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Yarmolnik Oksana: Biography

Yarmolnik Oksana - artist in theatrical costumes. The name of this woman is associated with the last years of the talented actor Vladimir Vysotsky. Biography Oksana Yarmolnik - the topic of the article.

Childhood and youth

Oksana Pavlovna Yarmolnik (nee Afanasyev) was born in 1960. Her hometown is Moscow. Oksana very early grew up. After the death of her mother, she had to learn to be independent, make independent decisions. Becoming a student, Oksana changed her parents' apartment and acquired a separate housing.

In the early eighties Afanasyeva graduated from the Moscow Textile Institute: she acquired a special designer. Oksana Yarmolnik (photo of the heroine presented below) grew up in an artistic family. In the parents' house there were always a lot of celebrities. Sympathy for creative people Yarmolnik Oksana experienced from an early age. In addition, she was an inveterate theatricalist, and therefore among her acquaintances there were many directors and actors. One day she met Vysotsky at the Taganka Theater. According to numerous interviews, the famous actor did not impress Oksana at the first meeting.


Yarmolnik Oksana claims that the legendary bard was in love with her at first sight. Eighteen-year-old girl supposedly for a while thought about whether it is worth to meet with Vysotsky. However, the realization that every woman of the Soviet Union dreams of becoming in her place, settled all doubts.

Their romance began in 1980. At first Oksana Yarmolnik did not have a clear idea of how terrible the disease, from which Vysotsky suffered. Awareness came later. At the time of Vysotsky's acquaintance, she was only eighteen years old. In financial terms, she did not live well either. The actor, who by that time earned well, provided her with spiritual and material support.

They spent two years together. It was impossible to legalize the marriage, because the divorce, according to Yarmolnik, could have an extremely negative impact on Vysotsky. So they decided to marry in the church. They had to visit more than half the Moscow priests before finding someone who would agree to this step. However, they did not manage to get married. In 1980, Vysotsky died.

In 2011, the screen came out the film "Vysotsky. Thank you for being alive". The prototype of Akinshina, who played the main female role in the film, was Oksana Yarmolnik. The film caused a myriad of reviews, both positive and negative. Much importance in the plot of the film, the script for which was written by Nikita Vysotsky, is the relationship of the singer and Tatiana (whose prototype is Yarmolnik Oksana). It is worth saying that if it had not been for the acquaintance of the heroine of this article with a talented poet that happened more than thirty years ago, her name hardly interested any of the journalists.

In the last years of Vysotsky's life, the beginning artist Leonid Yarmolnik came to the theater . Vladimir Semenovich handed his young colleague several roles. And once I introduced my lover.

Leonid Yarmolnik

In 1982 she became the wife of the actor of the Taganka Theater Oksana Yarmolnik. The personal life of this woman is of interest to the press, because exactly it is considered to be Vysotsky's last beloved. And also because she has been the wife of a famous actor for more than thirty years.

Apparently, Oksana Pavlovna Yarmolnik is unable to have an interest in men far from theatrical art. When she met her future husband in 1982, he was already known as the performer of one of the roles in the film "The very Munchausen". And the bitterness of losing a loved one finally left Oksana. Yarmolnik played in the same theater as Vysotsky. Even outwardly, Leonid was a bit like a legendary bard. A year after the wedding, Alexander's daughter was born. Already in the mid-eighties Yarmolnik Oksana returned to the theater and began to develop a new collection of costumes.


The heroine of this article participated in the creation of scenery for eighty performances. She collaborated with the theater of Tabakov and Sovremennik. In cinema Oksana Yarmolnik does not like to work. According to her, in this sphere of art she can not fully realize her creative potential. Today Yarmolnik owns a private art studio, whose activities are focused on the production of handmade toys. This occupation brings not only material, but spiritual satisfaction. Most of the money Yarmolnik sends to charity. In 2012, Yarmolnik published a children's book. The heroine of the work is a rag doll that turned out to be in a Moscow family. Reader's comments about the book are positive.

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