They have an optimum mass for the rifle, are made of an alloy that is well suited to the rifled portion of the barrel in hardness, and have a shape that promotes a stable flight path. The compressor of almost 74 cubic centimeters, together with the strongest spring, pushes the projectile with the maximum possible force.

Power saving

The barrel coupling, as well as its other components, is made of weapon steel. Therefore, corrosion, pressure and temperature changes, as well as changes in loads have no effect on it. The state part of the coupling is processed in the most careful way on the automated equipment, which ensures an absolutely reliable, practically hermetic locking of the rifle. The coupling rests on two rollers, which are kept from displacement by the screw. The washers are located in the recess, which excludes the play of the trunk. These characteristics, along with the excellent quality of rubber seals, exclude bleeding air when it is injected under pressure. Consequently, the shot is obtained as high as possible.


The spring-piston mechanism of the rifle is quite simple. Extracting the piston from the weapon, you can see that the Germans took care of the fight against noise and knocking mechanism when firing. The spring, located inside the piston, is enclosed in a special cylinder of thin metal. By the way, to remove the spring from the rifle, it is not necessary to disassemble it and disconnect the barrel.

The trigger mechanism is made in the form of a separate unit, which is fixed to the compressor box. The trigger is equipped with a safety catch. After buying a rifle, the pneumatic "Diana Magnum" is immediately ready for operation. The only thing worth doing is to shoot it.


Air rifles "Diana Magnum" come in two types: "Classic" and "Professional". Let's consider each of them.

The air rifle "Diana 350 Magnum Classic" technically does not differ from the basic version, about which we spoke above. The only difference is that this model range is more elegant and devoid of excesses in design. The business card of the "Classic" concept is an elongated wooden butt of classic straight form. The model suits lovers of classic weapons or those who do not want to overpay for designer refinements.

The air rifle "Diana Magnum Professional" differs from the basic modification only in that it has a special muzzle nozzle on its trunk. This simple detail allows you to make shooting more heaped and keep it from long distances.

There are also versions of "Magnum" with the index "compact". As can be understood from the title, they have a truncated barrel. The main feature of this series is that, despite the shorter length (10 cm less than the basic version), they retain the excellent combat characteristics inherent in the Magnum class.


As the testimonies of happy owners of rifles "Diana Magnum" show, the weapon fully justifies the expectations and its high status. It is really very reliable and high-quality. Shooting from a rifle brings complete enjoyment. And with proper skills and competent treatment, you can count on a high hit rate. The high price of this product narrows the circle of its potential owners. The model is acquired mainly by professionals who know the value of quality and can appreciate the work of German masters. Beginners are advised to start shooting with a simpler and cheaper pneumatics.

Based on the reviews we note the main advantages of the rifle "Diana Magnum":

  1. With proper care, a reliable German mechanism will serve for many years as faith and truth, without failures or misfires.
  2. A qualitative and very comfortable bed not only pleases the eye, but also lies comfortably in your hand. The material of the covering of wooden parts, as practice shows, is simply "unshrinkable".
  3. High accuracy and accuracy of fire. For example, when firing from a distance of 45 m, the deviation does not exceed 27 mm. This is a very worthy indicator.
  4. The possibility of installing optics on the Weaver's bar.
  5. The pneumatic rifle "Diana Magnum" costs about 600 dollars. As the reviews show, this is not so much, considering all its merits.


Summarizing the above, we note that the rifles of "Diana Magnum" are a real work of art, for which it is not a pity to pay decent money. They perfectly show themselves in operation and give real pleasure about using. For those who like classics, the air rifle "Diana 350 Magnum Classic" will do. "Professional" - a version with a modern design, which has increased rifle parameters. It will be an excellent companion for those who are most pragmatic in approaching the shooting.

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