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Why visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Kemerovo?

There are a lot of interesting cities on the Siberian land, one of them is Kemerovo. Museum of Fine Arts, Krasna Gorka, Local History Museum ... This is not a complete list of places where you can get acquainted with the historical past and culture of not only the Siberian region, but all of Russia.

Museum of Fine Arts

What can you visit in Kemerovo? Museum of Fine Arts - this is something that should be looked at not only the tourist, but also the inhabitants of the city.

He started his work in 1969. The Picture Gallery in 1991 received the status of a museum.

Now it is the largest art and cultural center on the territory of the region, and the number of exhibits reaches more than five thousand. This is painting, and graphics, and sculpture, and arts and crafts. By expositions, you can learn the history of masters and exhibits from the end of the XIX century to our days.


Some collections are filled to the maximum and display the art of large periods of time or specific subjects. One of these is the exposition devoted to Siberia in the second half of the 19th century. The art of the Kuzbass is not less fully revealed. This topic is divided into several more detailed complexes. For example, separately placed pictures on military subjects or exhibits that relate to the industrial side of the province. Exhaustively and brightly represented by local artists. A separate place is allocated collections of works by Yu. I. Preiss, who, despite his Austrian origin, belonged to the German Communists, but found himself in Siberia and accepted Soviet citizenship.

The Department of Decorative and Applied Art is represented by a large number of expositions that have collected works of folk artists and artists. Separate attention deserves the collection dedicated to folk crafts of Russia, the production of porcelain, jewelry, carving on the bone and birch bark.

In addition to such simple and understandable, there is a collection on religious topics. These are icons and other objects of cult from metal. Each year the museum presents its visitors with up to fifty different exhibitions. To create them use both the funds of the native museum, and other museum institutions and even private collections.

What is the life of the modern city of Kemerovo? The Museum of Fine Arts regularly updates its exhibitions so that everyone can discover new facets of Russian culture. There are always the most current expositions and themed evenings.

Face to face

A unique exhibition of self-portraits was opened in the Museum of Fine Arts for the first time in 2011. This event happened again in 2016. More than 100 participants gather for an interregional exhibition of self-portraits with their painted twin brothers. Artists from all over the Siberian region present their works for the competition. The museum workers are very fond of this genre, artists too, although they say that self-portraits and themselves are two big differences. It's interesting to see how creative people see themselves.

The exhibition brings dividends not only to the creators, but also to the museum. After the exhibition, the artists presented the museum with more than 100 works. The authors of the participants are pleased to give their creations, because it brings at least a small, but fame, and museum collections are thus actively replenished.

Museum night

This event is waiting for a year. Schoolchildren, students, youth subcultures, employees, couples, pensioners ...

Everyone will find something new and interesting for themselves. In 2016, which was held under the auspices of cinema in Russia, each viewer saw the view through the prism of cinematic art.

Quast on the museum, movie quiz, music, dances, sand animation, animation, techniques for making a ritual doll and much more were able to see and participate this year Kemerovo residents. Kemerovo Regional Museum of Fine Arts each time surprises its visitors with new expositions and master classes.


The most grandiose event of last year's night was the exhibition of two Yelena - Krasnova and Likhatskaya. The authors personally came to the premiere. Original and creative artists presented their works. A joint exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts was named "Visavi".

Elena Likhatskaya and Elena Krasnov belong to a new generation of artists with a fresh look at what is going on around them. The first presented their paintings - bright, unique works filled with emotions - only joy, only positive, only true love.

Krasnov also specializes in ceramics and considers modeling not just art, but an opportunity to relax and draw inspiration. Bright and extraordinary sculptures are an interpretation of the surrounding life.

Why should you come to Kemerovo? The Museum of Fine Arts will please every tourist and open many new pages of modern Russia.

Kemerovo Regional Museum is an active participant in the cultural life of Russia and a member of the Association of Museum Workers. The Picture Gallery takes an active part in charity events and social life.

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