A frog of paper with your own hands - quickly and easily

Making paper figures helps children develop creative skills. They love to create something from paper and, of course, they like to make different animals out of it. From this article you will learn how to make a frog out of paper. With your own hands, the work done will necessarily improve your mood and bring joy to your children. It is known that there are several variations of paper frogs. Let's take a look at several popular ways.

Leaping frog from paper by own hands: step by step instruction

1. Take a square-shaped sheet of paper and fold it in half.

2. The resulting rectangle should be folded twice, then unbend it back.

3. On the sheet of paper, you need to mark the line and diagonals. Then you need to collapse the upper corners, left and right, bending them to opposite lines.

4. From the top square, add a geometric figure - a "double triangle".

5. The bottom square must be folded in half, until it touches its wrapped edge with the bottom of the triangle.

6. At the bottom of the rectangle, bend the lateral edges to the center, not reaching a little to its middle.
7. Lower the origami section once more twice.

8. At the bottom rectangle, the upper corners must be turned to the center.

9. Lower the ends down and bend them outward.

10. On the front of the triangle, lift the ends up.

11. Bend the hand-crafted halves in the center and flip.

You should get a jumping frog made of paper. With your hands, the crafted craft will bring joy to you and your children. In order for it to jump, you just need to press the back of the cuckoo and let it go. It is this property of "jumping" that will be interesting to apply for different games. For example, whose cuckoo will jump further than everyone else - that player won. The secret of its "jumping" is also that the smaller the frog size, the further it jumps.

Frog from a rectangle

To make this cuckoo, take a rectangular shape of a piece of paper. Fold your sheet vertically in half. Further on both diagonals make excesses in the upper part. Then fold over the fold lines and bend inward. You should get a triangle. To create the front paws of your frog, it is necessary to bend corners obliquely.

Now the bottom piece should be bent in half horizontally. Then bend to the middle from two sides. And again fold the bottom half of the workpiece in half. Then you need to pull the corners down. To create the hind legs, wrap the corners obliquely. Now bend the frog in half and bend the legs back. It remains only to turn your work over.

Talking or singing cuckoo

Take a sheet of paper and fold it twice over the two diagonals. After addition on the last diagonal, you need to connect the left and right angle with the center line. At the bottom, the remaining rectangle needs to be lifted up and bent. On each side corners bend in the opposite direction. Turn over the workpiece and wrap the bottom rectangle up. Then bend the lateral corners.

Now expand and fold into a square. Then bend the bottom corner up. Turn over and repeat the previous step. Center and flip the sides. You will again have a square. Along the center line, fold the workpiece in half. It remains to insert the fingers in two holes - and your frog is ready.

Simplicity in creating and decorating origami

It is interesting that the manufacturing process itself takes very little time. You created a frog made of paper, made with your own hands, will surprise you with simplicity of execution. All you need is a simple piece of paper: a notebook, a landscape or a color. Also it is possible to put into operation also special sheets for hand-made articles.

To decorate, you will need watercolors, colored pencils or markers. You can paint your frog to your liking and desire. For example, draw your cuckoo eyes or membranes on the legs, and you can make pimples on the back of the "jumping".

Now you know how to make a frog out of paper with your own hands. A step-by-step instruction will help you to make this simple and entertaining hand-made article. It is interesting that the frog is useful for playing with children, and you can calmly arrange "frogs' races" by the whole family, having fun while spending free time.

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