Калгель: the instruction

Kalgel is a remedy that has antimicrobial and local anesthetic properties, used in dentistry for topical application.

The effect of the drug is that it depresses the nerve conduction, due to the fact that the sodium channels are blocked. In addition, it prevents the development of various bacteria and fungi.

Composition and form of release

The product is made in the form of a tooth gel, which has a yellowish-brown hue, a homogeneous and soft consistency, with a characteristic odor.

The preparation "Kalgel", the composition is quite complicated, since it contains a lot of substances.

Active substances: lidocaine hydrochloride and cetylpyridinium chloride.

Additional substances:

• Macrogol 300;

• lauromacrogol;

• vegetable flavor;

• purified water;

• levomenthol;

• ethanol;

• xylitol;

• hydroxyethylcellulose 5000;

• glycerol;

• sorbitol 70%;

• Macrogol 40;

• sodium saccharin;

• Caramel.

The medicine "Calgel". Instruction: indications

This gel has a very narrow focus. It is used for pain as a result of teething. The drug is prescribed to children from 5 months and older.

The preparation "Calgel". Instruction: contraindications

Before using it, be sure to consult a doctor, as there may be problems with the health of the baby.

Do not use gel in the following cases:

• liver failure;

• Hypersensitivity to this medication;

• arterial hypotension;

• a bradycardia;

• problems with intraventricular conduction;

• heart failure in stage II-III in chronic form;

• kidney failure.

The remedy is "Calgel". Instruction: overdose

Do not apply gel too thick a layer, even if your child is crying heavily. Wait a bit, the remedy does not work right away. And also it is not necessary to think that he is crying because of this. Perhaps the gel helped, and the child in such a state because of something else, not connected with the teeth.

Symptoms of overdose are:

• pallor of the skin;

• depression in the respiratory center;

• a bradycardia;

• apnea (there is no breathing, that is, respiratory movements stopped);

• vomiting.

If you after using the gel began to observe any of the above symptoms, then urgently consult a doctor.

Methods of treatment:

It is necessary to immediately abolish this remedy, and if the condition of the baby is extremely unsatisfactory, then undergo a course of symptomatic therapy. In any case, the reference to the attending physician will not be superfluous.

Medication "Calgel". Instructions for use: side effects

After using this drug, there may be side effects. Most often, they occur if the use of it was contraindicated, or in parallel used some other drugs that had an undesirable effect.

Side effects:

• urticaria;

• anaphylactic shock;

• itching;

• difficulty in swallowing.

Terms and conditions of storage

The gel should be stored in a place inaccessible to your children, at a temperature of no more than 25 degrees Celsius.

Shelf life of "Kalgel" - 3 years. After that, its use is highly undesirable.

Sales in pharmacies

This gel can be bought without a prescription. That is, Kalgel is in free sale.

Additional Information

The drug should not be used for problems with kidneys or liver.

Before using the gel, contact your local pediatrician for permission to use, since your dentist may not know all of your child's illnesses and appoint a child to Calgel, although it is contraindicated.

Do not apply too much of a drug, as your child can swallow it during sleep, or during feeding.

Do not risk the health of your baby, his immunity is not strong enough to cope with a large number of diseases at once.

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