"Afobazol" or "Grandaxin"? The drug "Grandaxin": instructions for use, price. "Afobazol" preparation: instructions for use, price

When choosing means for eliminating anxiety conditions, neurasthenia, as well as for complex treatment of some somatic diseases, the patient often does not know which medication to prefer. After all, many popular drugs have a similar effect or have generics - in fact, the same drugs, but from another manufacturer, often having a different name. Of course, when setting the diagnosis, a doctor should prescribe the appropriate treatment. But many people prefer to study how this or that drug works alone. In this article, we'll look at two drugs so that readers can decide what to choose - the drug "Afobazol" or "Grandaxin." We will discuss how these facilities work, what indications and contraindications they have, and how they are characterized by doctors and patients themselves.

The drug "Afobazol": pharmacological properties, form of release

This drug is produced in Russia under the name "Afobazol" (Afobazol). It has a pronounced sedative effect, and, importantly, its reception is not addictive in the patient. The drug has a mild anti-anxiety effect, eliminates nervous tension, unreasonable fear, tearfulness, insomnia, and also has a mildly stimulating nervous system. In addition, the drug helps to increase concentration, improve memory. Its effect can be observed already on the 4th-7th day of application, and the maximum effect occurs after 4 weeks of taking this medication. The drug "Afobazol" is available in the form of tablets, in a contoured package, containing 10 or 25 pieces. And also in jars of 30, 50 or 100 tablets, each containing 5 or 10 mg of the active ingredient. Keep this drug should not more than 2 years in a dark and dry place. Next, let's talk about how to properly use Afobazol tablets. Instructions for use, the price of the drug and possible side effects will be discussed below.

Indications for use

Doctors use this medication to treat patients who have the following diseases or conditions:

  • Unreasonable anxiety, neurasthenia, adaptation disorder ;
  • Bronchial asthma, hypertension (as an auxiliary element in the complex therapy);
  • Irritable bowel syndrome;
  • Ischemic heart disease and arrhythmia.

However, this is not all pathologies for which the drug "Afobazol" is prescribed. Indications for use include dermatological and oncological diseases, sleep disorders, premenstrual syndrome. Moreover, the drug can be used during quitting smoking, as well as to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms.

Contraindications and possible side effects

For some people, the drug in question is not recommended, or the tablets can only be drunk according to the doctor's prescription, strictly following the dosage indicated. So, the drug "Afobazol" is contraindicated:

  • Children under 18 years;
  • Pregnant and lactating women;
  • With individual intolerance of the components included in the formulation;
  • With lactose intolerance.

When taking Afobazol, side effects can be observed quite rarely, but some may experience an allergic reaction, nausea or vomiting, as well as diarrhea. Overdosing with the drug is not life threatening: a large number of tablets taken at a time can cause excessive drowsiness, confusion. As an emergency, in this case, doctors inject a 20% solution of caffeine benzoate sodium in 1 ml 2 or 3 times a day.

The drug "Afobazol": instruction, price

Unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor, Afobazol tablets are used 2 times a day, the daily dose in the first days should not exceed 30 mg, single dose - 10 mg. Further, the doctor analyzes the patient's condition and can increase the dosage to 60 mg per day. On average, the course of treatment is from 2 to 4 weeks. If necessary, and according to the indications, this term is increased to 3 months. We have already mentioned that a distinctive and very good feature of the drug is that it does not cause habituation.

The cost of packing (60 pieces of 10 mg) starts from the mark of 200 rubles. Actually, here is all the important information about the drug "Afobazol": instructions for use, price, indications and contraindications for use are discussed in detail above. Now let's pay a little attention to the drugs that have such an effect.

The drug "Afobazol": analogues

Every popular medicine has its counterparts. In fact, these are drugs that have a similar effect and often have the same composition. What is the difference from the original? Often - in price, in the firm-manufacturer, the form of release (tablets, capsules, solution for injections and so on). The drug "Afobazol" analogs has the following: drugs "Adaptol", "Neurophazol" and "Afobazol GR". More or less a similar action has all the known natural remedy Novopassit. These preparations are characterized by almost identical properties, but, for example, the drug "Neurophazol" is available in the form of a solution for administration by means of a dropper, that is, its use at home is difficult. The drug "Adaptol" is cheaper than "Afobazol", but it is also effective, does not cause dependence and drowsiness after taking the tablets. But in any case, the therapy should appoint a doctor. It is extremely undesirable to use medicines of this kind independently.

The drug "Grandaxin": pharmacological properties

This drug refers to the so-called "day" tranquilizers, that is, after taking the drug, you will not have drowsiness, blocking, or disturbance of consciousness. It does not have a relaxing muscle effect and does not have an anticonvulsant effect. The drug is available in the form of tablets for oral administration, the weight of one piece is 0.01 grams. The package contains 50 pieces. Also, the preparation can be purchased in the form of granules for the preparation of a suspension. The fact that the product has several forms of release, including for children, can affect the decision of those who doubt what to choose for treatment - the drug "Afobazol" or "Grandaxin."

Indications for use of the medicinal product

So, before comparing the drugs, you need to consider, to whom the doctors recommend the reception of the drug "Grandaxin". As a rule, prescribe the medicine in the presence of the following pathologies:

  • Neuroses and neurosis-like conditions;
  • Unreasonable fear, anxiety;
  • States of apathy, decreased activity;
  • Syndrome of alcohol abstinence (in the treatment of alcohol dependence).

