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Yellow Helba tea: properties and reviews. How to brew Egyptian tea?

Today in the world there is a fairly large number of all kinds of beverages on a plant basis. However, Egyptian yellow Helba tea , whose properties are unique, is considered the most unusual and fragrant of all offered.

What do yellow tea make of?

Although attributing it to the category of ordinary is quite difficult. The plant from which yellow tea Helba is made belongs to the family of legumes and has several names - shamballa, fenugreek, fenugurek, abish, etc. Outwardly this perennial reaches in height up to 60-70 cm. The plant differs by narrow leaves about 2-3 cm in length With uneven toothed edges. To produce this drink only mature seeds of mustard-brown color are used, which remotely resemble grains of buckwheat.

Chemical composition of helba tea

Yellow tea Helba contains a lot of microelements, vitamins and other nutrients such as:

- proteins and carbohydrates (about 25%);

- iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sulfur, zinc, starch, sodium, arsenic;

- various essential amino acids ;

- essential oil (0.3%);

- vitamins A, B, B1, B2, C, D, PP, folic acid, enzymes.

The chemical composition of this drink is very rich in various components, with the right brewing, they practically all turn into a drink.

What is the effect of tea helba on human health?

Has Egyptian yellow tea helba properties are completely versatile, aimed at treating and preventing diseases of many internal organs, burning extra pounds in people suffering from obesity, etc. This explains the popularity of this drink.

With regular use of yellow tea helba can help:

- With gastrointestinal diseases, ulcer of the duodenum and stomach. Clears the body of toxins and promotes the regeneration of mucous membranes in the stomach and intestines.

- With kidney, urinary and gallbladder diseases. With urolithiasis promotes dissolution and removal of stones and sand from the body.

- During catarrhal diseases helps to reduce elevated body temperature.

- With diseases of the respiratory tract, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, laryngitis and tuberculosis, it improves the condition, alleviates pain and helps to soften and sputum.

- In case of problems with excess weight, it makes it possible to reduce body weight and get rid of swelling.

- When liver diseases contribute to the normalization of its work.

- With anemia and iron deficiency in the body. Perfectly increases immunity and hemoglobin level in the blood. People suffering from chronic fatigue will help restore strength and strengthen the general condition of the body.

- Beneficial effect on female and male sexual organs, has a general strengthening effect and helps with their diseases. Men help with impotence.

- With an increased content of hormones in women, such as prolactin and estrogen, helps to reduce and normalize their level.

How to prepare yellow tea

So, how to make yellow tea helba? Prepare it in the usual way, like a simple drink based on herbs, will not work. If you just pour it with boiling water, it will not give up all the useful substances and will not have its own special flavor and aroma.

To get this drink is better in the form of whole grains, and you can prepare it in several ways.

Method number 1

To make the drink fragrant and useful, you need grains completely dry and slightly fried. To do this, you need to take a certain amount of raw materials, dry it in a frying pan without oils and fats. After that, you can brew tea.

Take from the calculation of 2 teaspoons of grains per 200 ml of water, that is, one cup.

The necessary amount of raw materials should be placed in a suitable container, filled with the required volume of hot water, boiled for 5-10 minutes on low heat.

Method No. 2

First, you need to measure the right amount of grains in a ratio of 1-2 teaspoons to 1 cup of water. Dry them in a dry clean frying pan.

Let cool and grind on a coffee grinder like regular coffee.

Then take a teaspoon of the obtained powder and brew like regular tea with steep boiling water. For more flavor and aroma, you can cover the dishes with a drink with a lid for a few minutes.

To give the yellow tea Helba more taste and aroma, it can add sugar, as well as honey, pieces of ginger and lemon. In some cases this drink is drunk with milk.

Egyptian yellow tea helba, reviews about which are mostly positive, has a health-improving effect on the human body and has a unique palatine palette.

During the reception of this drink, its fragrance is revealed throughout the spectrum, from bitter to sweet, first tart, then soft. And people who drink Egyptian tea for the first time, it is associated with all sorts of tastes: oriental spices, dried mushrooms, hot cheese, vanilla, ginger and many other products.

Tea helba in cosmetology

Recently helmet tea has been widely used in cosmetology. Reviews on the funds based on it are only positive. After all, it contains a lot of polyphenols, vitamins, and amino acids, which help the skin integuments and hair to fight with unfavorable factors. Some components of this drink give the skin a healthy appearance. As for polyphenols, their effect can be compared with aromatherapy. These substances remove irritation, soothe the skin and rejuvenate it.

Masks from tea helba

Many simply do not realize that tea helba can be used not only for oral administration, but also for the preparation of a variety of masks. How to properly prepare a cosmetic product based on this drink?

To make a face mask, you should take 6 teaspoons of rice flour, 3 teaspoons of yellow tea. The grain of the helba must be crushed. You can do this with a coffee grinder or stupa. Tea and rice flour should be mixed. The resulting mass must be diluted with clean water. In the end, you should get a gruel. The composition should be applied evenly to the skin of the face, while excluding the areas around the eyes and lips. When the gruel will dry, you can wash it off with warm water. It is worth noting that such a composition is able to cure almost any rashes and smooth out irregularities.

Customer opinions

Reviews about yellow tea helba are found only positive. According to consumers, this drink improves blood circulation, metabolic processes and general condition. Those who suffer from excessive weight, argue that tea helba helped them cope with their problems and reduce the shape of their body.

After taking this drink, many diseases recede. Among such ailments is anemia. Positively about helba tea and cosmetologists also respond. Means on its basis help to make the skin and hair more healthy. Also tea Helba allows you to remove irritation and eliminate various rashes.

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