Rating of hotels in Turkey 5 stars. Where is the best place to have a rest with children in Turkey?

The flowering of nature and the warmth of the sun's rays bring similar thoughts to the most diverse categories of the inhabitants of the country. And the usual first-grader, and the director of a huge holding with the advent of summer, start to think about the rest and place of its holding. For the residents of Russia, the most budgetary and stable option was Turkey. Affectionate sea waves, white sand and high-quality service attract vacationers who do not want to spend significant sums.

Is there a rating of hotels in Turkey?

What do you pay attention to first of all when choosing a vacation tour? Of course, the country is interested, the price and the time of year, but the chosen hotel becomes an important aspect. From the service, the view from the window, the comfort of the room and the quality of food, the lion's share of positive impressions of the holiday depends, so pay attention to this nuance.

Russian tourists are easily recognized at any resort in the world. These are the most sincere and sincere people who really rest, breaking free from the dull office routine, dull reports and monochrome everyday fashion. The breadth of the scope of Russian tourists impresses the neat foreigners. In their legitimate weeks of calm and rest Russian tourists tend to get the most out of life, that's why in the majority they do not even think about the global nature of the spent sums and look forward to a good rest before the tour is bought.

Since the tourist season is the hottest and the most time-consuming, it is not surprising that Turkey has a large number of high-level hotels with excellent service and a long list of recommendations. A careful analysis of the available data, which are available to any potential vacationer, allows you to make a ranking of the best hotels in Turkey.

Luxury rest

Naturally, the country has hotels for vacationers with different levels of budget. The most chic hotels are marked by five stars and guarantee high quality of services and wonderful impressions from the rest. It is worth to consider the detailed rating of hotels in Turkey (5 stars).
In sunny Antalya, Mardan Palace 5 * is located - one of the most expensive and beautiful hotels in Turkey, striking the imagination of tourists with royal luxury and originality of design. Lovers of a quiet beach holiday revere this hotel for the largest swimming pools in Europe with a total area of about 24,000 square meters, as well as pools with sea water, which have become home to 1,500 species of fish. Near the hotel there is a well-groomed beach with sand brought from Egypt. Such sand does not heat up in the summer heat and does not stick to the body. Azure water, clean chaise lounges and highly qualified hotel staff are essential components for a luxury holiday.

Best choice for family holidays

Rating of hotels in Turkey (5 stars) rightly puts the hotel Concorde De Luxe Resort 5 *, the business card of which was the original form of the central building in the form of an impressive liner. Russian tourists are not very fond of this hotel, as it is aimed at a quiet, measured rest. But there are a lot of Germans who appreciate peace and unobtrusive animators.

Choosing Our Compatriots

Continues the rating of hotels in Turkey Kemer with luxury hotel Rixos Hotel Tekirova 5 *, which is the most popular among Russian tourists. It is an ideal choice for family holidays, travel company and even alone. Gourmets will appreciate the quality and original menu and high level of service, and mountain landscapes and luxuriously decorated territory will not leave indifferent tourists interested in active pastime. Animators are courteous and attentive, and the evening cultural program is designed for representatives of all age groups.
In the rating of hotels in Turkey (5 stars) deservedly included two more hotels in Kemer. This network Amara Dolce Vita 5 * and Vogue Hotel Avantgarde 5 *. The network "Amara" successfully develops in three directions: Luxury, Comfort and Nature. The hotel itself is located in a pine forest in a vast green area with high-quality food and luxury services. Rooms are not very large in size, and there is no bar on the beach. But the natural conditions are ideal for a full rest thanks to the abundance of oxygen and greenery, as well as the proximity of natural reservoirs.

Vogue Hotel Avantgarde 5 * is located along the sea coast. Tourists can choose to stay villas that are only 20 meters from the shore. Not surprisingly, the hotel staff maintains the excellent condition of the beach and sandy mounds. This distinguishes the territory from the pebble coast of Kemer.

Top rated Turkey hotels

The opinion of tourists and their positive reviews become the main criterion of choice for a potential vacationer. Therefore, the rating of hotels in Turkey is so important (5 stars). Almost ideal luxury conditions are noted by tourists in the Fantasia Hotel de Luxe 5 *. Attracted by luxurious spacious rooms with soundproof soundproofing. In restaurants at the hotel there is a Russian chef, who introduced some of the crowned national dishes on the menu.

The rating of hotels in Turkey (5 stars) did not ignore Belek, where Maxx Royal Belek Golf & Spa was opened in 2011, which stands out thanks to an impeccable level of service, trained staff and a regularly updated menu. Exotic atmosphere of the rainforest comes before the eyes of tourists in Side, where the hotel is located Club Golden Beach HV-1 5 *, consisting of small bungalows and occupying more than 200 thousand square meters. The hotel has a luxury water park with six water slides and an amusement park for children. Each room is a cozy apartment with a kitchenette, fridge and stove.


Appearance creates a first impression, and this applies not only to people, but also to hotels. Rating of the best hotels in Turkey will be incomplete, if you do not mention Royal Adam & Eve 5 *, made in the style of high-tech. Here the white color predominates, supplemented by bright flashes of red and green. Extensive territories are pushed to active walks, and the clear lines, the abundance of mirrors and the huge beds in the rooms definitely position the hotel as a haven for lovers of couples. Almost all tourists admire the vast hundred-meter pool.

The best vacation with children

Settling in the hotel that leads the rating of hotels in Turkey, for children is not as important as for adults. The main thing is to find a cozy and quiet haven. For example, Belek invites in Rixos Premium Belek 5 * with high quality of service and nutrition. Territorially the hotel is located on the outskirts of a large pine forest. And this fact provides an abundance of fresh air. Just a few meters, there is a sandy beach with a length of almost 1000 meters, which is quite surprising even for five-star hotels.