Since the drug has no pronounced hypnotic and miorelaxing properties, it can be used for the elderly, as well as for the weakened patient. This drug is not recommended for use during the first trimester of pregnancy, but further reception is possible if the medicine is prescribed by a doctor.

Contraindications to the use of "Grandaxin", possible side effects

This drug should not be used during lactation and in the first trimester of pregnancy (as already mentioned). Also, with care, doctors prescribe medication to patients in the treatment of alcoholism, since it may not give the desired sedative effect. In addition, it is not recommended to use the medication in the following cases:

  • With deep depression (strong drugs are required here);
  • At a syndrome of a stop of respiration in a dream;
  • With respiratory insufficiency in the stage of decompensation;
  • With galactose intolerance, glucose malabsorption syndrome and galactose;
  • With hypersensitivity to any component of the drug.

Side effects from taking this medication can manifest as insomnia or headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or, conversely, constipation. Rarely there is a decrease in appetite, itching, muscle pain or respiratory depression. If there is a negative reaction to the drug, it is better to stop taking it.

Medication "Grandaxin": instructions for use, price

This drug should be taken 1-2 tablets from 1 to 3 times a day. The maximum dose, safe for admission within 24 hours, is 300 mg. Elderly patients and patients with renal insufficiency, this dosage is usually reduced by 2 times. An overdose of the drug is not life threatening. With the simultaneous administration of a large dose of medication, vomiting, confusion, coma or respiratory depression may occur. To neutralize these symptoms, doctors prescribe gastric lavage, use activated charcoal, prescribe injections of "Dopamine" or "Noradrenaline" drugs.

The price of the medicine "Grandaxin" is 200-250 rubles per packing. Usually, these drugs are dispensed in pharmacies according to a doctor's prescription. The manufacturer of this medication is OJSC EGIGS Pharmaceutical Plant, Hungary. Although packaging is possible in Russia, which is necessarily indicated on the package with the drug.

Above, we talked about the drug "Grandaxin". Instructions for use, price, indications and contraindications for use are also set out in the most detailed manner. Now turn to the reviews of patients.

Opinions of customers about the drug "Grandaxin"

That's what those who used this medication say for treatment according to indications:

  • The drug acts very quickly, and a persistent effect is observed after a couple of days of use;
  • The drug relieves nervous tension well;
  • Tablets have a neutral smell and taste, are taken without problems.

As for the side effects, people indicate the occurrence of nausea after taking the tablets, many noted the inhibition and dizziness, especially with a sharp change of location. Here such has received means "Grandaxinum" responses. The price of using the drug censures did not cause - it costs about the same as other similar drugs. The only thing, it is still recommended to use in severe, clearly expressed states of anxiety and anxiety. If you are just nervous, you have premenstrual syndrome or stress, doctors suggest using drugs with a softer effect such as "Novopassita" or an extract of valerian.

Applying for the treatment of "Grandaxin" (tablets), instructions for the use of which warns about possible side effects, you should be very careful with the dosage, ideally it should be selected by a specialist. The manufacturer only indicates the approximate number of tablets a patient can take per day. The final decision must be made by the doctor.

Reviews about the drug Afobazol

To finally determine what to choose - "Afobazol" or "Grandaxin" to eliminate anxiety, treatment of neurasthenia and other diseases listed in the indications for the use of both drugs, you need to return to the first medication and consider what patients say about it:

  • The drug "Afobazol" helps quickly get rid of anxiety, removes nervousness in premenstrual syndrome;
  • Helps to deal with stress and panic attacks;
  • Helps to reduce or even reduce the attacks of bronchial asthma;
  • Has no pronounced side effects.

However, people note that with severe stress, the drug does not help. Also, it is useless in the fight against insomnia, is not effective in depression, does not save from panic attacks. That is, it can be used in cases where symptoms such as anxiety or stress are not clearly expressed. But in this case, and a cheaper extract of valerian.

Making a choice

So, back to the main issue of our article. What to choose for the treatment of nervous disorders, panic attacks and stress - "Afobazol" or "Grandaxin"? Both drugs are used to treat the same diseases and to remove similar symptoms, and they cost about the same. Taking into account the properties of the medications examined, as well as the reviews about them, it can be concluded that the drug "Grandaxin" is slightly softer, it is allowed to use for the elderly, it is not forbidden to pregnant women during the second and third trimester. On the other hand, buyers note a large number of side effects, which appear after taking the drug "Grandaxin." The second means have fewer. Either way, each of the drugs has its pros and cons, the final decision on the appointment and duration of treatment should be taken by the doctor. Moreover, often the patient is not able to diagnose depression in severe form, and also can not understand how much their stress is. Assigning yourself one of the described drugs, you can only aggravate the situation, hurt your health, but do not help.

Conclusion and conclusions

The above is a detailed description of two popular drugs that are used to treat stress, panic attacks, nervous disorders. The drugs "Grandaxin" and "Afobazol" are considered: instructions, price and reviews about them. The text should be considered as fact-finding material. Self-medication categorically not recommended! Above we noted that this can be dangerous to health: you risk worsening your condition, and, possibly, continue treatment not at home, but in the hospital, and already with other, more potent drugs.

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