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Who wrote "Treasure Island"? The author of "Treasure Island"

You can only sympathize with someone who does not know who wrote "Treasure Island". Interesting stories about pirates, about the sea, about ships and travel - everything will be found in this book. On the other hand, one can envy someone who does not know who wrote "Treasure Island". The reader will discover for himself, for the first time, an immense world, where there are many secrets and unexplored places. Even after reading this work up to the holes in childhood, you can return to it from time to time again and again, discovering a new one, which was not noticed earlier.

A little about the creation of the novel

The one who wrote the "Treasure Island", conceived this work in the village of Bremor in the Aberdeenshire region. The author considered on a rainy day a map of an imaginary romantic island, which was drawn by his twelve-year-old stepson Lloyd Osborn. Now the reader knows where the "Treasure Island" is written: in the mountains of Scotland, in the village that stands on the river Dee. Now over the door of the house there is a large plaque, which reads: "Here the author spent the summer of 1881 and wrote" Treasure Island ", his first great work." He decided that the story should be written for boys, so he who wrote "Treasure Island" decided not to overload it with psychological subtleties. The writer managed to write 15 chapters in two weeks, and the inspiration left him. The writer was completely desperate, he had an agreement with the publisher! But after a while he felt a surge of energy and quite easily, with pleasure completed the work. After that, he began to change places of residence. The author searched in vain for seven whole years in Britain suitable for his poor health climate.

A little about the writer

Of course, we know who wrote the novel "Treasure Island", but so far we will not name this world-famous name. Maybe someone read "The Abducted" or "Catrion", the adventure of David Belfour, to whom the writer gave his mother's name? The same master of fascinating novels is also the one who wrote the "Treasure Island". The author of this work is a multi-faceted man. He is a poet, essayist, playwright, creator of famous novels. Scotsman by nationality, he was born in 1850 in Edinburgh and turned out to be the only and morbid offspring of a well-to-do family of marine engineer, builder of lighthouses. At Edinburgh University, he studied law, however, like Walter Scott, he did not practice law. All his thoughts attracted literature. The one who wrote the book "Treasure Island", first visited America, traveled around Britain and finally settled in the Pacific islands of Samoa. Here stood his house, which was called Vailima, while the very natives gave the owner a name - Narrator. He was friends with local people, took a lively part in their destiny and enjoyed a sincere return position. The author of the "Treasure Island" died suddenly, before the evening dinner. Uncorking a bottle of wine, he suddenly asked his wife why his face and hands look so strange, and suddenly collapsed. He was 44 when he was no more. On the day of death on December 3, 1894, the island was declared a national mourning. The Council of Chiefs chose the highest and most open mountain in Samoa. There he was buried.

Pirate's novel

It was originally called "Sea Cook, or Treasure Island: A Story for Boys". This work was first published in the magazine "Young Folks" under the pseudonym "Captain George North." The chapters of the novel were not accompanied by illustrations, and the reading public did not notice it. Rather, the readers did not like the new thing. Negative feedback in the letters went to the editorial office. But a separate publication, when the "Treasure Island" was published, the author of the work signed his own name - Robert Louis Stevenson. This happened in 1883, and the success was undeniable. In 1885, Stevenson's book finally came out with illustrations. And she was read by people of different ages. It is known that Prime Minister Gladstone could not tear himself away from the novel and read it until late at night. Since then, this first book, which RL wrote. Stevenson, is included in the golden fund of English and world literature. What, in fact, are we talking about in this fascinating novel, to which the author, by the way, did not place a love affair? This we will consider below.

The plot of the novel is an Admiral Benbow

In a quiet tavern on the shore of a small bay settled a weather-beaten sailor. He was very afraid of a one-man man, and the protagonist of the work, Jim Hawkins, the son of an innkeeper, gave a little money, so that the boy warned him if he saw a man with one foot. But there comes a completely different sailor, after visiting which the innkeeper had a stroke, and he died. Jim and his mother want to get the money that the old sea-wolf owes them. They open his trunk and find in it the documents Jim takes back. Owners of the inn have to flee, as there were "friends" of their lodger. They are looking for exactly the documents and, not finding them, smash the tavern. But the Coast Guard arrives , and the robbers flee. Meanwhile, Jim goes to Dr. Livesay and Squire Trelawney. To these respected people, he shows the papers of the old pirate, and in them there is a detailed map of the island on which Flint hid his untold treasures. Livesay and Trelawney decide to equip them for the expedition.

On the sea

Squire Trelawney hired the schooner "Hispaniola" and commanded her. He acted so inadvertently that everyone in the port knew soon that the ship was following Flint's treasures. The team as for selection, with the exception of a few people, consisted of pirates and dark personalities, controlled by the cook - one-legged John Silver. This man is extremely smart, cunning, dodgy, charming and extremely enterprising. Jim Hawkins, who became a boy at the Hispaniola, is ready to listen to his stories for hours. By chance at night, he overhears the conversation of pirates. They are going to kill everyone and get to the cherished island. Warned by Jim Trelawney, Livesay and the captain safely get to the island and release the team. Pirates rush to find treasure.

Who on the island was met by Jim

On the boat with the pirates, hiding, went and Jim. When it is found, it manages to escape and in the depths of the island meets overgrown about a completely ripped white man. This is Ben Gan. He used to be a pirate and knows the sinister Silver and his bloodthirsty buddies well. Ben Gan wants to meet Jim's companions.

Adventures on the island

Meanwhile, the captain, Squire Trelawney, Dr. Livesay and the servants left the ship. While they are sailing to the shore, pirates shoot at them from the ship. The nucleus flies very close, but no one was hurt. And although the skiff drowns, everyone gets to the beach. They find shelter behind the palisade. In this block they raise the British flag. Pirates from the ship shelled this shelter, while others who are on land, led by John Silver, demand that those who are in the fortress surrendered. Captain Smollett denies them. Then the pirates begin an attack. They climb the palisade, and some get over it. Begin a hand-to-hand fight. The attack was repulsed, but all suffered losses.

Adventures of Jim on the Sea

Jim decided to steal the "Hispaniola". When he arrived at her, he found two pirates on her, who were very drunk. Together with Jim they put the schooner in a safe place. And they decided to kill Jim, but the teenager, realizing that they were very unreliable companions, kept on their guard.

In captivity with pirates

At night, Jim returned to the fort and found that he was in the den of enemies. Pirates want to kill him and Silver too. But the crafty chrome-dog began to talk to them and persuaded them not to touch anyone. It turns out that now they have a map of the island in their hands, and they will go for the treasures of Flint. Jim was on a rope for treasure hunts. They came to the place where there should be a treasure, but found an empty pit. In all the pirates blamed Silver and wanted, but did not dare to kill him.


At that time shots were heard, many of them were killed. This team of Dr. Livesay and Squire Trelawney attacked them. The treasure was safely loaded onto the ship. A one-legged cook was also taken, which, after returning to England, was to be handed over to the authorities. But the cunning man escaped, and our travelers returned safely to their homeland and honestly shared the treasures among themselves.

Such a wonderful book, fanned by salty sea winds and full of adventures on land and at sea, wrote Robert Louis Stevenson.

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