Yildiz Boutique Hotel 3 *. Hotel rating of Turkey "3 stars"

Turkey is famous for its resort towns, located on beautiful coasts. Most of them are built up by luxury hotel complexes. Turkish resorts attract the attention of tourists with the opportunity to comfortably relax on the beach at reasonable prices.

For many travelers, the category of the hotel is of great importance. Choosing a tour and, accordingly, a holiday destination, many are guided not only by the responses of compatriots, as they can convey the most reliable information on comfort, service level and the service offered. But there are also such, but there are many of them, who are interested in the rating of hotels in Turkey. 3 stars, 4, 5 - each of these categories is listed as corresponding to the declared level of the hotel, and those for which it is somewhat overstated. At the same time, prices for living in both, and in others, are almost identical, so it is logical that tourists want to get paid for the money they received and the corresponding service.

Three stars hotel rating Kemer

This resort is considered one of the most popular among Russians. Pine forests with mountain air and clean sea water make a holiday in this Turkish small town in the province of Antalya the most attractive.

Hotels in Kemer are divided into two varieties. In some of them, those who like a quiet vacation prefer to stay, while in others, on the contrary, they are young people who like the closeness of noisy entertainment.

Regardless of stardom, all hotels provide a clean beach and fresh air for tourists, but the most important thing is oriental hospitality. In Kemer there are not only luxury complexes, but also three-star inexpensive family hotels, suitable for recreation with family and small children. They can be located on the first line, for example, Asia Hotel or Larissa Park Hotel, or a few are removed from the beach. However, this defect, as a rule, is compensated by surprisingly beautiful landscapes and fresh mountain air.

Price list

Regardless of location, all these hotels offer the full range of amenities needed for a normal family vacation. The predominant part of the 3-star hotels of this resort is built on quite large areas. Almost all of them work year-round. And, probably, the main thing that attracts tourists, vacationers on an economy class is an affordable price. For example, the cost of a tour for two Russians in a three-star Larissa Park hotel, which is considered one of the most popular in the corresponding category rating, with the concept of "all-inclusive" meals and departure from Moscow for seven days starts with thirty-five thousand rubles. The price may vary depending on the season and the availability of a charter flight. It is such reasonable price limits that are the reason that our compatriots are so fond of Turkey. Hotels, Yildiz Boutique Hotel for example, are convenient because they are well fed, there are always Russian-speaking staff and, most importantly, there is a good value for money.

Best hotels in Kemer 3 *

In the first place, according to the rating, compiled on the basis of the ratings and reviews of Russians vacationing in the resort over the past six months, is Asdem Park. Following him, on the second and third steps, - Seker Resort and Larissa Blue Hotel. Marin 3 * and Mr. Crane occupy, respectively, the third and fourth places.

Yildiz Boutique Hotel 3 *

The hotel was built in 1997, when Kemer as a resort was only just developing. The last restoration was carried out two years ago. The total area on which this economy class hotel is located is 1700 square meters.

The hotel is built in the heart of Kemer, three hundred meters from the coast. It is positioned as a youth, because its location is great for visiting many entertainment venues that are nearby. The airport is fifty-five kilometers away.


Yildiz Boutique Hotel 3 * (Kemer), despite its low star rating, offers its guests a full range of services. It has its own parking, which is not required to reserve in advance.

On the ground floor of this small city hotel there is an opportunity for storage of things, and also it is possible to order services of the porter. The settlement, as evidenced by the reviews, is made very quickly.

There is a safe deposit box around the clock. Here guests Yildiz Boutique Hotel 3 * can pay a transfer to the airport. Many in a nearby office rent a car or other vehicle, such as a bicycle, to study the sights of Kemer, which even Homer wrote in his Illyada. Those who prefer excursions with a guide, it is better to order an inspection of this Turkish corner, accompanied by a Russian-speaking professional guide. The hotel also has a pay room for medical assistance, there is a laundry and an Internet cafe.

Residential fund

Located in the center of Kemer resort Yildiz Boutique Hotel 3 * (Turkey) is a three-story building, which has sixty rooms. They can stay a maximum of two adults with one small child, for which you can get a cot on request. At the same time, the hotel can accommodate about ninety tourists.

Although the area of the rooms of the "standard" category is not very large, nevertheless, it is quite enough for a comfortable stay and an excellent rest.

In the rooms there is a split air conditioning unit with a manual control, a TV (there is even one Russian channel), a telephone and a pay-per-view mini-bar.

Bathrooms are combined, there is a shower room. Tourists are given the opportunity to use a hair dryer. Bathroom accessories are updated. Also the staff changes towels every day. Fresh bed linen is provided three times a week.

At Yildiz Boutique Hotel 3 *, reviews about which are mostly positive, there are no rooms for disabled guests. In addition, according to the rules, single men are denied entry. There is no room for those tourists who travel with pets, even the smallest.


To everyone who comes to Yildiz Boutique Hotel 3 *, the concept "all inclusive" is offered. This - the buffet in the restaurant, on which the most varied dishes are arranged. About the time of visit, residents are warned in advance, upon check-in: notes are issued.

There is also a poolside bar. Here the clients of the Yildiz Boutique Hotel 3 * can quench their thirst or have a snack.


Vacationers in their impressions often call the beach, which is only three hundred meters, just excellent. And this corresponds to reality: the sea on this part of the Turkish coast is always warm and crystal clear. To reach the beach, tourists can in just three minutes, crossing the highway on the transition. There is also a bar on the beach, and sun loungers, trestle beds or umbrellas can be obtained without paying extra. Here you can play beach volleyball, use the toilet and shower for free.

Sunset in the sea is gentle, there is also a platform with which it is convenient to dive. Beach pebbly, so at the check-in counter guests are warned in advance that you need to have a special rubber shoes, especially for children.


In addition to a small swimming pool surrounded by comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas, Yildiz Boutique Hotel 3 * (Kemer) offers its guests a gym and a tele-salon.

On the beach, tourists can surf on jet ski, parachute jump and rent a water bike or motorbike for an additional fee.


The choice of Yildiz Boutique Hotel 3 * hotel in Kemer - this is the right decision primarily for those Russians who prefer a budget option for the holidays.

Tourists have to choose long enough, detailing the many reviews left by previous guests.

Those who stayed at the Yildiz Boutique Hotel 3 *, and this is mostly young people, are very pleased with the location of this city hotel and its green territory. The proximity to entertainment facilities for lovers of nightlife and at the same time a quiet, almost "chamber" atmosphere outside its walls was to the liking of many. Reviews about food tourists leave at times rather inconsistent. Some dishes, although they like, but they consider small portions, others find food and quality, and even varied.

At the same time, very many people find that in the Yildiz Boutique Hotel 3 *, reviews about the residence in which the Russians leave right after their arrival home, for a three-star hotel the food is quite good. Moreover, those who do not want to eat in a restaurant can always have a snack at one of the nearby cafes or pizzerias.

There is no discontent about the staff: according to many, he is very welcome. Some express dissatisfaction with the small area of numbers, but their opponents note that when coming to the sea, do not pay attention to it. In any case, all the reviews in one are unanimous: for such a low cost they managed to quite decently rest.

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