Zirconia crowns and their advantages

For several decades, the world's dentistry was looking for that material that would have several rather rare properties: strength, durability and, of course, aesthetic appearance. Ceramics of zirconium oxide - this is exactly what the dentists of the whole world lacked so much. Today it can rightly be called the most effective and innovative material for performing prosthetics. He also proved his strength in the lining of space shuttles.

Zirconium crowns are crowns that were made from a very durable material (zirconia dioxide) using the latest computer technology. Their use is completely harmless and safe for the human body. They produce zirconium crowns for the front, chewing and side teeth.


  • Due to the fact that the crowns of zirconium oxide adhere to the teeth very tightly, the risk of caries is reduced to a minimum and the irritation of the gums is eliminated.
  • The most obvious advantage of zirconium crowns over others is their beautiful and aesthetic appearance. The doctor will select the crowns to the color of teeth with great accuracy. Many do not even distinguish natural teeth from the result of prosthetics.
  • Zirconium crowns are made of a material that has a translucency, which is very close to the permeability of its own teeth.
  • It should be noted that this type of prosthesis does not cause allergic reactions, since the material from which they are made has full biological compatibility.
  • Durability of zirconium crowns. Although they do not contain metal, but consist entirely of porcelain, their strength is much better than a standard crown on a metal frame.
  • When installing zirconium crowns do not have to remove the nerve. Only the turning of teeth is needed.
  • Thanks to modern laser technologies, zirconium crowns are manufactured with unique precision.
  • The absence of metal elements, which can damage the mucous membrane of the mouth and tongue.

What is included in the procedure for the installation of zirconium crowns

  • Complete examination of the oral cavity with the identification of various pathologies.
  • Treatment (if necessary) and turning the teeth, and then removing the casts of the jaw.
  • Installing the crown.

Zirconia crown to tooth: cost

The price of installing such crowns is their only drawback. But after all, strength, durability, and most importantly health - are priceless. But still, if we talk about how much zirconium crowns will cost, we can say with confidence that the amount of their installation varies from 13,500 to 16,000 rubles.

For reference

For the first time, zirconium oxide was discovered in 1789 (during the French Revolution) by the German chemist Martin Heinrich Keproton. But for a very long time no one even suspected the properties of this material. And only after 200 years, zirconium oxide was used in medicine, automotive industry, space industries. And now it's time for its application in modern dentistry for implantation and prosthetics of teeth.

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