On the territory of the natural reserve, the Cornelia De Luxe 5 * hotel is hidden. Excellent conditions attract many Russian tourists, thanks to which all the staff speaks fluent Russian. Both children's and adult animators receive exceptionally positive feedback from tourists. Every year, repairs and furniture are updated.

Other factors for getting into the TOP

Not only the green area and proximity to the beach attract tourists during the holiday season, but also a variety of food. Hotel Susesi Luxury Resort offers a gastronomic abundance typical of a premium hotel. Tender meat, fresh fish, seasonal fruits and vegetables, cooked in accordance with the local recipe, will certainly conquer the holidaymakers. A positive show is left by the show program for adults offered by hotels in Turkey. Rating, customer reviews and high level of service determine the leadership position of Susesi Luxury Resort and assume more significant costs.

Choosing a hotel, you can combine business with pleasure, as in the case of Delphin Botanik World of Paradise 5 * in Alanya, which is a real botanical garden. On its territory there are more than 1500 varieties of tropical plants. The hotel is filled with greenery and flowers, so the first floors are dark enough, and mosquito dominance is possible. Thus, an authentic tropical climate is offered. Despite the possible inconveniences, the customer feedback is positive, and the hotel tops the rating of hotels in Turkey for a family holiday.

Conquerors of mountain peaks

Vacation - it's not just idle lying on the beach and going to the disco, but also actively exploring previously unexplored places. The rating of hotels in Turkey rightfully complements the Utopia World Hotel 5 *, which is distinguished by its mountainous location. To the sea of tourists the elevator descends, and before it it is necessary to go by the bus that runs every five minutes. This inconvenience is compensated by the extraordinary beauty of Turkish nature and the variety of hiking. Mountain air has a healing effect on the body, so the hotel is chosen not only for summer holidays, but also for rehabilitation after illness.

Without Starlight Convention Center Thalasso & Spa 5 * the rating of hotels in Turkey would be incomplete. It is necessary to note the riding club and the botanical garden at the hotel. Immaculate service and efficiency of the settlement have tourists. There are separate zones for entertainment for children and young people.

The importance of a beach holiday

Family and children's rest is inconceivable without a good beach. The closer it is to the hotel, the better. It is thanks to such indicators entered the ranking of hotels in Turkey Silence Beach Resort 5 *, which has an excellent beach, regularly cleaned and involves rest without shoes with a convenient entrance to the water. There are many multinational dishes in the restaurants of the hotel, but the rich assortment of oriental sweets will be especially pleasing.

What are the final results of the rating?

Competition does not let Turkish businessmen relax, as new hotels are opened every year in different price categories, which predetermines the development and improvement of hotel services.

Turkey provides tourists with a huge selection of places to spend holidays. There is also a kind of rating 4 * hotels in Turkey, working on the system "All inclusive" and offering three meals a day, free drinks and other bonuses. It is worth noting the Magic Dream Resort 4 * and Magic Sun 4 *, where there are always a lot of Russian tourists, and, accordingly, the staff is well explained in Russian, and the menu has variations on the topic of familiar dishes.

Almost all hotels are equipped with water attractions, water parks, heated pools and animation. If you are confused by the risk in the process of rest gain weight, then you should give preference to hotels with a gym and gymnastics programs. Fans of club entertainment, no doubt, will find the suburbs of Marmaris attractive, where the night life beats the key.

Criterias of choice

To stop your attention on one of the hotels in Turkey, you need to highlight the main criteria. This service, the power system, the location of the beach and its cleanliness, the presence of animation, entertainment program. Service is a very conventional concept, and 4-star hotels in Turkey boldly compete with 5-star hotels. Beach vacation in this country can be quite diverse, because there are both pebbly and sandy coasts. The resorts of Alanya, Antalya, Side, Belek attract tourists with pure golden sand, while Kemer is characterized by a pebbled surface. Many factors allow us to choose our choice for Turkey: the neighborhood with four seas, a mild climate with a minimum of annual precipitation, the historical delights of the East. Above all, Turkey is a very democratic option for a holiday with a high level of security.

The resorts of this country are attracted by their versatility and a harmonious combination of Western service and oriental chic. Every year more than 10 million tourists with different budget levels are vacationing here. In this country there will be a certain charm for lovers of family rest, tired of the society of singles and noisy companies of youth. In Turkey, the most loyal attitude to tourists from Russia, there are animations and signs in our language, and the staff of hotels and shopping centers can be explained in Russian.

Travelers' advice

Each person is individual and chooses a resort to his own taste. But there are several general recommendations that help to simplify the selection process as much as possible.
First, it is necessary to determine the type of rest. For a family holiday with children, reasonable choice will be Side or the most budgetary Alanya. A quiet rest with a planned relaxation on the beach is offered in the cities of Didim and Kusadasi. Especially comfortable here will be in possession of any European language. Lovers of noisy parties will be delighted with the night clubs of Bodrum and Marmaris.

Secondly, a potential vacationer needs to decide on the desired status of the hotel and the number of stars. Five-star will be the most comfortable, but also the most expensive. Costs compensate for well-kept beaches, increased attention to the needs of customers and excellent service.

More economical variants of hotels - four- and three-stars - do not have their own beach, therefore, probably sunbeds and umbrellas will be paid.
When choosing a place for family rest, you should specify the distance to the airport, the beach. Also important is the entertainment program and the presence of children's animators. Summarizing, we note that the most comfortable and reliable for family rest are the hotels of Kemer, Belek, Side and Alanya.

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