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Actor Mikhail Morozov: biography, photo. Best Movies

Morozov Mikhail is an actor who rarely makes films. His best roles he played on the stage of BDT named after Tovstonogov. "Detachment", "The first meeting, the last meeting", "Genius", "Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes", "Black Crow", "Plague" - well-known films and serials with his participation. What else can you tell about a talented artist?

Morozov Michael: the beginning of the road

Actor, without which it is difficult to imagine the history of the Bolshoi Drama Theater, was born in St. Petersburg, there was a joyful event in June 1962. Morozov Mikhail Leonidovich comes from a simple family, there are no celebrities among his relatives. The desire for creativity was discovered in his early childhood. A talented boy was engaged in a theater studio, took part in school productions.

By the time Morozov graduated from school, Mikhail had already firmly decided that he would relate life to the cinema world. From the first attempt he managed to become a student of LGITMiK, the young man was accepted to the course, which was led by Arkady Katsman. Graduating beginner actor in 1983, his thesis was called "Ah, these stars!". The audience, who managed to see this production, especially remembered his parodies of Eduard Khil and Muslim Magomayev.


The first years after graduation LGITMiK Morozov Michael dedicated work on the radio. Then, before the promising newcomer, TWTT's name was opened. This actor has been faithful to the theater since 1990. At first, Mikhail was only entrusted with episodic roles, but he quickly managed to prove himself and become one of the leading artists of the BDT.

Morozov is an actor who is famous for his ability to convey the character of his hero to the smallest detail. Even the characters, devoid of lines, turned out to be bright and original in his performance. His first serious role was played by Mikhail in the play "Private" Dudarev. He played a young soldier Dandelion, who preserves innocence and purity even in difficult war years.

"Models of the season", "Noble Nest", "Cherry Orchard", "At the bottom", "Macbeth", "Deceit and Love", "Talents and fans", "The House where hearts are broken" - it is difficult to list all known productions with Participation of Morozov.

First roles

Artist Mikhail Morozov first appeared on the set in 1984. He played a key role in the children's film "Almost the same age". The hero of the actor was Vyacheslav Kuzmin, a teacher of literature. His character tries to be not only a teacher, but also a friend for his students.

The painting "Almost the same age" did not deserve special attention from viewers and critics, but Mikhail was not upset. In the same year, the actor starred in the military drama "Detachment" Alexei Simonov. The film tells the story of a small group of Red Army soldiers who fall into a trap at the very beginning of the war. The heroes do not have weapons to resist the enemy forces, but they do not think to give up. Mikhail Leonidovich brilliantly coped with the image of the courageous soldier Petrov, one of the detachment members. Also in this film you can see Dmitry Brusnikin, Alexander Feklistov, Sergei Garmash.

Movies and TV shows

In the comedy drama "The first meeting, the last meeting" starred Mikhail Morozov, whose photo can be seen in the article. The film takes the audience in 1914. Law faculty student Pyotr Chukhontsev, the actor's hero, is searching for a criminal who killed the inventor of Kuklin. Among the suspects is the German Scholz, who sells the invention of Russian craftsmen to a German spy.

The criminal comedy "Genius" is another well-known film in which Morozov starred. The film tells the story of a talented physicist, whose life circumstances forced him to go along a crooked road. Mikhail Leonidovich got a small but memorable role of Fedor Kultakov.

Morozov is actively withdrawn in serials. "Streets of Broken Lights", "Sea Devils", "Foundry-4", "Black Crow", "Memories of Sherlock Holmes", "Abyss" - in all these rating TV projects you can see the actor. In the telenovela "Split" he has an unusual role, Michael embodied the image of a member of the council of vampires Lapshin. Thriller is targeted at the youth audience. Of the latest television projects with the participation of the national film stars, it is possible to mention "Five Minutes of Silence", "Plague", "Searcher".

Life Behind the Scenes

Many artists gladly tell journalists and fans about their personal lives, but Mikhail Morozov does not belong to them. The biography of the star contains many dark spots. It's safe to say that the actor has been married for many years, but he hides his second half from curious eyes.

But Mikhail Leonidovich readily agrees to talk about his hobbies. His passion is travel, in particular he likes to visit exotic countries. The actor likes to spend his days off in nature, his company is his wife, children, friends. Sports Morozov is engaged from time to time, especially he is attracted to team games.

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